Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 40)


Hey ppl,Sorry fr making u wait this long nd tmrw I may or maynt give an update coz I have my flight back to U.S.Nd as one of my readers said Im considering to make a schedule fr both ffs.One ff 3 days a week nd the other 3 days a week nd sunday the one which u want or may b both.(Thanks kavya darln fr the idea) So,pls do tell ur opinions on this nd how u want the schedule to b.Ignore typos.Criticsm accepted.Suggestions r welcum.T.C.Luv u all..Bye
Recap:Manan marriage
Old Malhotra Mansion:
Manan are sitting in the living area along with fab-5,navbhi nd ayush..alll r very happy wth the marriage of manan ..the most awaited event finally tuk place but there is still 1 thing..they didnt want or never xpected nd it is the CIRCUMSTANCES in which their marriage tuk place..although it’s the happiest moment fr all..but still it is incomplete without the elders nd most importantly with the presence of a devil..its a matter to worry……………
CABIR:I still dont understand manik y u have done such a big drama there?”he asked confusingly lukng at manik nd evrry1 even nandini is curious to know as wat made him do all that nd that too on their marriage altar…
Manik:majboori tha….cabir warna I would have never done it…I would have never made my NANDU cry..”he confessed luking in his rightside 2wrds nandini who is sitting very close to him holding his hand..
Dhruv:buddy…Im not understanding anythngg…pls….saaf saaf bata..”he said wat all r thinking…
Ayush:mai batata hoon”he announcedd nd evry1 lukd at him wth questioning luk
Abhi:kya”he said in confusion
Ayush:actually yeh sab…we had to do..we were helpless as NANDU BHABHI WAS ON GUNPOINT……”he said nd evry1 looked at him in shock nd manik held nandu’s hand more tightly to assure him that he is there on which she gave him her small but shining smile…
Abhi:wat do u mean?BABYDOLL AT GUNPOINT”?he strtd getting raged…then ayush calmed him nd strtd telling them whole story frm the strt…
Ayush:actually when all the rituals r going on…I thought of just checking the entire security..isiliye I went to the control room nd wat i found was the shocking news fr me”he said nd strtd recalling the events..
Ayush was walking outside the malhotra mansion as he had set the control room in the outhouse of mansion…on the way he received a call
Ayush:ya aarav say”he said after answering the call still walking..
Aarav is ayush’s colleague nd also a very gud frnd of him who is helping him to luk after raghav’s case…
Ayush:WHAT?”‘he shouted in shock after receivind the piece of info nd rooted to his spot..
Ayush:Raghav is Nandini’s uncle?”he murmured to himself still not believing so he crosschecked with Aarav..
Ayush:Are u sure Aarav?”he again got yes as a reply
Ayush:WHAT?”now this cant b true..aarav tumne teekh se check kiya hai na?”nd the other truth made him more shocked..
Ayush:raghav is also a murderer…nd that too of bade papa..(manik’s father as ayush is the son of manik’s brthr) nd nandini bhabhi know abt this”he was taken aback after thinking this..
He disconnected the call nd he was standing still..
Ayush:agar if this is true…y didnt bhabhi told any of us?”he said confusingly lukng straight..
He firstly thought to talk wth manik but then he decided its not the right tym as may b manik will b aggressive nd the situation may become worse
Ayush then went inside the control room to check all the cameras nd security..Every guard saluted him on his arrival on which he nodded his head only wth a stern face..he was constantly thinking about the piece of info he got a while ago….
Ayush:all set….no prblm ryt?”he asked one of the security head who is sitting infront of cameras which is showing each nd evry corner of mansion..
Security head:s sir…evrything seems to b fyn”he said while adjusting the camera screens
Ayush:I want evrythng fine..nothing shud go wrong”he announced in a stern voice on which all the guards nodded their head in a yes…
Ayush had a final glance nd moved back but abruptly stopped on his path as he had observed sumthing..he turned back nd asked security head to zoom cam 5 in the living area nd wat he found made him shock..
He saw nandu coming downstairs …manik is looking onto the phonescreen nd behind a pillar there is a man wearing turban..big glasses on his face nd wth a heavy beard standing ….he when zoomed it more his eyes widened in shock…..”RAGHAV?”nd observed that raghav brought a gun nd its target is pointed to nandu who is walking downstairs slowly wth a smile
Ayush:NO NANDU BHABHI…FREAK….”he shouted ..then turned 2wrds guards nd asked”how come he is inside?”then all the guards hung their heads..nd he is scared..He took his mobile nd dialled manik’s number..
Ayush:bhai…just listen to me…dhyan se…raghav is inside the mansion nd his target is..BHABHI..he has gun in his hands…bhai do anything nd stop this sure he is targeting BHABHI only to stop this marriage…bas he shudnt get a doubt …do anything to stop the marriage”he said as soon as heard manik’s voice frm other end.
Manik is shocked nd baffled..he lukd around nd found raghav in an xtreme corner lukngb at HIS JAAN ..wth a gun in his hand..he has to do sumthing..then he again lukd into his phone nd thought”am sorry nandu…am going to make u cry..sorry jaan”to himself nd strtd walking 2wrds nandini..
