Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 41)

Hi my lovely readers…Im really really sorry for making u wait this long.I was not feeling well nd down wth jaundice since a week.Now Im fine nd as u waited this long u will get updates of both ff’s today nd hope u will all forgive me nd I got a schedule fr the both ff’s.Monday,Wednesday nd Friday Manan-Meri aashiqui nd the other 3 days Is it destined to be nd Sunday whatever u want depending upon all of ur wish on saturday.
(And i want to tell u another thing nandu nd abhi shared a really awesome bond lyk after her parents r dead abhi became evrythng fr her nd raised her almost lyk his daughter..although chachi nd chacha were there but still he could even kill anyone fr her or die fr her happiness..He never calls her nandini but only princess,babydoll or hardlyy nandu when he is angry on her…but cant be lyk that fr more than 1 or 2 hours .The 2 years in which they thought she is dead broke him lyk hell nd that’s y he left evrythng even mukti nd went to U.S)
Ignore typos.Suggestions welcum.Criticsm accepted..Luv u all.T.C.bye

Nandu enterd the room wth a lot of difficulty as she knows although manik doesnt show anypain 2wrds his father’s demise but he is bottling up alot of pain inside him which is not at all gud signal.She saw manik standing near the window gazing at the moon or may be complaining to the god..Though she is also in pain due to abhi’s behaviour she felt manik shud b dealt frst.She knows that manik wont show any pain to her but deep down he needs her ..she needs him..they need eachother..
She slowly strtd walking 2wrds him wth lot of hesitation..she reached upto him nd placed her hand on his shoulder..he smiled nd placed his hand on her hand …but still not turned back….
nandu:u wont say anythng?”she asked hm very softly ..he is quiet..she made hm turn around…He is lukng down nd she knows he has tears in his eyes.tears of loosing his father…it doesnt matter how badly he hate his father but he cant deny the fact that he was his father…his own father
nandu:manik…luk at me pls….”she said nd made him luk at her by holding his face nd yes…she is ryt …he is in tears..

manik:y he killed my father nandu?he was my own father…..”he said wth enormous pain nd lukd at her
nandu:manu….pls shant hojao”she said nd he hugged her as tight as he can..she strtd rubbing his back lovingly to ease his pain a liitle while he is sobbing lyk a kid in her arms..
nandu:manu..we r all there na..we will all make evrythng fyn..pls manik….”she tried her best to console him but he held her more tightly
After 15-20 min ,both r quiet..manik still in her arms standing in the middle of the room..nandu broke the silence..

nandu:manu…baby..plz”just when she adressed him as baby..he lukd at her
manik:wat did u say?”he asked her again nd she knows wat he is asking..she smiled nd he smiled more..she shyly turned around not able to luk at him..he came 2wrds her frm back nd said in her ears
manik:can u make me feel that 2day isnt a dream nd u r here wth me nd u belong to me nd in evry birth”he asked her lovingly nd she knows he needs her nd she can do anythng to make him frgt his bad memories..

She turned around instntly nd hugged him tightly..he also reciprocated wth equal passion..both clinging to each other in other’s embrace as tightly as they can..
manik:sweetheart..”he lovingly called her on which she digged more into him
nandu:cant v frgt evrythng fr now manik?”she asked him .He broke the hug ,lukd at herinto her eyes deeply..she smiled..he tuk her wth him to the mirrir..he stood behind her nd she lukd at him through the mirror.

manik:i never wanted this day lyk this nandu..but shayad god wanted it to be lyk this…”he said standing beside her..she is about to turn..but he placed his hand in her arms making her stop.. fine nd I have sumthng fr u”he said nd she is confused
He tuk a beautiful pearl neckpiece frm his pocket..she is lukng at hm..he place dit on her neck nd she is surprised..

nandu:manik yeh?”she asked when he is busy locking it around her neck wth the help of his teeth..his lips softly touching his neck wch sent shivers through her entire body..
He raised his face..her eyes are closed..he smirked placing chin on her shoulder nd locked his hands around her waist nd said to her still lukng into the mirror
manik:u know wat?”he said nd she opened her eyes

nandu:wat?”she asked in a soft voice …then he became naughty nd kissed her navel..
manik:these pearls nah…they r lokking ethereal on u..u made them priceless afetr wearing it”he said huskily in her ears ..nd she is drown in his world..he kissed her ears nd she again closed her eyes
manik:do u like it?”he asked ..she opened her eyes nd traced it gently wth her fingers saying”I loved it”she said in a joyful tone..he smiled lukng at her..she turned ,cupped his face nd said lukng at him
nandu:par manu…mujhe na yeh sab cheeze nahi chahiye..sirf aap kaafi hai…aur kuch nahi…”she said luvngly,he smiled kissing on her forehead nd then he removed her dupatta frm her head nd mad eher sit on the chair
manik:I want u to b comfortable?”so can i?”he asked her permission to which she blinked her eyes nd he strtd taking off bangles xcept the white nd red one’s(auscipious) kissing her wrist,then sat on knees nd took her maangtika…kissing on the hairline…he smiled lukng at vermillon in her hairline while she is having really tough time..
he then took necklace kissing her neck nd when he is about to take mangalsutra ,she slapped his hand nd nodded in a no..

