Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 7)


Manik tilted his head upwards to look at that angelic face ,entwined their fingers…and said like a small baby..”I wont let u go anywhere away from me” she smiled at him..he again continued….”Nandini..” playing with her fingers….She said hmmm..she massaged his head when he asked “Sing for me na…plz…This darknesss is killing me..”.Nandu said”Okay…close ur eyes..”she put her hands on his eyes…and started singing..
Main jaan ye vaar doon…completed first stanza..then he held her hands even more tighter than b4…made himself comfortable in her lap…and she smiled at his childish antics…
She started the second stanza,kissed his forehead,made him lie on the pillow…he turned to otherside in sleep and a smile is always on his face…she back hugged him..HE SOON DRIFTED INTO A SLEEP.she closed looked at his face and said”I wish I can take every worry of yours with me..” again looked into his face…carefully kissed him on the forehead..and hugged him from back…

Cabir:”abhi…y have v come here..nobody is around.. “ he checked the place and found no one…
Abhi:that’s y I brought all of u here
Mukti:means what? ….she asked with a confused expression
Abhi:it means manik was here sometime b4 and he came here only..
WHAT…….everyone said in unison
Cabir:”Wait a sec.”he showed him his hand as a sign of stop..”plz clear me out of this mess…I really don’t understand anything now..Manik was with me..sometime b4…after that he went to malhotra mansion…I had cross checked with nyonika aunty…she was with him only…then how come…he was here…it’s not making any sense at all…”
Abhi:Chill is making sense…let me complete first…cabir..manik came here b4 he met u..after this he came to ur house…”
Mukti:”but how do u know all these?”’

Alya:Exactly…how do u know..?
Abhi tries to explain and meanwhile he is interrupted by navya and dhruv who asks him the same ques.Then cabir says:Guys let him tell first.
Abhi:”Thanks yes..How do I know…bcoz when I was coming to ur house by the road beside to this…I saw manik on this road”
Abhi was in his car to mukti’s house from the airport…when he spot manik…running on the street and shouting..”STOP..”
He was running like a maniac.Abhi stopped his car and looked backward…murmered manik to himself…got out of the car…ran towards manik…but manik very quickly ran to the opposite road where he parked his car..b4 abhi reaches manik..manik stepped inside the car and drove away at high speed..
Abhi:I didn’t understand what was manik doing there…y he was running lyk that and y he was shouting stop….
Suddenly he saw a man…who was having a teastall nearby…he ran to him and inquired something..and what he got in as answer comes as a big shock to him….He thought that”I HAVE TO SPEAK TO FAB-4” and dailed to mukti’s landline onlt to b informed that she was in cabir’s house…so he drove to cabir’s place..
Abhi:so this is how..i know that manik is here..
Everyone is quiet…Then Cabir gazing downwards said”That mean manik saw nandini here only..”
Immediately mukti saw abhi and asked”that means…u too…. U too saw nandu ryt..?”.Abhi became silent…
Navya:”Abhi tell na…u too saw our nandu…teri doll…hamari chutki..”she was having tears in her eyes..
Alya:Abhi say something abhi…plz…..

Dhruv:bro…tell na…y r u silent…
Abhi:Guys b4 u come to any conclusion…I wanna let u know something…which is damn important..”
Then Mukti said out of frustration..”Toh..just tell it na..”
Abhi held her hand and said “Relax…Come with me…all of u…” with this all followed abhimanyu…and he brought all of them to the same tea stall where he inquires something…Abhi went to the vendor and asked him…
“Bhayya.All of us want to go to Shimla through this route.could u tell us within how much time we can reach Shimla THROUGH THIS ROUTE?”
Everyone was hell confused…as y he was asking all these…vendor looked at abhi and recognized him as the same person who came sometime back to him and gave him a reply which stunned all of them xcept abhi…

Cliff hanger ryt…?
Haha…Sorry….So,guys done with the update for today.As yesterday I didn’t give u an update as a compensation I gave u 2 updates today…May b I may give u another one also today but I’m not sure.I’m in a very happy mood today…Ignore typos as I’m typing on a mobile.Honest feedback required.suggestions are wwelcome.Criticsm is also accepted…Love u all…

Credit to: Meghna krishnan

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  1. You are doing a good job thank you very much

  2. Omg megh which clrly means that nandu is dead and manik is in hallucination…if nandu is dead then a story kabhi puri nahi hothi….So megh do u believe in similar 7 persons concept or rebirth kind of thing…. So what’s next…manik definitely need treatment….soo sad for manik

  3. BTW megh hr u now… R u still in hospital…

    1. I’m still in hospital.I’ll get discharged within some 4 days..I don’t personally believe in rebirth and all but let not my personal opinions come in this story and priya y do u think negatively…wait nd watch..may b Abhi and others will get to know something that they r missing till now.Luv u loads dear and hw r u

  4. What is this yaar so much suspense

  5. Good job kinda interesting, Pls update two episodes. For ur health, I wish you quick recovery and may God bless and protect you always.

  6. Plz dont bring super naturial things in ur story like colors serial. N bring the same nandu which manik loved that too soon as the story seems to me at a standstill

    1. Don’t worry I won’t bring super natural things

  7. Ni next update kosam wait how is my telugu??nd get well soon

    1. Chalaa bagundi…..update chesesta by nite

  8. Take rest and get well soon. Hope to get a update today. A suggestion that it should be the same old nandini pls.a rebirth or something like that stuff

  9. Eagerly waiting for next part…..
    Get well soon dear….

  10. sujatha muthukannu

    Hi dear, Amazing but lot of confusion, plz continue

  11. Plzzz update nxt part fast…cant wait for the suspense…

    1. I’m out of hospital strday,all this 3 days my appa was with me,so I was unable to take my mob from him and update

  12. pls update next part….

    1. Ya i’ll update today,

  13. Awesome, it’s superb, suspense is killing me. Please upload soooooooon, love you loads

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