Ayush:nd the rest u all know”he said evrythng nd all r shocked
Cabir:but then if u havent said to manik ..toh who had informed him that….doll is raghav’s niece”he said in confusin..
Manik:I have this answer”ëvry1 lukd at him now…confusingly nd curiously
Manik is in the living area waiting fr nandu dsperately..
manik:yeh ladki much tym she will take?how badly I want to see her nd she is busy in testng my patience”he thought walking to nd fro lukng confusingly upwards..
He then tuk his phone to call her ..just then he received a msg..he saw a picture of raghav wth a grl in his hand who is just lukng lyk a new born baby hardly 1 month..he is confused wth the pic..then he received another msg of that grl ‘s single pic onlly nd a txt…..The frst pic is raghav wthn his niece..dont u wanna know..who the grl is…nd doesnt it seem familiar manik malhotra?its YOUR GIRL….s….u heard it ryt..its ur NANDINI..raghav’s real niece nd…nd ..raghav is none other than ur father’s killer..he killed ur father nd u know wat…ur so called lyf…hone wali patni knows evrythng…hahahahha…she cheated u manik malhotra….
“He felt lyk the floor beneath slipped away…he is shocked to the core..two biggest truths of his lyf came as a thunderstorm on him…
Manik:what..meri nandu ne jhooth bola mujhse”he only thought this wth enormous pain nd grief on his face…just then he received ayush’s call which gave another shock to him…he thought this shud b a nightmare but unfortunately all the things that r happening r real
Manik:agar if at that tym we didnt create that much drama..toh shayad meri JAAN kO”he is unable to complete his sentence..nandu hugged him sidewise nd he kissed on her forehead..
evry1 smiled lukng at them nd then ayush said”bhai dont worry..we r all there”ïn an assuring tone on which evry1 noded their head in affirmation
Abhi:right hum sab hai..v will make him come on his knees”he said determindely..but he asked nandu in confusion”baby doll..but how come I dont know”‘he asked..
Nandu who is still in manik’s arms looked at him nd said”when i was a 2 month baby nd u were 3 year old..tabhi nanu ne..raghav ko ghar se nikal diya itseems ..but the reason even I dont know..even I dnt know him or that he being our uncle…but 1 day I saw the pic of small girl nd raghav in space in his cabin When i went to aask a doubt nd that girl’s dress in tht pic matched wth mine in our home..nd I was shocked nd jab maine chachi se pucha..then she said he is our uncle nd then u were in U.S for company deal nd after that i tho completely left nd forgot the matter so as not to dstrb u too”‘she said truly
nandini:the next day…I saw raghav misbehaving wth a girl…i slapped him hard nd said that im ashamed to be his niece nd all..he is frstly shocked..shayad that’s my mistake..i shudnt have revealed that im his niece..after that manik also recahed there nd he beat raghav abdly nd threw him out of space..I thought that thing is sorted bt actual prblm strtd there only”‘she xplained evry bit she knew while evy1 xcept abhi r shocked nd abhi is angry on her fr not telling ths much important info to him nd not sharing her pain nd trouble wth him nd also angry on himself as he was unable to be beside her when she needed him the mmost nd unknowingly tears strtd flowing out of his eyes nd he left frm there nd brke the glass table in the room in frustration….
manik hugged her tightly in his embrace while mukti went to abhi to cool nd console him nd nandu is feeling guilty nd sad both fr hiding it frm her family,manik nd bhai nd so she snuggled more into him as she knows she is safe there..
Alya:he is so evil”she said in a disgusting tone
cabir:but am still not getting…he being the reason behind manik’s father’smurder”‘pointed the bull’s eye..
Ayush:bhabhi even i got a doubt in ths…do u have any idea?”‘he asked nandu who is already sobbing bcoz of her brthr’s behaviour
nandu:nahi…I dont know anythng about it..but i just knew ki that raghav killed manik’s father..that’s it nd that also i just came to know b4 marriage when raghav called me a day b4 marriage nd said me nd I was afraid to tell it to manik”she clearly said which made evry1 ponder over it..
Manik:guys!relax….v will think all this later..u just take rest..v have to leave frm here tmrw”‘he announced nd went upstairs leaving a sobbing nandu nd all of them baffled….
Cabir:manik is not fyn…he is just tryng to be strng infront of all of us…but no he isnt fyn”he said lukng upstairs where manik is walking..
Ayush:bhabhi..he needs u…he will not share anythng wth us …u know that…he can only share his pain wth u pls stop sobbing nd go nd check him…baad mein v ll deal wth abhi”‘he said lukng at nandu
She nodded,wiped her tears..even though she is hurt nd sad ..she knows this tym manik needs her more than her feeling bad fr herself nd thought she only shud get a grip over her nd attend him nd went upstairs
navya:she will take care of him”she said holding cabir’s hand who nodded his head wth a smile nd then ayush,dhrulya nd cavya retired to their respective rooms while nandu enterd manik’s room now..
Hope all my readers are happy now as total truth came out nd now only mission manofy manik nd abhi left…nd wat do u think will nandu b successful…do comment ur thoughts nd voce ur opinions…luv ua ll
Take care
-Prahathika Krishnan

