Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 30)


Malhotra mansion:
abhi:i will tell u all…the truth 2day…which v al missed”nd evry1 curiously lukd at him
after sumtym…a servant came inside nd said that sum1 has come to meet abhimanyu..abhi asked him to send him inside…
nd just when the person came ..evry1 stood up…nd fab-4 is shocked
cabir:ayush ….”he said still in shock
ayush:yeah cabir….ur ayush MALHOTRA…”he said stnding infront of them smiling…
(Introducing shaheer sheikh as ayush malhotra….manik’s chacha’s son)
he is a young charming guy….very popular in the country as he is the chief head of c.b.i at a very small age…..nd very close to manik nd fab-5 nd he luvs manik as his own brother nd respects him a lot….as manik always used to prtct ayush frm punishments in schul..but soon he lft for u.s.a along wth his mthr as his father died…but was always in touch wth fab-5..but in the last 2 years neither manik nor fab-5 comunicated wth him…neither nyo too..soo it was really crucial for him nd he was also busy in his own crime world…..although he tried but in vain..he nd fab-4 hugged tight nd after breakng hug
mukti:but abhi….how do u know ayu..”she asked him in cnfusion…but b4 abhi cud tell anythng…ayush interuppted nd said “i’ll say…but fst all sit down..”he told…evry1 sat..fab-4 ,navya on oneside nd ayush nd abhi on the chair opposite to them…
ayush:actually last year..i met abhimanyu…during a case..a criminl was mentally unstable…so abhi was operating him…then v became really ud frnds..but then i didnt know abhi is mukti di’s boyfrnd…but approx a mnth ago…abhi called me..he was abt to come to india for the frst tym after nandu’s presumed death…nd he said ki i also shud come wth him nd meet u ppl….so i came back to india vth him
evry1 is lukng at him…
mukti:but ..yeh u both know…evrythng abt this…nd wat abt manik’s hallucinations..”she askd lukng at ayush
ayush:i’ll tell evrythng…b patient…”he said wth a smile..nd then cntinued…”when i came to india..i wanted to meet u all specially manik ..but coz of an urgnt case..i had to leave fr delhi..then ek din all of a sudden i got abhi’s call…nd he told me abt a case…nd he wanted my help..”he said while lukng at abhi

abhi:actually..when i said u all abt manik’s hallucinations…there is a thing which dstrbd me a lot..nd that was..the root cause of his hallucinations..”he said in a stern voice…
cabir:but abhi…it was due to thta dementia drug ryt…wch we came to know during manik’s accident..”he said making a point
abhi:xactly…but v didnt get who is behind all these..
dhruv:but it was RAGHAV….”he said in cnfusion
ayush:s…it was RAGHAV..”in a stern voice
abhi:but raghav’s drugs didnt show the xpctd result fr a long tym…nd mankik..he was all the tym in nandu’s thoughts…nd sum1 had taken the advantage of this…yeh sab cheese…tht nanu’s accident till manik’s hallucinations…they r linked..but i didnt undrstnd so i xalled ayush..
ayu:nd when i got abhi’s call…then i undrstood that the case whch he said actually to me is actually manik bhayya’s case…i wanted to come…but i thought it was nt ryt tym..”evry1 were still confused
cabir:am still not CD mei toh….”abhi cut him in btween nd said
abhi:IS C.D MEI HARSHAD HAI…ND HIS SELF VIDEO…YEH HAI NA..”he said lukng at cabir…nd cntinued”do u all remember…b4 manik’s accident…cabir got a call warning him to save manik…bcoz of that we came to know abt nanu’s murder mystery..”he said in a stern tone nd all nodded
ayush:it was actually harshad who called…”he told nd all were shocked
cabir:WHAT….”he said in a shock
abhi:i was also shocked..jab ayush said me abt this nmbr…all of us were so happy abt babydoll’s arrival..that v totally frgot that person…but i gave this nmbr to ayu..nd he decoded it…
ayu:i got to know that raghav was behind all this the moment i decoded the case but b4 i said this to abhi itself navya is kidnapped
cabir:bt manik’s hallucination?
abhi:ryt…actually if dementia drug is given in higher quantities it leads to person’s death…but manik’s body had trace amounts of them…nd my suspicion increased bcoz of this..raghav nevr wanted to kill manik…he wanted to torture him..”he said last line in anger nd “am sure…sum effect was due to drrugs…nd sum was due to manik’s thoughts….sum1 manipulated mnik’s mind lyk this…do u remember ..manik didnt meet any1 for 6 mnths after nanu’s presumed death…sumthing happened in btween…wch v dnt know..”he said in a serious tone…
cabir:wat do u mean?
abhi:it means….un 6 mnths mei sum1 plotted in manik’s mind..that nanu is alive nd she isnt dead..nd as we all know manik was already not ready to acceppt the fact …his luv fr nanu is so pure….but sum1 polluted his mind
mukti:but kese”she asked curiously
abhi:by hypnotism..”when he said this evry1 were hell shocked
cabir:raghav stooped so low…i cant believe it…”he said in a furious tone
ayu:its not raghav behind this hypnotism..for this task…a professionalist is required….as it is not easy nd requires cncentration….”this pair of info made them all stunned
mukti:THAT MEANS HARSHAD IS RYT….”she said lukng down…
ayush asked her to play the video once again

