Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 43)


Hello ppl……..Sorry fr the inconvenience..My parents came nd so I was unable to update…nd ya Is it destined to be? updates will take a bit tym..sorry fr this nd until then i will give u meri aaashiqui updates…ignore typos….criticsm accepted..suggestions r welcum..luv u all.t.c.bye

Malhotra mansion:
manik reached home but still he is sitting in the car in the basement thinking hard how to confront nyo ..wat she will ask? nd how he will react? frm 2 days his mobile is switched off..then wat he is going to say..
But he grabbed all his courage …xhale a warm breath nd stepped out of the car..e then came to the door nd found nyo who is already in the living area walking to nd fro continuously diallig sum number on her mob..the worry nd frustration clearly visible on her face…
When she turned to her ryt side she found mnaik stnding near the door nd she immediately ran to him..meanwhile manik is in dilemma as how is he going to tell abt RAJ MALHOTRA..his dad nd her husband’s death..
nyo:manik ..where were u since 2 days…even ur mob is swtched off…do u have any idea how worried Iam nd y did u leave the marriage altar nd go?wat is it manik?tell atleast sumthng”‘she strtd freakng nd bombarded wth the ques as soon as she reached to him..
manik who is already out of words is unable to answer..he instantly HIS MOM..tightly as tight as he can ..he is weeping,crying n her arms…
She hugged him more tightly nd caressed his back in order to calm him down
nyo:manik..pls say sumthng..u r scaring me beta….pls speak sumtng…wat is it?”she said in a worried tone whereas he hugged her more tightly..
manik:mom..”he said in a low voice still in her embrace
nyo:han beta..bolo na”she assured him that she is listening
manik:dad is no more..he was murdered”he managed to utter the biggest truth of their life
nyo broke the hug as soon as she ehard him nd lukd at him in disbelief”u r lyng”she said wth a weak smile..her face fell down..she is tryng to make herself register that he is lying..
manik nodded his head in no…signing his words r true..
nyo:nahi..this is not truth..RAJ …raj is alive..manik…manik.wo…he left us..but he is alive..han..han…he is alive…RAJ IS ALIVE”she said in a tone of assuring herself that her husband is alive..but manik couldnt bear his mother in that state..he hugged her nd she sobbed in his arms enchanting a single line”RAJ IS ALIVE..ëevn after 15 min long hug..she is still in that vulnerable condidtion not ready to believe that..
manik then broke that hug..cupped his mom’s face nd said”‘mom ..this is’s no more”he said in a low voice

nyo:nahi..he…he is alive…”she said lukng downwards
manik:mom plz believe it”he pleaded her but she isnt ready to accept
manik:MOM”he now shouted on top of his voice..she lukd at him..”‘DAD IS NO MORE…HE WAS MURDERED”he shouted to make hr understand..make her believe..she lukd in his eyes..helplessly nd hugged him…she is sobbing badly..he isnt able to console her as he is also badly in tears
nyo:RAJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ”‘she shouted while crying badly on his arms..he hugged her even more tight to ease her pain a little.
manik:mom..i m there na…ur son…ur manik..i will not leave the person..that stupid who killed dad..mai use barbaad kar dunga”he said wth determination nd anger on his face while she is still crying in her son’s embrace..After sumtym manik nd nyo r sitting in the living room..manik’s head in her lap..she is lukng calm nd composed stroking his hair while his eyes r closed nd he is sitting on the floor..
nyo:but who killed raj?”she asked breaking the long silence of half an hour..manik opened his eyes instntly,raised his shead a little to luk at her nd said”RAGHAV”nd this is another shock fr her
nyo:raghav?but y?”she asked being shocked
manik:dont know mom..but i wont leave him”he said wth anger filled eyes
nyo:but manik…but y did u cancel marriage wth nandu day b4 strday?”‘this ques is the most xpctd ques fr him..