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  1. I think Nandu will be successful in making manik better… After all when manan unite there is only love, n care… N there love can heal any wond of eo… Love u Praha for this…
    I always say this n I ll never ever get tired saying ke manan meri aashique is one of my favourite Ffs. N u r one of my favourite writer….

    I would actually say I m obsessed with this ff… N crazy for this…

    When ever I get free tym I open tellyupdates jst for ur ff… N if it is present there.. Then before reading the ff only I m happy… N when it’s not there n I make a puppy face…

    I guess these are the symptoms for being crazy for this ff….???

    I know it’s too funny but trust me it is…

    N every time after reading ur ff I m in deep thoughts… ????
    Just imagine????

    Love u Praha…
    N sorry for boring u with my blabbering but u see I can’t stop myself..
    I m the person jiske Mann mein jo aata hai vo keh deti hu… ?

    Chalo I ll stop now… Bye..
    Love u tc

    1. Aaihai mein bhool gai the dosti mein no sorry no thanku…
      But can we be sis… I mean I only have brother.. N I have cousin sis so kabhi tym Nahi milta aapni sis she baat Karne ka toh can u be my sis… Sis for me is more close..❤️

    2. Praha

      Luv u too tAsh a lot…just luv the long comments u give..I will just forget my tiredness nd pain giving long updates …I will feel very happy nd energetic after reading it nd will feel giving Luke another update..never think u make me bore with ur talks….t.c.luv u bye

    3. Praha

      Ya ofcourse I would luv to b ur sis Darln…..nd feel me as ur sis only…..even I miss my Sis a lot…luv u

  2. I m in .. u can have weekly schedule for both ur ff. Y don’t u keep it alternatively… and on take rest if u want.

    1. Praha

      Ok..tq fr the suggestion

  3. Very very nice awesome wonderful love u

    1. Praha

      Luv u too

  4. nice update praha. flashback is perfect.hope nandhini makes manik feel better and make him forgot his fathers death.

    1. Praha

      Yup inu..hope so that she makes him prfct

  5. Twinkle twinkle little star person is stil not revealed….wen wil his face come out. .eagerly waitin to c how fab 5, nandu n all will brinng dwn raghav n tat man..

    1. Praha

      Will b revealed soon

  6. Nice update

  7. Sindhu_Varma

    Y u going back to USA ?
    Update was nice

    1. Praha

      Summer break got over….so have to go….university strtd…tq sindhu

  8. Have a safe n happy journey Prahu di. 🙂 Di update the next part as soon as possible plz di. Take care n love u 😀 <3 :-*

    1. Praha

      Thnk u manila nd journey was awesome….t. C.luv u too

  9. happy journey and happy worlds music day…………njoy and this part is senti………. ya nandu will succeed in consoling manik definitely………….take care praha…… strong and be happy……………megh will definitely live in ur ffs and happiness…………….

    1. Praha

      Thnk u pRiya nd journey was awesome…t.c.luv u

  10. I also feel bad for manik nd nandu…..
    Kaisi Shadi sochi Thi…or all of sudden kaise shadi karni pari……
    But happy bhi hoo… finally ab manan humeshah ke liye hoo gye…

    Nd thank u dii…..apne mera suggestion maana…..

    I m on ninth cloud……ki apko mera idea pasand aaya….

    Or ab too ap meri favorite wali dii hoo gyi hoo…..sachhii…..
    Love u dii…..
    Nd congrats dii…..for completing 40 episodes……..
    Nd ye wala update too apne phele hi special bana diya h…..too me kya bol sakti hoo ispe….


    thank u….

    1. Praha

      Ur idea was awesome Darln nd don’t thnk Me fr accepting it as I was the one who shud thnk u fr the idea…U along with tAsh r my favourite sisters…u know what u both make my day by giving me such big big comments nd make me feel lyk writing more nd more…luv u lots nd lots…nd no thnk u no sorry …don’t frgt our rule

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