Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 49 THE LAST PART) and also ALPHA MANIK (Prologue)

hello all…i know after along tym…this is the last part of story i dont wanna prolong here it s..ignore typos….criticsm accepted..suggestions r welcum…….on popular demand i have decided to write a supernatural story that too on werewolves named ALPHA MANIK…..Our own manan story nd the prologue is attached with this itself…
recap:nyonika is believed to b the culprit..
manik is totally shocked nd even nandu too..
anj:i went away frm ur lyf..but i was unable to seperate manik frm his father”she tried to defend but nyo interupted and said”right ..u even went…that nyt i got a call frm raj after 4 years dat he left..i wanted to abandon manik but i thought i should give him the pain dat i felt..pain of loosing his soul..his AASHIQUI…that’s y i planned evrythng perfectly …manik nd nandu going to shimla,but fate nandu is saved..then i gave drugs to manik so that he will think only abt nandu..nd maae him lyk a mad person..but no..
THIS ABHIMANYU came nd spoiled evrythng..nd even manik accident bhi mene plan kiya tha..”she confessed evrythng..nd evry1 stared her in shock they nevr imagined nyo can b this cunning
anj:the frst tym i saw manik i dnt know dat he was my son..i prmised dat i will nevr try to know abt him to nyo so i have nevr known him..
nyo:i dont regret anythng i did”said in a cold tone nd now manik had enough nd said takng her hand in his hand”i know u luv me mom..pls bol do…dat u r lyng..pls mom”his hlpless tone made evry1 weak.
nyo took his hand off frm her hand nd said im not saying lies..i hate u manik..i hate u
manik shouted “no aap jhooth bol rahe ho..u have always luvd me nd mere khayal rakha hai…mai to aapki jaan hu na mom..fir aap mujhe kese dard de sakte ho..nahi mom..mai nahi manta…tell me or else u will nevr see me again”.The last words came as shock to evry1 especially anjali,cabir,nyo nd nandu..
Listening his words nyo collapsed on her feet sobbing incoherently nd said “ha mein karti hu tumse bahut pyaar..tum mera raj beta hai..mera ladla..i can nevr think of harming u mannu…”
then manik said”then y u said lyk dat?speak up mom…”
nyo said”i had to ..otherwise SHAHID would have killed u nd nandu…i cant afford him killing u both”
manik:shahid…hamara clg shahid..par kyu?
nyo:kyunki woh teri bhai hai..

nyo:yes he is the son of me nd raj…in childhood itself he was jealous of manik nd tried to kill him twice..So,me nd raj decided to keep him seperate frm us in a home under foster care as manik is always my frst priority..This made shahid evn more insecure nd it increased his hatreed to manik..To get a revenge he joined the clg wthout using malhotra surname by gettng scholarship nd blackmailed me not to tell anyone otherwise he will kill manu…later after he left the clg nd without even my notice he disguised himself as a butler nd joined the mansion nd strtd drugging mani after nandu’s incident..i came to know that shahid did all these only when our foster care caretaker called me. nd said all these…This is sum how known to shahid nd he blackmailed me to kill nandu otherwise he will kill all of u(manik,navya,cabir,mukti,dhrulya,abhi,ayush).So,in order fr all i thought to KI..LL….NA…ND..u…”she said sobbing…
After this,ayush ordered police to search fr shahid,he was caught nd was sentenced to lyf tym imprisonment…
Nyo apologised evry1 mainly nandu nd she being the most lovely soul immediately had frgiven her but it took manik days to come out of it as his own mother tried to kill his STAR…
Later,all lived 2gthr in malhotra mansion manan along with their kid meghna(sorry i just wanted my di’s name ) happily along wth anjali where anjali nd nyo solved their differences..
Finally the story has got its end….nd shahid is the culprit…This is a story which is emotionally attached to me as it always had reminded of my di(meghna)….It was her story actually whch i had to take up in between nd di i just wanna say that i luv u a lot nd i hope i was to ur xpctations nd all d readers at d end..I pray wherever u are di ,let god rest ur soul in peace..I feel lyk a part of my heart is gng awayy frm me as it ended…
emotional much ryt..o.k bye ppl luv u all…atleast now for the last update pls silent readers do comment ur view on the entire story….for the last tym frm this story luv u all…bye)
Scroll down fr my new supernatural story alpha manik’s prologue

a mature story as it is a werewolf story nd a different story not ur common werewolf stories nd if any similarties found r purely coincidential…sorry
“Riddle me this” a soft voice murmurs.My hands clench on the window sill…
“if i were to take you upto my room,right now,how long do u think it will take until the whole place hears u scream my name?”
An unprompted shiver runs down my body..Slowly,I turn around,meeting Manik’s eyes

Nandini always assumed her mate would be a man from her own pack.A good man..
Not a sadistic,sinful Alpha named Manik.
Alpha Manik.He’s a man of riddles and cryptic puzzles.His identity is one of them..
His touch,another…And what he loves the most in this world ,is a game.
And one night,he abducts Nandini from her bed,and makes her a player.When escaping his riddles means punishment,Nandini finds herself questinoning what is real and what is not..
But that all changes when Nandini discovers the truth behind his touch……
Done wth the prologue of my new book do tell me how is it?pls voice ur opinions whether i have to continue this book or come wth a new idea..luv u alll

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  1. Kavina

    Love the prologue. Loved the ending of the story. My task go back and read manan meri aashiqui

    1. Praha

      Tq kavina…tq so much

  2. Wow…so finally nyonika confessed n pictured as d same gud mom..dats come to an end of an awesome story…

    N omg wat a riddle dat was…I read it thrice to understand dat…nyc start ..keep going dear..

  3. Luvd it. Pls continue. Life goes on praha n u hv to b strong. U were never less than meghna. U were fantastic kip going

  4. Superbbbbb dear really soooo heart touchinggg part soooo amazingggg very nicely written this story is really close to my heart
    Prologue is soooo nice very much excited for your new story dear

  5. Sindhu_Varma

    Megha di started this story and praha ended it..!
    only thing to remember is you both are my fav, how mny ever writers will come megha di will be the best, because of here i started writing stories but i could not believe that she left us all of a sudden but somewhere she is watching us and smiling, this story will always be close to my heart no matter what!
    Praha i love u, not more than nivaan though :P, you are an awesome writer and you did a marvelous job with this story.! i am eagerly waiting for the new story

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