In lamhon ke daaman mein
pakiza se rishte hai
koi kalma mohabat ka
dohrate farishte hain
khamosh si hai zameen hairaan sa falak hai
ek noor hi noor sa ab aasman talak hai
nagmein hi nagmein hai jagti soti fizaon mein
husn hai sari adaon mein
ishq hai jaise hawaon mein(2)

{ppl..plug in ur earphones nd listen this song sorry as update is long Im not able to give the whole song ..its frm jodha akbar}
(He came 2wrds her..she is facing her back to him…he blew air on her back nd she strtd breathing heavily..)
By the end of frst stanza of song….he slide his right hand frm her waist nd yanked her closer nd once again the room witnessed the union of two souls into one…

After being totally exhausted..both lay down in each other’s arms..
nandu:we will survive this manik 2gthr”she said after placing her head on his chest…he kissed her head nd wrapped his hand on her shouldr
manik:han…nandu 2gthr”he replied wth equal determination nd strtd stroking her hairs to make her sleep…but he doent know sleep is far fom her tonight becoz of abhi…
manik thought:i will kill that jerk this tym nandu if he even tries to harm u..i will kill him..s…”luking at her smiling face when she closed her eyes..he kissed her head nd tuk into his arms …securely..protectively..
After sumtym sobbing silently wthout tears nd having all the pain inside herself nandu unknowingly slept in manik’s arms while he is fully awake…his hands were in her hairs…nd thought:I said evry1 but kahan se strt karu plan..i wont let bhim harm nandu or any other..I will not let him take the smile on her face…he also thought of speaking wth abhi regarding nandu nd he msgd sum1 nd again thought”tmrw is gonna b tough fr all of us…challenges r about to come nd Ill make sure that raghav pays price fr his deeds..a heavy one”

Raghav who is unaware of manan marriage is celebrating his victory having wine..just then he got a call
raghav:congrats..we won”he said loudly in a chherful tone
voice:congrats my foot!manik is not in the mansion nd nandini bhi is not in her home itseems”the voice is very much aggressive nd frustrating
raghav is calmly siting…crossing his legs nd njoying the drink as if he is least interested nd said”chill….y u always freak out?is he a child…he will return back to mansion only but onethng is sure..but jab wo aaega nah many equations nd relations will b chnged”he said last line in amusement..while the other end person is totally frustrated
Raghav is ryt this tym..many equatons r gonna change..or already changed but in a good manner frm wch raghav is totally oblivious…

The person hung up on the call wth raghav’s ever so relaxing behaviour..
raghav successful in making manik nd nandu apart…hahahha”he laughed evilly..while sumwhere almighty is also laughing on him..
nandu suddenly woke up in her room thinking of all possible ways to talk to abhimanyu….
nandu self thought:o.K.nandu not a big deal u can do this…just go nd talk..he is ur brthr ..wat will he do more xcept he will be a bit angry on u….little…he is mad lyk a bull in the evng…par wat if he shouts or ignore me…nono…let manik or mukti talk to him frst …tmrw I’ll talk wth him…new mrng new strt she thought
All spend their day in malhotra mansion only nd xcept abhi all r speaking wth nandu,teasing her nd all…nd the day is done..the next day they all have to go…The full day abhi didnt even glance at nandu wch broke her heart nd her into pieces.Even when mukti or manik tried to talk about her wth abhi he left frm there or diverted it..Even though she covvered her grief wth smile evry1 know that she is faking nd how close abhi is to her nd how much sensitive she is over abhi…..