he stood up…nd turned around,strtd walking facing his back to her as his eyes can betray him..but he know that he has to lie to save her…to prtct her…she also stood up..he after covring sum distance..stop nd said”mom..she is raghv’s niece..raghav is nandini murthy’s mama”he said wthout lukng back..this fell lyk a thunderstorm on nyo..
nyo:wat?she shouted in a high pitch in disbelief
manik:it s true mom”‘he assured him
nyo:but manu….”his nxt statement made her words die in the throat itself..
manik:she lied to me…she betrayed me..nd i will neevr forgive her..she is raghva’s niece…that stupid murdered my dad nd i will never forgive nandini for hiding this truth frm me..never ever”he announced keeping a heavy stone on his heart…only his heart knows how badly it is aching while he is saying all those harsh words.
nyo:manik”she shouted in anger nd came 2wrds him..she made him look at her..he lukd at her pretending an angry face..
nyo:how could u give the punishment of raghav to nandu manik?how could u?”she shouted lukng at him furiously..he is already guilty to hide the truth frm her nd now he is feeling moore bad but he had to…
manik:bcoz she deserves it mom..she deserves all this pain nd ..”b4 he could saay anythng..a tight slap on his face made him shock
The slap is frm CHACHI who just came inside the mansio nd after listening all the words frm manik her anger crossed all the level nd she slapped him hard on his face..
nandini is also present there nd even she is equally stunned wth sudden act of chachi..manik lukd at chachi in disbelief frstly hoe come she suddenly appeared nd then the slap is totally out of cntxt..
chachi:u dont deserve my nandini….”she shouted giving a deadly glare to him..nandu came 2wrds chachi
nandu:chachi..listen to me”she abruptly stopped as manik showed her eyes signalling not to utter anythng..this isnt seen by other two..
chachi:u shut up nandu..i couldnt even believe that ..this is the same manik who for 2 nd half years was just yearning u,suffered to be with u nd used to come to murthy villa nd go in to ur room to just b wth ur memories evryday…”she said holding tears of pain nd grief in her heart..
even nyo,manik nd nandu can feel the pain but the ppl who r hurt beyond anythng r manan..both r lukng downwards..

They knew things wont b easy as hiding is a difficult task but they never magined that things can be this messsy ..that they wont b able to clear it..
chachi:this is not MY MANIK….He is not MY SONA MUNDA…”she now shouted at him who is lukng downwards even nyo is quiet as she knows manik is wrong but little did they know he is lying all the while.He closed his eyes when he heard that sentence frm chachi….he just rememberd all the gud tyms spent wth she always call him “sona munda”nd “hayye shahrukh” she makes xperimental dishes fr him nd he ate only fr her..nd how she prayed fr him after he fell ill in mangalore..also brought prasad fr him…a lone tear escaped hs eyes when he recalled how she supported him in the last 2 nd half he felt in peace when he used to sleep in her lap
The pain of his heart isnt in his face but it is ripping his soul apart..nd even nandu can sense nd feel it..she is also in deep pain wanting to hug him right away but she cant..she can b only a silent spectator in the drama..
chachi:manik malhotra….meri nandu is not a burden to me”she said in a stern voice lukng at him..he lukd at her consoling himself..faking a i dont care attitude on his face..
nyo:pls shanno ji…just listen to me”she tried to xplain chachi but she showed her hand as a sign of dont
chachi:jab nandu came home nd said..i thought..i will nd i can xplain u”now she strd telling wat happened an hour ago at murthy villa

