Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 8)


VENDOR:”What sir u r making fun of me and asking the same ques.I already said that this route to Shimla is closed since strday and no one dared to go in that route not even a car due to a landslide but he remembers a girl in Mercedes going that way ignoring his warnings.By the time he was about to tell it all left

All are shocked by the sudden revelation and cabir said..”If no car has ever gone in this way…whom did manik see?”.All looked at each other in disbelief.then Abhi spoke “Guys I know its shocking but I’ll explain u”.Then everyone asked him “So u know everything?”.I already asked this b4 to him and he said me the samething and I was as shocked as u r now.I wanna tell u all something regarding Manik.Everyone asked him”What?” ,not having enough strength to take anything disastrous.Then he said”Manik seeing Nandini and all ,this is not normal..there is lot more..actually it was all his imagination..He is hallucinating all these things..”
All in unison..”WHAT?” in disbelief.Then Abhi continued”He is too depressed and so he is assuming things which no existence in reality…Did he ever argued that he had seen Nandu b4?”.everyone started to remember..after 6 months of her death,for the frst tym he came out of his room..he totally denied of her being dead..shouted and asked them to leave but he hadn’t said that he actually met her.But today he said that and said to abhi “Today he said me that..” to which abhi replied “may b it’s not the frst tym but he said u only today.”.Then everyone asked whether he is mad?.

Abhi:”.No his subconscious memory stopped at the tym of nandu’s death itself and it’s not able to move on…So,he is hallucinating..nthng more than that..”Everyone knew her death affected manik but never thought that to this xtent it makes him devastated..they all want it to end as a biggest nightmare of their lives..Cabir shouted”We can’t let him go.Some cure must b there..”.Then abhi said “I’ll study his case.But we have to let him what he wanna do.Let’s go to Shimla…That is the only place for all our answers otherwise we’ll even loose Manik as we have lost my baby doll..”by know he is also crying lyk hard..till now he acted too strong..but remembering his baby doll whom he raised like a daughter couldn’t let him forget everything.

Manik is sleeping peacefully when nyonika silently entered his room..ruffled his hairs and said”I can’t see u in pain baby…plz…I want my old manik back..”.immediately he says nandini…she thinks”He is taking her name even in sleep..”..
Never ending night came to a still.The sun rose.manik was ready in his blue denims and white tshirt…packing his stuff…when FAB-5 came and informed of his friends arrival.

Everyone thought of behaving normal and not a word about ystrday..they gave manik a smile seeing he is coming downwards..hugged him..He asks “u all here?matlab is evrythng ok?”…sounding fine…so all r relieved and cabir said”y do u only have ryt to arrive in our homes unexpected..don’t we have?.By the way I came to tell that we all r also coming wth u..”.Manik “Where?”
Manik:”r u serious.but..”.he is stopped in btween by cabir”no if’s and but’s..”
This is heard by Nyonika and she disagreed for it,but all convince her saying”We will be back quickly..”.Then nyo replies”that place has snatched a lot from me …Now I can’t let much more happen”
Finally,after all insisting her ,she agreed.they all settle in the car..and start their journey to Shimla…hoping they will get their Manik back…
Meanwhile just as the car comes outside…someone start following them,watching their every action ….his phone rang,he answered…

Rohan(The person stalking them):
“Ha hello…..they started their journey..”
Voice from other end:”Just follow them..If u miss them atleast for a sec from ur sight,it will not take a sec for me to dig u to ur grave..Samjhe tum..?”
Rohan:”Ha sir….”and cut the call.Just after Rohan left..a boy parked his car in front of Malhotra Mansion and asked the guards to cll Manik..he needs to talk..and the boy is in if he is about to loose something..When the guards informed he had already left for Shimla sometime back,the boy came out annoyingly and banged his hand on bonnet..”Damn it….I missed him..Shit..”he some how calmed down himself and thought “No way..i just can’t let him go…yes..”and drove away..”
Manik is driving the car…cabir beside middle Mukbhi and Navya and last dhrulya..
Cabir looked backwards and said”Guys…I think we need to do something different in our concert this time…what say..?”Everyone gave him a WHAT look for which he signalled towards Manik who is driving silently ..lost somewhere..

Abhi:”ummm…Manik what’s ur plan for the concert” asked him patting on the shoulder..but still manik is lost and murmured “NANDINI” subconsciously…everyone looked each othr and Abhi was stopping himself from crying for his babydoll..Cabir then took manik’s hand and called him..for which manik replied”’Ha …What r u guys saying?”and everyone are tensed to see him lost in his own world..

Then Abhi said”Cabir..u drive the car now.I think manik will be tired..änd gave a DO AS I SAY look to cabir and cabir nodded..But manik repl,ied”no it’s fine..”.Then cabir thought he will not listen lyk this and I have to act normal like old cabir and he said”y u think u only know how to drive a car.Then lemme tell u,I can drive better than u.Stop and give me.Otherwise I’ll jump out of the car” he tries to scare them and manik just smiles at his antics and says”Take it and by the way car is centralized locked..U can’t open the door.Nautanki”stressing on the last word..and the drive is continuing..

Suddenly Manik saw something and asked cabir to stop..who put the break abruptly.Then all realized manik is looking at the leftside through the window and what made them surprised is it’s a dhaba..the same where they stopped when they went for the laast time..
Sorry ppl for my late update.I know u all r waiting for me but i was unable to .For the last 3 days my appa is with me in hospital and didnt allow me to touch my mob for updatiing..Now I’m fine and discharged..YIPPEE..i’ll give another update also today..Ignore typos and suggestions are welcome..waiit for nandini entry ..soon..patiience pays

Credit to: Meghna Adhithyan

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