Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 42)


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Manik got up from his sleep…nd saw nandu still sleeping …holding a pillow tight wch clearly indicates that she is assuming him…in that pillow..she smiled lukng at her smiling nd charming face…
Manik: nandu ki ayappa!pls keep this smile safe on her face always”he instantly prayed…..He came 2wrds her nd sat down on the bed..she is lying on her stomach..her cheek on the pillow..nd she is holding it very tightly by 1 hand..He bent down nd kissed on her cheek while she smiled nd hid herself more into the pillow but didnt open her eyes may b bcoz she is in deep sleep nd he is surprised nd proud by the fact that she can even sense him in sleep.
Manik:gud mrng jaan”he said in her ears..but she placed other pillow on her ears nd said
nandu:manu lemme sleep””she said lyk a baby…..nd kissed him on his cheek.he chuckled at her tANTRUMS..BUT THEN HE thought he should let her sleep for sometym as its going to be the toughest he left ruffling her hairs nd patting her.
He came down nd evry1 r already present there.

Manik:gud mrng”he said in a cheerful tone..he is wearing a white shorts wth a blue t-shirt..his hair messed nd disshelved indicating that just he got up frm sleep nd he is smiling often wch is noticed by our own cabir
cabir:nandu kaha hai manik?nd mrng i dont know but seems lyk u r in ur own land”he said teasing manik wth a grin….all r smiling while abhi is tensed about nandu.seeing that manik rreplied”abhi..dont worry ..she is just sleeping..nd strday she is totally tired due to that nyt inciednt ryt so I also thought to let her sleep fr sum more tym”‘
cabir,dhruv,navya nd aliya(collectively as they were not in mansion the b4 day nd had to leave dut to personal issues):wat incident nd wat happened manik ?
manik:kuch nahi (nd he xplained the entire thingt..listening it cabir got too angry as he also considered her as a sister nd was unable to take her thought of dying nd even navya too but eventually cooled down on understanding her view)

Now,manik felt a pair of arms surrounding his waist ..he looked in his ryt side nd found nandu in her mickie mouse night dress cutely rubbing her eyes nd came nd pecked his forehead…Then she went to abhi ,put her head in his lap nd sat on the floor nd abhi is seated in the sofa ruffling her hair.Then manik went inside the kitchen to get her some milk(such a sweet husband ryt…)
Cabir started teasing her about manik nd her night day b4 strday as they didnt had tym to tease her the b4 day..then he immediately found a hand smacking his head nd there stood Ayush malhotra standing there wth a smile on his face..he lukd at cabir nd said
ayush:cabir out….meri BHABHI ko tang mat kar nah…nd if u do I will put u in jail”‘he literally threatened cabir nd cabir is shocked..nandu is feeling really happy nd all others burst into laughter…

cabir:wah re wah….DEVAR JI…..saale….u tho frm childhood itself manik’s team only abhi u even became nandu’s team too? very gud…..”he said in a dramatic tone…
mukti:u will be lyk this only cabir…tu kabhi nahi sudhrega”she said nd slapped on cabir’s shoulder….Ayush,nandu nd manik r smiling broadly
Just then manik arrived frm the kitchen wth a glass of milk fr nandu nd cabir said”See here is our MAJNU MANIK MALHOTRA……”he announced nd evry1 lukd at manik smilingly
manik:wat is ur prob cabir….that i didnt get fr u…fr ur kind info go and check milkshake fr u on the dining atble…i already said kaka”Wth this cabir stopped teasing nd manik came 2wrds nandu nd took her in a side hug…ayush smiled nd sat beside her.
Now because of all these teasings nandu is blushing hard nd manik kissed her cheeks turning it into crimson red that too infront of all of them.
cabir(again strtd):ahem…ahem…hum yahin hein Mr.majnu “he said making manik reallise their presence but manik being manik didnt leave nandu.
manik:ha so..wat may i do…close ur eyes”‘he said very casually nd nandu wanted to hide her face sumwhere nd hid in his chest…
cabir:saale…..kitna shameless hai tu..i came to know only 2day”‘he said dramatically
manik:nautanki…”he murmured nd nandu smiled..Then manik asked nandu who is still hiding in his chest”they r teasing my princess ryt?”‘he said in her ears on wch she smiled more luking at him nd both r drowned luking into each other’s eyes.