Nandu sneaked out of the room to the balcony nd kept on talking to her ayappa as she has no guts to face her bhai..she is lukng at the stars nd talking as loud as possible she can as she is xpecting it to reach her ayappa nd as it is late she thought evry1 will be off to beds.
nandu:r u listening ayappa?please help me na this is totally hurtng me…how will bhai react if he gets angry nd slap me…she had tears in her eyes imagining her bhai nd immediately she said”par it’s o.k if he slaps me I deserve it completely but dont send him awy or take him aaway from me…after appa nd amma he is the only one who is in my life throughout..ofcourse chacha ,chachi r there but abhi bhai has always been my father,mother nd i have manik too but i cant tolerate if bhai keeps me away….He is my evrythng….She strtd scolding herself…Im tho stupid nah…I could have said him nah…but I never intended to hurt him wthout telling.I always wanted bhai to b happy n smiling.I hate when he doesnt talk to me.He didnt call me babydoll or atleast didnt luk at me..Probably after wat I have done he will never call me lyk that.God please delete strday’s bhai nd my incident frm our lives…Im very bad I didnt trust my bhai nd tell him anything…….”

She is sobbing loudly nd her tears are not ready to stop.While her each nd evry word r heard by a person who is also in tears by now seeing her crying lyk this…
nandu:ayappa if bhai doesngt talk to me tmrw also nah I will die pakka…mar jaungi mein…I love him a lot nd if abhi bhai doesnt talk to me tho I will definitely wont b there in this world”
She is actually hysterical about her bhai not talking nd she is not having control over the words she spoke ..She is just blabbering as she is hurt alot..
And that was it for the person who is listening to her blabbering.

Abhimanyu shouted so loudly that mukti also heard his voice nd manik who is sleeping also got up from his sleep nd not finding nandu beside him,he is panicked ..
Nandini on listening to his vouce got shock infact her eyes popped out of her sockets
While abhimanyu is angrily lukng at her his eyes were red in anger..Nandini has nevr seen him so angry in her lyf which made her more scared that she strtd shivering nd crying at the same time..
HE shouted again angrily pointing his finger 2wrds her…
manik is frantically searching fr nandu but listening to abhi’s voice he is strtld nd thought:Did i hear abhi’s voice or am I dreaming.?But another shout frm abhi made him realise its not dream but wat shockced him more is nandu’s disapperance
Mukti saw him nd asked wat happened ..he said nandu is missing nd both r searching fr her nd also reaching to abhi frm where his shout came..In the meanwhile mukti asked”manik u spoke wth abhi regarding nandu?”
Manik was about to answer but he is interrupted by Abhi’s voice again
Then mukti nd manik realised nandu is wth abhi nd strtd running 2wrds him..
While nandu is standing in balcony like a statue praying that it’s a dream n her bhai is not shouting nor he heard her talks wth ayappa but another shout frm abhi made her manik nd mukti r worried fr nandu as abhi is shouting on her nd manik is even getting pissed off at abhi fr shouting on his jaan…

nandu moved 2wrds abhi frm her balcony itself as there r stairs outside that balcony..she is scared lyk hell nd shivering in fear,praying her ayappa nd her lips taking only a single name manik manik…
while abhi is not even blinking his eyes nd they r fixed on nandu’s movement wth only one emotion anger.taking baby steps,she came down 2wrds her bhai .by then even manik nd mukti reache there.Manik moved 2wrds abhi nd asked”wat happened abhi?y r u shouting on her lyk this?”.To which abhi replied ,manik stay out of this…”even manik is angry nd pissed ..he choose to remain silent as he knows abhi will not normally shout on nandini as nandini is his heartbeat nd babydoll but he is unable to see nandu lyk that nd immediately came forward to hug her..
But abhi stopped him in middle.

Now manik shouted “abhi ..y is she crying..tell me dammit”nd hugged her…
Abhi:nandini…i said come here..He said this time a bit calmly seeing her so scared nd crying bitterly hugging manik..
nandini lukd at abhi’s face nd he agin gestured her to come near to him through his eyes nd hands..
Finally she broke her hug wth manik n moved 2wrds abhi..when she reached near abhi,he pulled her by hands 2wrds him ..which made her scared nd again strtd crying more lukng into his face….manik now came 2wrds abhi to save her nd almost slap abhi as he is dying each second seeing her crying lyk this ..But abhi pushed manik nd asked nandu pulling 2wrds him
abhi:WAT NONSENSE WERE U UTTERING HUH?”he shouted on her..
abhi:answer me dammmit….
nan:bha….bhai..Im sorry”
She said wth great dificulty as she is sobbing very badly nd hung her head down lukng ata the ground wth no courage to face him
abhi:look at me nandini..
she didnt luk up 2wrds him yet…
For sum unknown reason to himself,manik is quiet coz he wanted the reason y abhi shouted this much on her…
Abhi:for the last tym Im telling u look at me…stop testing my patience..
nandu finally lukd at him after getting his final warning
Abhi:ha so wat r u blabbering to ur ayappa hah…”He asked wth anger clearly visible in his voice
nandu:Im sorry bhai..
abhi:U WILL DIE IF I DONT TALK TO U”he asked wth tears in his eyes..
on listening to this mukti covered her mouth in shock nd manik felt the floor beneath him slip away nd he also strtd getting fully raged thinking thAT HOW CAN SHE EVEN THINK TO LEAVE HIm..nd he is just shocked..