Nandu reached home after struggling wth her thoughts for a long 5 min..she rang the bell nd wthn a sec chachi opened the door
chachi:nanddu…where u went ..its been 2 days”she hugged instntly in a worried tone
nandu:chachi..can we go inside”she tried to act normal but frm inside she is scared… to how to hide the truth of their marriage
chachi:ahn..nandu chal”she broke the hug nd took her inside..
chachi gave a glass of water to nandu ,patted her head nd now she noticed that nandu isnt in bridal dress..she is in a simple white jean nd a pink collar top(ofcourse to hide the nuptial thread) nd her hair is opened in a difrnt way wthout any hairline(to hide vermillion)
chachi:nandu..these 2 days where were u?”she asked wth a confused nd worried luk..nd now nandu is sacred but she has to lie
nandu:i went to the orphanage”she lied wthout lukng at chachi
(orphanage is of nandu’s parents..they built it in mumbai nd whenevr nandu misses them she used to go there)
chachi:beta..par wat happened suddenly day b4 yesterday at the altar”she asked the toughest ques to answer
nandu stood up nd said manik hates me now”closing her eyes,tightening her fist
chachi:wat r u saying nandu…this cant happen”she said coming to nanddu..
nandu:this is the truth chachi..he came to know that im raghav’s niece”she sadi still facing her back to chachi
chachi:han toh”she said in confusion
nandu:raghv has killed manik’s ddad..he is a murderer’she shouted last line in high pitch voice
chachi is totally dumbfounded as she had no idea of this..
nandu:manik can never frgive me”she said wth tears in her eyes fr both lying to chachi nd fr manik’s dad’s demise.
chachi:nahi…i will make him undrstand..come wth me”she held nandu’s hand nd took wth her..nandu is tryng to stop her but all in vain..
but whn they reached malhotra mansion..manik’s words made chachi hell she slapped

chachi:my nandu….she is my pride…she is my girl…meri guroor..nd MR.MANIK MALHOTRA…NOW I AM SAYING THIS U R OT FIT FOR MY NANDU….TUM LAYAK NAHI HO”she announced in a high pitched voice..manik showed no concern 2wrds them but deep down he is hurt wth those words..
chachi took nandu wth her..nyo tried stopping her
nyo:manik say sumthng”she said to manik but he didnt respond…nandu’s hand touched his hand nd both felt the emotions wth tears rolling down but manik immediately wiped them off..
chachi nd nandu left the mansion
nyo:u did a very big mistake manik…i will never frgive u for this”she said leaving in anger to her room,leaving manik in the living area alone.
after sum tym he is in his room…just then he receivd a call frm nandu..after cnfrming the call isnt tracing(fr how refer to last epi)..he picked the call
nanddni:”manik…am…am….really sorry…..chachi….there is no need for her….to…slap…u…u r fyn…….tum teekh ho na…manik….mai…”her constant blabbering is cut by manik
manik:arey baba…atleast take ur breath…relax!im totally fyn”he made her calm down..she then sat down on her bed placing pillow in her lap.
nandu:manik…chachi ne thappad….”he again cut her in mid
manik:HAK HAI CHACHI KO…AUR HAK SE HI MARA…she has the full right on me nd bcoz of that right only she slapped me..”he said in a calm tone nd she is stunned wth his level of understanding.
nandini smiled nd saidä manik has became totally understanding..kitna samajhdaar ho gaya”she said
manik:wo toh hai..haha”he also laughed a little on wch she also chuckled
nandu:i luv u manik”she said sweetly
manik:nd i luv my princess more…”he announced wth a broad smile to wch she smiled.
manik:trust me…evrythng will b fyn”he said in a convincing tone
nandu:i trust u..i know…u willnt let anythng happen bad or wrong”she also said in an assuring tone to whch he smiled
afetr sum good talking session both slept their mobs still on nd hugging their respective pillows sidewise assuming each other
hm…after a long tym that too bahut senti hua na…ok…luv u all…do voice ur opinions pls…do…

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  1. Super amazing Di your updates are just out of the world keep going Di again update is wonderful

    1. Tq pia dear

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    Okk okk….
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    Hope so apne ye song sunna hoo…..

    NOW…..come too update…….
    Woo as usual hi superb amazing fabulous tha…….
    Keep going….