cabir:see na….khule khule they will do romance nd all eye talking nd stuff…nd if i tell anything nah they see wth big eyes making me frighten”he said in loud voice wch broke manna’s trance…
manik strtd giving deadly glare to him nd said”tu nah mrng mrng itself how can u be lyk this..i mean blaberring nd’s just i want to know..yeh talent hai ya beemari”‘he said narrowing his gaze on cabir.
now cabir observed manik carefully nd strtd laughing whole heartedly
manik:now ..wat happened to him? has he gone insane?”he said out of confusion even evry1 r confused..
cabir came 2wrds still laughing nd said”nandu is blushing but ur cheeks r getting red”he said controlling his laughter…manik is still confused ..all of them..lukd at manik carefully nd now nandu also lukd at manik..
And there is a lipstick mark on his cheeks nd a pinch of vermillion too on his neck wch may be due to their hugs in the nyt..all those r enough to make her all go red..b4 anyone can say anything further..she dragged manik wth her upstairs nd evry1 burst into laughter..but then navya said
navya:thank god…these r 2gthr warna with all stupid things happened day b4 strday….”she said in a tension…cabir held her hand nd said nd took her in a side hug nd said
cabir:v r there nah…until v r there wth them v will never make them drift apart”he assured nd evry1 seconded him..

manan room:
manik:nandu wat r u doing”he said while she is dragginng him inside the room nd lockd him..she came 2wrds him…he lukd at her in confusion
manik:Mrs. Malhotra…apki intentions i dont feel they r gud”he said wth a smirk..she slapped his shoulder nd took him wth her to the mirror.
Nandini:Mr.Onetrack mind….b4 u go down cant u check ur face nd go”she then made him luk 2wrds his cheek wch has lipstick mark nd then he also observed vermillion on his neck nd smiled lukng at it..
manik:nw ..this is sumthing enhancing my smartness..isnt it?”‘he asked wth a naughty smirk luking at her throught the mirror..she is standing right beside him..she smiled nd slapped his shoulder.
nandu:such a shameless person u r….”she remarked nd tried to get out of room but he eheld her back nd said leaning close to her
manik:u r forgetting..that now u r my wife….my legally wedded all those marks are normal hai na…wifey…”he said nuzzling his face in crook of her neck which gave goosebumps all over skin..
nandu:manu ..wat r u doing?”she said biting her lip
manik:wahi….that i shoud do….loving wife”‘he said in a seductive voice..she is now shivering very badly..He made her turn around,cupped her cheeks nd she placed her hands on his chest..he lukd into her eyes nd kissed her forehead..
manik:i luv u…”‘his sudden confession made her stun as she is xpecting a kiss but…
nandu:manik …u o.k”‘she instntly asked as she knows sumthing is running in his mind..
manik:when u r wth me in my arms nah…Im more than okay”he said wth a broad smile..she kissed his cheeks nd said\
nandu:strday i promised u that…i will never hide anything frm samething applies to u too….”she said holding his hand nd he smiled as how well this girl knws him like seriously she is his soul,his lyf

manik:U r my life nd soul nandu”he xclaimed nd she smiled..
both of them sat down on the bed…nandu’s head on his chest nd he is playing wth her fingers..
manik:though v r married i cant take u to malhotra mansion now…v have to enact a drama that v r seperated..even the thought of being away frm u frightens me”he poured his heart out nd tis is the reason that is bothering him..
She turned 2wrds him nd sat down making him shocked nd b4 he could say anything she said
nandu:sh…listen to me”she removed her finger from his lips nd cupped his face in her hands nd said
nandu:thinking wat will happen tmrw v cant spoil our lives always..i dont know wat will happen tmrw..but wat matters to me is hum…v r together nw and this means a lot to e being in ur arms nd u in mine…bas….i wanna time to freeze her…until eternity….just feel thhis moment manik”‘she xplained in a sugary voice hugging him tightly nd he is all lost in her ..the way she calms him down …nobody can do…
manik:how u always manages to calm me down nandu?”hmmmm..?”‘he asked making her come close to him…only inches apart
nandu:bcoz Im a part of u…As u said Im ur soul manik”she mutterd,his hot breath falling on her face..he is controlling till now…but not any longer …he captured her lips fr a soul searing kiss making her lean totally on him…tasting each nd every corner of her mouth making her dizzy nd they fell on the bed..nandu fully on him nd he beneath her..she is running her fingers in his hairs nd his hands are running on her waist..They break the kiss due to lack of oxygen
manik:i dont know that my all time shy nandu is this bold”he said wth a smirk while she hugged him tight still on him..he hugged her wth a broad smile on his face..
nandu:i love u my dear husband”she said very lovingly nd he also answered
manik:i luv u too my lovely wife”