harshad:i dont know manik whether i’ll b alive by the tym this C.D reaches u..but i wanna cnfess sumthng..”he paused”nandini’s death is a planned murder ..aur this was done by raghav…nd jst not this…he is giving sumkind of drugs to u….”he paused nd continued”but raghav is not alone in this….sum1 is wth him…but i dont know who is that….i just know that that p;erson is very near to u..kese aur kahan i too dont know…i myself wanted to come nd tell this all to u..but i cudnt come nd so im sending the c.d..aur ho sake tho pls pardon me….nd if i am not there..pls take care of my alya…i know u all will take care of her btr than me……”he said last line wth tears in his eyes…
AND THE VIDEO ENDS…by then alya is again in tears…mukti side hugged her
cabir:but who is that”he said in anger
ayush:nd we have to find tat..bas v need to b careful wth nandu bhabhi nd manik bhayya..”he advised fab-4 nd navbhi..”their lives r in danger”
navya:until v r 2gthr…v l nevr let anything happen to them..v can even sacrifice our lyf fr them..”she dclared daringly nd evry1 nodded their heads
ayush:i hope our words r not heard by any 1″he said making a sense at such situ..probability of such thngs is too high
cabir:dnt worry…nd ayush r u frgtng sumthing…this is ur manik bhayya’s house…this room is sound proof…thanks to ur bhayya’s weird mind..”he said wth a smile
ayush:manik bhayya nd his ideas..”he also smiled…by the way…where is he..”he asked nd evry1 looked at one another..”WTH NANDINI…AUR KAHA..”evry1 smiled nd said in unison..nd ayush also smiled broadly

(Read at ur own risk)
nandu is busy admiring herself standing in front of mirror..her face is glowing…she is wearing manik’s white shirt..just then manik entered the room..holding a cup of icecream in his hands..nd wat he saw made his jaw drop…..he strtd walking towards her like …her beauty has cast sum spell on him..she saw his reflection in mirror nd is abt to turn around..but he placed one hand on her waist frm back nd their eyes met
manik:ice cream melted….”he said in her ears
nandu:how?she asked lukng into his eyes in the mirror
manik:bcoz room’s temperature is too much to bear”he said seductively…blowing air on her neck..she held his hand on her waist nd closed her eyes in anticipation
manik made her turn around..still closing her eyes..placed her hand on his shoulder..he dipped one of hs fingers in ice cream..placed the cup on table..strtd travelling the finger from her face ..he deliberately smeared ice cream on her lips..she knows wat comes next…so she clutched his shrt tightly..nd he strtd licking icecream frm her lips..this man knows evry way to torture her…the way he is licking her lips…is making her crazy..nd in no time…he opened his mouth nd kissed her….her lips r totally inside his mouth..nd the kiss became more nd more passionate…his hands travelled into her shirt…squeezing her waist…she is murmuring his name…after getting out of breath..they broke apart..but manik is not in a mood to let her go…picked her up…placed her on the bed nd moved out of the room…she is thnking where he went..then she saw him pickng up iceceram
mannik:u want to eat icecream na…i will make u eat in my style now…”hee winked at her
nandu:manu…dont..”she tried to warn him but all in vain..he raised her shirt a bit..making her stomach visible…frst kissed it…smeared sum icecream there..she shiveres wth the cold touch on her skin….he strtd sucking it…just then phone sgtrtd ringing..he didnt pay any heed to it….after almost 5 missed calls on 6th call nandu left him wth no she put her palm on lips..pushed him a little nd asked him to lift it
manik:ill tell u after the call..wait..”he picked the call still lying on top of her..the caller id is cabir
manik:ofcourse…ise to bemari hai….to spoil my romantic moments..”he said in frustration…she chuckled at his face…he glared at her
manik received the call”kya hai saale…u cant stay even a day wthout dstrbing me…which earthquake came…wo call pe call…kya hai..”he literally shouted
cabir:wah…saale…esa wat u r dng….itna frustrated hai tu….”he said in a sarcastic way
manik:cabir b4 i kill u fr ruining my moment nd then eating my brain wth ur wrst sense of humour..bol y did u call…”he shouted again
cabir just laughed nd said”nyonika aunty is calling u home…kripiya come quickly…nd whatever u r dng..pls do it later…”he said wth a laugh nd manik wthout answering cut the call
manik:mom is calling home”he said while tucking her hair strnds behind the ear
nandu:mom ne…han to lets go…”she tried to move up..but he didnt move a little..she asked him to move wth her eyes..but he didnt
man ik:let me finfsh my icecream frst..”he said wth a smirk..she hit him on his shoulder…pushed him a little nd moved out of bed
nandu:manik…chalo…quick…get up…chalo..”she said while closing the button of her shirt
manik:my heart is not allowing me to…”he said cmng towards her nd made babyish face
nandu encircled her arms around his neck nd said..”mr.malhotra..these days u r becoming too naughty…”she said wth a smile..he held her tightly… nd she continued”but now get a grip on urself….v l go home…mom called na..”he agreed wthout actually wanting to
after sumtym..they both got ready..sat down inside the car nd drove away fr malhotra mansion…

sorry all the readers….fr late update….nd hope it is upto the mark…luv u all…bye..
-prahatika krishnan

Credit to: Prahathika krishnan

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