    1. Ha I heard kavya….nd luv u lots too

  3. Anandi

    Oohh…Prahaa…I missed u sooo much….I thought that u were ill..good to here that u are perfectly alright…I’ve been checking the telly updates all these days for is it destined to be…I’ve been missing ur ff…???
    Anyways good to see you back…Enjoy with your parents…

    1. Sorry that I.missed the ff….but I didn’t had tym at.all.with my parents …so.couldn’t update nd u didn’t miss.this ff ah:-(..missed u too…luv u<3

      1. Anandi

        I missed ur ff…that’s what I said….but I missed is it destined to be’. more bcz that’s my fav….?
        Hoping to see the update soon….have fun prahuu….I tried to msg you…but don’t knw why the option was missing…?

  4. I too felt same like anandi…i constantly checked my mob even i was so busy from 2 days…am glad u updated finally…thoda senti hai par true love dikayi de rahi hai isme…..btw its my bday yesterday…u haven’t updated yesterday nly praha….anyway njoy with ur parents… love u praha

    1. Sorry dear Darln pRiya strday time Nahi mili…o.k I dedicate this update nd nxt update to u as ur birthday gift…belated happy bday…luv u.too<3 nd sorry fr making u all wait:-(

      1. Thanks so much Praha darling….am glad to have a friend like u…

    2. Tash

      Priya.. Happy belated birthday.. Y didn’t u tell me dear.. Anyway so hope u enjoyed… Love u

      1. Thanks tashu…love u too…sorry I havnt told u….

      2. Sindhu_Varma

        Happy belated birthday Priya Akka ?

  5. Sindhu_Varma

    Praha ?
    Hope u r having a good time with ur parents ?
    This update was asusal awesome ?

  6. Nice update…. btw… when will you post “is it destined to be…..” you know what I literate that story to one of my friend even she also like it…. yesterday and even today also she asked whether you posted the further part or not…… I told may be you would be stuck somewhere that’s why not able to post…… crazy n.a. a person who didn’t even read your ff but still a fan of your ff……??

    1. Tmrw I’ll post it.with Manik’s p.o.v…I’m glad nd ya it’s crazy a fan lyk that

  7. Tash

    Praha… I missed u sooo much… Well u finally updated… It was superb.. Soo emotional like I m a very emotional person n when ever I read any ff na I jst imagine the situation. N when ever I read ur ff na.. When I imagine it.. Tears starts welming in my eyes.. Like I start crying… It was so good.. HATS OFF…… Like seriously HATS OFF…. I love ur ff to infinity… I mean no words.. It was so lyk awesome… M.. N jst. Jst out of words.. Yaar..
    Chacha slapping Manik..
    She said Manik vo mera so a munda Nahi hai…
    It hurts so much..
    Very sad moment…
    I loved it overall…
    What to say…

    Well let me tell u.. My recent episode 12 is dedicated to all my readers.. U r also dedicated that episode…
    Plz do read it..

    N I loved it..
    Can’t stop appreciating it…
    Toooooo good.. N I literally cried.. Imagining that moment when Chachi slapped Manik n was saying harsh words to Manik…

    U know suddenly.. Out of some where.. Today I started missing kyy a lot..
    I mean I m missing it soooo much…
    Seeing all the repeated episodes on voot…

    Sorry fr blabbering so much..
    U know I jst felt.. So told everything to u as u r my sis na..
    Love u..
    Keep rocking..
    N the cover pic was soooooooooo good…
    Loved the cover pic… Beautiful it was…

    1. Omg tashu….luv u too a lot nd ya read ur episode it is awesome…even I cried writing chachi nd Manik part …writing this I even missed our kyy a lot…like my sweet said sis(u)….luv u a lot….missed u lots…t.c Darln

  8. Mahi13

    Prahu di missed u a loooooooot. Hope u had a wonderful time with ur parents. How r u now?

    Now coming to the update it was sad yet SUPERB AMAZING. I felt so sad for Manan. Specially Manik. Manik loves Nandu deeply, madly yet he has to pretend like he hates her the most. On the other hand Nandini, she is married but still she has to pretend to be unmarried. They love eo so much but still they have to stay away from eo though they’re married.
    The update was too good. Each n every description of emotions was AMAZING. Loved it a loooot

    Update soon. Take care n love u 😀

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