Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 39)


So,as many of readers requested the next episode is here………
Yes,she guessed he will be at Old Malhotra Mansion.. nd reached old malhotra mansion
Nandini reached nd yes!she is ryt..he is there only standing outside his har…his head leaned on car window..arms crossed across his chest nd his eyes r closed…she stepped out of her car nd lukd at him wth helplessness in her eyes…She so wanted to hug him tight but wat if he wouldnt allow her to touch him?wat if he would break all relations wth her?wat if he leave her?.All the negative thoughts strtd haunting her badly but she took a heavy breath in…nd tuk sum heavy steps 2wrds him…when she reached upto him,he instntly opened his eyes nd lukd at her…both r having pain in their eyes…there is only pain nd sorrow..
Nandini;”Manik”she very softly said his name nd he closed his eyes after listening his name..
Nandini:pls lemme xplain manu..pls”she said pleadingly..he now lukd at her..but b4 she can utter anythng else ,he held her hand nd dragged her inside the mansion..Both of them when entered inside the mansion..the frst thing which nandu saw made her stun..she is left speechless..she isnt able to figure out wat is actually happening..She saw Malhotra Mansion decorated wth flowers..lights in a corner..there is a mandap…
YES……..!!!!The mansion is decorated for their MARRRIAGE
She lukd at him nd he lukd at her..but b4 she can ask anythng..fab-4 along wth navbhi came inside..
Cabir:wat is happening?manik y u created a scene over there nd then u urself..called all of us here..ho kya raha hai?”he asked as soonas he enterd inside.
Now it is nandu’s turn to b shocked..she lukd at manik ..who is constantly lukng at her only..but his gaze on her is different 2day giving her the feel lyk so many questions r running in his mind….
Mukti:do u have any idea how much scared we were?nd y us houted on nandu?”she asked him..but he paid the least attention to her and is only lukng at nandu
Cabir:WILL ANYONE TELL ME WATS GOING ON?”he said shouting as he is hell frustrated
Now Manik nd Nandini lukd 2wrds cabir…………
Manik:It was necessary….It was all necessary to that there..”he said lukng at nandu
abhi:manik..please tell me clearly..y did u shout on babydoll?”he asked lukng at manik.
“IT WAS ALL PART OF THE PLAN”A voice from their back made them all turn around nd there stood Ayush with stern face….he came inside nd again said”it was all part of the plan”evry1 is shocked but nandu is the one who is shocked to the core…He came 2wrds nandu nd said”but watever manik showed on u phone is nt part of plan.he actually knows evrythng about u nd raghav…wat relation u both have…he knows…”he spilled the beans while she lukd at manik who is already lukng at her.
EVry1 is stunned ,shocked nd confused
abhi:relation?wat relation babydoll?”he asked in confusion..she is silent but then spoke as she thought now she has to b reveal it nd cant hide it anymore…
Nandini:he is MY MATERNAL UNCLE…My Mother’s brother..My MAMA..”nd she said the biggest shocking truth to them which really snatched the floor beneath them..she is lukng down nd manik turned around his face nd closed his eyes..
Manik:not only this..he is my father’s murdereräll this while manik was quiet but when he shared the last info wth is really lyk thunderstorm fell on them.
nandu is hurt as she is hiding this secret from him all this was not actually about that TWINKLE TWINKLE man but actually this secret suffocated her..
abhi:but how come I dont know abt him?”as he still doesnt know the fact…nandini is silent as she wanted manik to speak sumthng to her b4 anyone else strt questioning her…Manik turned around nd said”I want to speak wth her”in a stern voice which really scared her..she has no idea of the upcoming events..she is scared..Manik strtd walking upwards nd she followed him..In the meanwhile Ayush explained that nandu came to know Raghav is uncle only after she is kidnapped ,she doent wanna remember that awful thing nd so she didnt share wth abhi or anyone
Manik nd Nandini entered inside the room…silence fell in the room..complete silence…a silence which is piercing her heart..he is standing on the side of window lukng outside facing his back to nandu..she is badly in tears..his one hand is on the side wall…while other is in his sherwani pocket..she isnt unable to take the silence anymore..its been 15 min since they enterd but manik is silent nd not even lukng at her nd she unable to take it ran 2wrds him nd hugged him tight frm it’s shown that actually manik is in tears..he closed his eyes as soon as she collided wth his back..
Nandini:manik..pls forgive me..I was totally scared..pls manik”she sobbed badly..he turned around,cupped her face,wiped away her tears..nd she is shocked but then he distnced himself a little frm her..she now broke.
Manik:u ddint trust me nandini”uff!!!this 1 statement of his made her heart break in pieces..his voice wth grief nd pain
Nandu:Manik..i ..I was”she is actually out of to xplain him..
Manik:that ..u were afraid..that may b after knowing the truth I will leave u..ryt?”nd he completed her left over words..she strtd lukng downwards.
He moved away frm her nd strtd walking..
Manik:Till now i thought that my father left me nd my mom..he is living in U.S ..but no..he isnt even alive”he said in a weak nd shattered tone..although he hated his father throughout his lyf..but still..he is his father.Nandini is weeping standing far frm him.
Manik:”He was killed by raghav…ur so called uncle”he said last line in a dramatic tone..he then turned around to luk at her..
Manik:nd u thought…after knowing this truth that my father’s murderer is ur uncle…that u r related to him..i will leave u..bas..itna he janti ho tum apni manik ko”he said last line coming closer to her.