Nandini didnt answer nd just luks down..
Abhi:DIE..really nandini..”he shouted the word DIE angrily..
that was it for manik he also startd shouting:nandu r u crazy..wat rubbish u r tghinking..u want to leave me ha…..”he strtd shaking his head in disbelief nd finally he got to know the reason of abhi’s anger which is completely valid..But seeing nandu’s condition nd knowing how sensitive she is he strtd calming himself down but the flashes of 2 years b4 came into his mind…
nandu lukd at manik nd mumbled sorry manu….
Abhi made her facae him again
Abhi:so nandini u make mistake..hide things,make me angry nd after doing so much u want me to get punishment fr wat u r doing too..u have any idea how did my day go wthout talking to u ,or atleast lukng at u,i died thousand deaths inside me ,i have nt slept since strday..nd u r planning to leave me forever nandu….leave me…im tho not imprtnt fr u….u r planning to leave manik forever…do u have any idea how he was when v thought u were not there wth us…he is just a lifeless body….dying evryday…do u know how I was…evryday was just incomplete wthout u…wthout ur laugh..wthout ur talk….I didnt know my bay doll is so selfish that she wants to leave me alone in this cruel world nd wanna leave me FOREVER….”he said choking..
abhi:I dont have any right to get angry on u kya?fr hiding such a big fact nd u suffering alone?”To which she nodded a NO wth tears flowing frm her eyes…He continued”it means if I evr get angry on u again u will plan to leave me forever na…answer me nandini manik malhotra….”he shook her by her hand..

nandu is crying n nodded her head in no..
abhi took her in a tight hug nd said”i shoud definitely slap u nandini”he said kissing her hair nd pulling her more 2wrds him..
while nandu sobbed more hard against her bhai’s chest hugging him tightly wth all strangth she had n saying only one word SORRY nd said”u didnt even now call me baby doll”
abhi broke the hug after sumtym n cupped her face saying”babydoll stop crying..i just couldnt take ur word of DYING..nevr do that again..never hide anythng frm me again…u r my jaan,babydoll,princess..never plan to leave me again..u only said to ayappa ryt to delete our fight lets delete it”he said making her smile nd she said”I love u bhai” nd after that she went nd hugged manik tightly sensing he might be angry on her fr wat she said,but manik managed to calm himself wth mukti’s words nd just hugged her saying”nandu..never leave me pls……..even in ur wildest dreams…v l struggle against anythng 2gthr..pls…now stop crying”he said …nd he felt weightlessness nd sensed nandu fainting due to excessive crying..abhi rushed in to the kitchen to get some water nd after sprinkling on her nd making her drink some…she is fyn…but restless due to loss of energy….so abhi nd mukti bid her nd manik bye after abhi tucked her in her bed giving her a forehead peck….

Done wth epi,I guess this is one of the biggest updates of my ff…Do tell me how is the epi..voice ur opinions pls…..coz im updating fr u ppl only so pls lemme know…..I literally cried writing this episode due to many emotions…mainly the bro-sis bond nandu nd abhi share….luv u all….

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  6. Awesome… nandu is bit too more emotional

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      S but knight angel fr a person who lost her parents at a very small age nd raised by another person who looks after her lyk she is the entire world without scolding or ignoring her..if they ignore even fr minutes also they can’t tolerate yaar…luv u

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    I spoke a lot na sry ?

    1. Praha

      Fyn sindhu….even I’m emotional lyk that…nd the whole nandu nd aBhI part is actually inspired from the bonding between me nd my bro….the way he became after Megh dI died…lyk he literally left India nd went r
      To England to after our businesses nd all.they were actually twins nd but he literally raised both of us lyk his
      daughters…I luv him a lot nd ya I know brothers are a blessing…not at all u didn’t speak more at all…actually ab Maine jyada bol diya

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        Ho ? U did speak a lot le chill. Take rest ? Keep smiling ?

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  13. superb praha…………fully emotional episode…………… the way abhi scolded nandu is very justified…….. abhi and nandus bonding is amazing……….. felt pity for nandu…….bcoz sometimes v also ask some foolish things to god na………..take care praha……….love u………

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  14. Please upload the next episode….
    I started reading this ff yesterday after my friend forced me but I am loving it, I couldn’t stop reading until I had read all the episodes uploaded until now….
    Starting few episodes were my favorite manik missing nandini fab 5’s helplessness seeing manik’s condition…..
    Great work Praha 🙂

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