Both r smiling in each others arms..
This new found relationship is making them feel out of this world..finally they r one soul nd reserved each other fr every birth..the love they have for each other..the respect they have in their eyes fr each other is worth watching..these two define the word LOVE..true nd pure love who will remain togethr..HAMESHA..UNTIL FIREFLIES GLOW ND STARS SHINE…FOREVER…
After spending some romantic time in the bed room nd getting freshed up(seperately only…dont get ideas naughty ppl..)both of them came down to join their friends… discuss the plan….nd how to execute it…nandu in a black crop top nd white jean(last epi),her hairs open in such a way that the vermillion in her hairline will be coverd nd manik in a black shirt nd cream perfectly gelled up luk a greek god…

Living area:
As soon as they reach 2wrds them holding hands smilingly lukng at each other cabir again commented
cabir:waise baby doll..u went to remove marks or to give new ones?”he said wth a mischevious smirk
manik:y?wat is ur problem ?”he said glaring at him.
cabir:nahi..wat prblm I will have..gud gng”he instntly composed his teasings as the way manik is lukng at him clearly indicating that his end is near..
ayush:ok……ok.lets come to the topic”he made all of them serious nd lukd at maniknd said”so bhai..wat’s the plan?”‘straightforwardly.
manik:”s….let’s settle down”nd all of them followed him.After all sat down manik strtd narrating evrythng
maniik:v need a self confession of raghav any how….”he announced nd evry1 luks at him curiously
abhi:but..y will he agree his stupid doings?”he made a point.
ayush:bcoz v will make him do that..right nowhe thinks manik bhai nd bhabi r seperated nd he will b totally relaxed…nd v have to take advantage of this”he said in a stern tone..
ayush:I have already installed a device in ur mobiles as there r pure chances that he made arrangements to trace them ..thats y bcoz of that device installed any call u get nd if that call strts tracing u…u will get a red lyt appearing on ur mobiles otherwise it will b look carefully b4 answering any call”he told wat to do nd evry1 checked there mobiles
cabir:nd have u installed finger print lock in all our mobiles”to which ayush noddd nd said”wat if raghav tries to steal ur mobiles for any evil reason nd in that case..this mobile will just work as a dumb piece of junk fr him nd uska alawa kuch nahi”he said in a victorious smile…
manik:these r the preventions nd coming to the plan”evry1’s attention drew 2wrds him..even nandu lukd at him carefully
manik:from here v all will go in different directions..make sure that none of our routes r similar..navya nd cabir…mukti nd abhi….aliya nd dhruv..u go in pairs in diff directions….nandu nd ayu go in diff routes nd me in the end..clear”he said nd all nodded in a yes.
cabir:but manik..wat about this…i mean wat if…anyone may see us all 2gthr while we r going frm here”he actually made a gud point..but manik smiled on his question wch really confused him.
manik:u r forgetting…it’s MALHOTRA MANSION..even inn near 100 km if any one is there v will get to know..there r cctv cam’s..all the way to the mansion..nd on top of that nobody can cross the 100km line(freaking rich ryrt?ofcourse he is the billionaire malhotra) wthout my permission”he told evrythng wch really amused evrythng
mukti:ofcourse how can v forgt..that u r THE MANIK MALHOTRA”she said cheerfully nd evry1 else smiled..
ayush:ryt….so after reaching ur respective houses..u all r going to behave normal lyk u all dont know wat’s wrong btween nandu bhabhi nd bhai”nd he turned his face to nandu nd said”bhabhi u will behave like u r hurt that bhai didnt trust u”wch she heard clearly
Ayush:nd bhai aap….u have to behave lyk u hate bhabhi now bcoz she hid the fact thats he is raghav’s niece nd ur father’s death frm u”‘he xplained manik too..manik isnt liking this thing….nandu placed her hand on his..he placed his other hand on hers ndd smiled
abhi:i think v should leave then…”äbhi announced

