Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 4)


“Cabir…Cabir..”the sudden voice of Mukti made him come out of his memory..and he realise he is remembering their moments..and as soon as reality hit him..his eyes became moist..Then Mukti asked”What happened?Where r u lost?”.Cabir replied”Ühm..Nothing….”..before Mukti could stress on this matter further…Manik entered into the room and gave a warm smile to them..they all hugged him tight and he smiled to them in return,went towards the corner,sat down in a chair while one of hi9s hands is on the Veena,while the other was on the nearby table..
Dhruv:”Buddy U r fine ryt.?”.Manik replied looking towards Veena..”Han..Han..What will happen to me?”they all look at each they all witnessed that physically he is here,but the way he is touching the Veena,looking at it shows he is mentally somewhere else..Then Manik finally spoke”We all r going to Shimla..”Everyone in unison:SHIMLA……they shouted in after Nandini left them ,they never visited that was the same place whwich snatched their Nandini from trip to Shimla comes as a shock to them…

Cabir:”Shimla?What’s cooking up Manik?”..he knew Manik is upto something coz after what that city gave him he is sure MANIK can never visit that place again..Manik stood and said “NOTHING…Its just our next concert is there..”They were all confused but didn’t ask anything further..Alya said”O.K.Manik..if u say so..”.Manik said”Guys you carryon..I have a small important work..I’ll just b back..”with this he tried to move but Cabir held him and asked”What work ?Where r u going?Kaha jar aha hai tu?”.Then MANIK replied”Kuch important work hai..I have to complete it..I’ll b back soon..”and he left a confused Cabir

Manik was roaming in the college..reminiscing all the memories,happy times spent with his JAAN and FAB-5…he suddenly stopped in the middle of corridor and was constantly looking in one side..he slowly move towards that side…walking aimlessly..his face blank..and he was walking and walking..he stopped when someone called his name,his trance broke..he turned to see the Princi of SPACE…greeted him with a smile but still lost somewhere…Princi sensed his restlessness..and he is also aware of the mishap happened 2 years ago and so he didn’t ask anything regarding that and said” r u..long time haan…” and hugged instantly..his eyes were also teary as he always felt Nandu lyk his own daughter..he had no family but when she is around he felt as she is his daughter and she too treated him in the same way…he wiped his tears b4 Manik could see them,broke the hug.Then MANIK spoke”Am fine sir..Its just ki v r very busy in concerts so we didn’t had time to meet u..But I miss SPACE a lot..It has given me everything..How r u? sir..I hope now here no one bullies anyone..”

Manik smiled and even princi smiled at it and replied”Oh no no…No one..Anyways no one can replace FAB-5”Manik said”Öfcourse..Nobody..” and smiled talking with each other ..they walked…Then princi said “Im so happy to see u here..after 2 years….”manik replied..”Even I’m happy and glad..It feels so peaceful here..” and took a glance of every corner.Princi said”Ya..after Nandu left ..for the frst tym..”and stopped,looking towards him..while Manik didn’t look and just said..”Um….Sir,,I think we have to go…FAB-4 is waiting in music room..”and ignored his comment which is sensed by Princi…They entered music room…where they saw FAB-4 practising…who don’t want to practise without him..but doing it only for him…then all of them saw princi …greeted him , hugged him..and he blessed them saying”All my dear kids or I should say notorious FAB-5 are back in SPACE..I’m happy for this..Y not make this day a memorable one..just lyk old days..the best band of SPACE..Can I have a performance in FAB-5 style?”he said with a hope in his eyes..they all look at each other and Manik who simply nodded his head..all of them smiledand agreed for it..So princi excused himself for the performance preparations..after sometime all students of SPACE gathered in open area..and FAB-5 made ther entry and goes directly onto the stage..everyone started cheering for them..Before they start..Manik sensed Nandini around..he had seen a girl in babypink kurti and white jeans..her long hair until waist..he again look in that direction and caught a glimpse of soft hair in the air. And thought y am I feeling her presence here today more than anytime in this 2 years?….took a deep breath..