ayush:s….but make sure that no one get’s to knw abt the marriage not evn badi maa nd chachi of bhabhi..pls v cant land them in trouble”
Evry1 nodded their head in s..nd strd moving out..
manik nd nandu r walking outside the mansion..when nandini suddenly stopped nd even manik stopped..he turned around nd found her lukng carefully at the mansion ..
He came 2wrds her nd placed his hand on hers nd another hand on her shoulders..she lukd at him…By now evry1 reached teh parking lot..
manik:kya hua jaan”‘he asked worriedly as her eyes r teary..she hugged him tightly nd instntly
nandu:manik..this house nd place nah..made us one….cant v b…..”‘but she couldnt complete her words as she is sobbing in his arms..
manik:hum nah…v l come here again”he completed her unsaid words….nd caressed her hairs lovingly patting her back ,makingher calm down….
manik:nandu suno….as the bidaai rasam is not completed ,u r also completing that now ah?”he said in a joking manner to calm her down a little nd it worked as her weeping turned into a sweet nsd small laugh.
nandu:u r crazy”she said wth a smile after breaking the hug..
manik:only fr u Mrs.malhotra”he said wth a smile wiping her tears off…she lukd at him wth utmost luv..but then moved her eyes off him as lukng at him make her shed more tears..
As how can sum1…luv anyone so purely..the way he luvs her no one can do..nd same goes wth her…2gthr they r evrythng nd wthout the other..they r nothing….just nothing…

Mujhse judaa hokar tumhe door jaana hai
Mujhse judaa hokar tumhe door jaana hai
Palbhar ki judaai phir laut aana hai
(both of themstrtd walking out of the mansion..her head resting on his shoulder nd she is holding his arms tightly by 1 hand nd one of her hands is entwined wth his…he kissed on her head while walking…the pain of seperation even fr sumtime is making them crazy..)
Saathiya, sang rahega tera pyar
Saathiya, rang layega intezaar
(in mind..both r consoling each other that they will b 2gthr again..its just a matter of sumtym..she clinged more into him when they r about to step out f the parking lot..he picked her up in his arms nd said…u nd me …r know US…nd no one can seperate US..even GOD cant..his words gave her strength..)
Tumse judaa hokar mujhe door jaana hai
Tumse judaa hokar mujhe door jaana hai
Palbhar ki judaai phir laut aana hai
(she hugged him tght..he ehld her tightly as an assurance sumtym back she is consoling him but now its his tym….the return of fervour..she is feeling out of the world in his arms…)
Saathiya, sang rahega tera pyar
Saathiya, rang layega intezaar
(she broke the hug nd lukd deep in his eyes..he kissed on her forehead nd lukd at her in her eyes..she me…his words touched her…she pecked his lips nd said i trust u…he smiled listening thise words frm her nd he stepped out of the inner parking lot still having her in his arms…lukng at her)
Maein hoon teri sajni saajan hai tu mera
Tu baandh ke aaya mere pyar ka sehra
Chehre se ab tere hat ti nahin ankhiyaan
Tera naam le lekar chhede mujhe sakhiyaan
(he placed her down..nd she is still lukng deep in hs eyes lyk she is trying to capture his face inn her eyes..then navya came nd smiled lukng the duo who r lost in each other’s eyes..forgetting the surroundings..she came near them nd shouted in nandini’s ears wch broke the trance..ho gaya romance tho chale”wth this she strtd taking nandu wth her but still nandu is lukng at manik turning her face
Sakhiyon se ab mujhko peechha chhudana hai
Sakhiyon se ab mujhko peechha chhudana hai
Palbhar ki judaai phir laut aana hai
Saathiya, sang rahega tera pyar
Saathiya, rang layega intezaar
(she snatched her hand frm navya’s hold nd ran 2wrds him nd engulfed herself in his arms nd he twirled her around a liitle still holding her in his arms…)
Mere tasavvur mein tum roz aati ho
Chupke se tum aakar mera ghar sajaati ho
Sajni bada pyara yeh roop hai tera
Gajre ki khushboo se mehka hai ghar mera
Aankhon se ab teri kaajal churaana hai
Palbhar ki judaai phir laut aana hai
(he put her down back nd cupped her face making nd said we are…”but b4 he can say anythng further she completed him…FOREVER ND EVER..after that..he took her wth him all the way holding her hand nd made her sit in the ccar nd driver took her away..he left her hand wth a heavy heart..)
Manik:I promise nandu..i will make raghav suffer for all the tears u have shed..all the pain we went through fr taking my father away..”‘
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