Cabir patted his back and asked “R u okay?”.Then MANIK replied stammering”Ya…ya…”so Cabir gave water to him…he drank it and nodded to others to start the performance..Again Manik sensed Nandini smiling infront of him..he came near mike and started singing..”Tu hi tu har jagah,aaj kal kyun hai” song.After the first stanza..he moved in the direction where she stood but she vanishes..tears welled in his eyes…He was feeling restless now but managed to sing and left from there pain..leaving everyone baffled..soon FAB-4 also left and saw him on the terrace..his both arms open…he was standing near the edge..they all shouted his name in unison…”MANIK..”’

Mukti called him”MANIK what r u doing?Pls come down..plz..”’.Dhruv said”Buddy pls come down..”..While everyone r convincing him Cabir somehow managed to grab him from back and brought him down instantly hugged him ..and everyone sighed in relief..they all ran towards him..where Manik is still not in his senses..he is balnk..standing there lifeless…”
Cabir snapped at him”What r u supposed to do?By doing this will we get Nandini back..?”and literally shouted on he was hell scared ..he thought MANIK is trying to commit suicide….next mukti asked…”R U MAD?Before she left and went..Now u also want to go ah?”she is crying all the time..

Manik:”Enough……….”he shouted in peak..his voice is harsh but also contains lot of pain…and said”r u done with your crap..?Nandini is here..y cant u understand..She is here..She is in my soul…And she is alive..She cant leave me and go..”everyone listening to him are dumbfounded…speechless..out of words..not knowing how to make him understand and believe…he continued”And what u guys think..iam trying to commit suicide…NO..i came here to let go off the pain..I can feel her…I can see her..but still feel like miles away from her..this feel itself is killing me”and he left that place leaving everyone in shock…Mukti is the first one to speak..”What is this all..?”saying she cried badly..screaming to see Manik in pain..Followed by Dhruv who says”how much pain he has kept inside himself….y…y r we unable to help him..”and these both r hugged by Cabir and their family broke into pieces.Nandu and MANIK r its which they lost a pillar and the other can break down at anytime..but they have to protect it….

Manik is walking on a deserted road..his eyes swelled…it is late nyt..dark everywhere but streetlights are visible..suddenly he saw a girl..her hairs falling on her face and disturbing her because of heavy wind flow..she manged her hair tucking it behind her ear..her face is clearly visible which left him in shock..that girl is wearing a crop black top ..and light blue shorts…while her hair is only upto her shoulders in a layered cut way..he started moving towards her..she is holding an iphone in her hand…and she had her purse in other..and she came out of a Lamborghini..wearing a 5 inch black heel…and she shouted on someone there and left boarding another Mercedes..he ran back of that car ..shouting….”NANDINI…NANDINI…STOP…RUKO…”but the car was obviously faster than him…then a rock is in his way and he tripped on it and fall directly on the road…he is looking in the direction she left…The road sign board is indicating SHIMLA…

Done with another update…If u find any flaws in the writing style or way of updating I’m sorry..This is the first time I’m updating..So,any differences when compared to Meghna please pardon me…

Credit to: Adhithyan

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  1. seemz lyk differnt track…very beautiful…continue wid ur ff dea..♡♡

  2. I new it I new it I new it……..o my god o my god…….I no what’s gonna happen but I won’t disclose it as I don’t wanna ruin the fun,excitement…………. finally happy days r coming back…….ong I’m so excited

    1. Mishti..have u read this in my sister”s account in watpadd?

  3. Its nice specially when manik called nandini ad his *jaan*

  4. She is alive or not

    1. Well for the answers u need to wait and ppl tmrw also I’ll only b typing.SO,if u have any problem with my writing style or abbreviations.. Let me know..from Tuesday again Meghna will only type them

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  8. Wowwww awesome update, manik is so deep in pain…very emotional n heart touching story but very interesting tooo…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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