Tears are flowing frm her eyes.
Nandini:nahi manik..i was just..I was just afraid…manik..I “she is unable to xpalin him anythng
manik:agar if u think that i will leave na”he paused ..lukd at her “Then its btr i leave”his voice shivered her to the core..she lukd at him in shock nd he lukd at her in pain..he turned nd strtd walking…
Every step he took away frm her…is killin g her..she is feeling lyk sumthing is prickng in her heart..her soul is leaving her body..she is lukng at that direction in wch he is going…he is about to open the door..but then stopped,turned around to luk at her………
Manik:but remember 1 thing nandini”he stopped fr sum seconds…she lukd at him with tearful eyes..”if i leave u..i will leave this world…i will prefer to die instead of leaving u..i will die”he saidi the most generous voice nd she without any rataional thought,ran upto his arms nd he engulfed her in his protective embrace..
manik:sach mei i’ll die wthout u nandini..i wont b able to survive”he genuinely hugged nd confessed to her nd she hugged him more tightly
Nandini:am sorry manik..m really sorry”‘she said hugging him tight..while he tightened his hold on her…
manik:I was not angry on u nandini..I was just angry on myself that may b I havent provided u with that much space that u could have said me anythng”‘he said holding her tight..she broke the hug nd cupped his face..
Nandini:dont say that manik..pls…I was just afraid…I just thought ki I may loose u nd if that happens I cant live..I cant live wthout u manik”she said lukng deep in his eyes…he kissed her forehead.
Manik:promise me …from now on u will never hide anythng frm me”he frwded his ahnd nd she placed her hand as an assurance that she will nevr do it again.
After sumtym,Manik is lying in nandu’s lap..his eyes r closed..nd she is ruffling his hairs wth her hands…
Nandini:manik”she broke the silence
Manik:hmmm..”he just hmmd as he is really tired
Nandini:Raghav..he is my uncle…Wont u ask or say anythng”she said being scared as she knows raghav is also manik’s father’s murderer..
Manik got up nd said”‘han…nd y he tried to kill u?”he only asked abt her but not abt his dad which made her worry..
Nandini:bcoz I’m with his enemy’s son….nd bcoz he wanted ur lyf…nd he wanted to see u suffer throughout ur lyf..his revenge fr u is more than his luv fr me..infact may b he never luvd us…me ,mom or abhi”‘she said him starightforwardly as there is no reason left to hide now..she is assured now that no matter wat he wont leave her…
Manik:wat?”he said in a shock nd stood up..he is damn angry now nd said”I will kill that jerk now”‘.nandu tried to calm him”manik relax..we will figure out sumthng”she said holding by shoulder.
manik:I wont let him hurt…I wont”he said lukng rightside but downwards.
He held nandu’s hands nd brought her downstairs..she is shocked as y he suddenly dragged her…evry1 are pacing around the hall in tension..
manik:cabir…call the pandit…me nd nandu..are getting married ryt now”he announced nd nandu lukd at him nd he blinked his eyes in assurance..she is so touched nd evry1 else r very happy
nandu:manu..”‘she softly called him nd he blinked his eyes in assurance,she return smiled nd she is assured that till he is there nothing wrong can happen.
Soon cabir brought a pandit..while grls took nandu fr touch up as becaused of all gthe drama ..her lehenga is not in a gud state nd so as she.
Ayush came 2wrds manik while manik is setting manik’s turban nd said”Bhai remember 1 thing..v cant disclose ur can b dangerous..agar raghav ko pata chala..he will definitely do sumthng”he xpalined nd manik nodded a yes nd just then nandu came downstairs..manik turned around to see her..she is as usual breathtaking nd her smile is enhancing her angelic beauty.Manik smiled nd strtd moving 2wrds her..she is rooted to her spot nd the smile vanished as she rememberd the past events at marriaage altar nd is scared..manik sensed it nd frwrded his hands nd wth eyes aaskd to hold them..just then both reached the mandap..she ehld his hand tightly as a sign of STOP..he instntly stopped..
Manik:nandu..wat happened?
nandu:mom nd chachi ke bina?”she askd but b4 manik cud answer ayush answered”bhabhi..v cant disclose this even to them..pls…sahi tym pe v will tell them otherwise it becomes difficult to catch raghav”he said wth a smile..she lukd at manik..he assured her that he will look into it.
Both walked 2wrds the mandap hand in hand with a smile nd sat down..The ceremony strtd with mantras…he placed akshatras in her hand nd asked to keep in manik’s hand nd hold it as a sign of new life of theirs with each other..she did as said nd both lukd at each other..
then pandit asked brother’s sister to tie the nuptial knot(ghatbandhan) …manik wth eyes asked navya nd mukti to come nd both tied it as much as they can so that manan will always hook up to each other nd never part ways.
Both stood up to take 7 pheras..after which they ll b officially 1
With the first phera, the couple invokes the gods for the plenitude of pure and nourishing food and a life that is noble and respectful.
(He thought I’ll always hold u tigth ..never will give up on u.Both were taking rounds nd fab-4,navya,abhi nd ayu showering flowers on them nd all r very happy)
With the second phera the couple prays for physical and mental strength and to lead a healthy and peaceful life.
(she thought i will nevr leave ur side manik)
The third phera is taken for the fulfilment of spiritual obligations. The gods are invoked for blessing the couple with spiritual strength.
(He thought i will always b urs..only every birth nandu)
The fourth phera is taken for the attainment of happiness and harmony through mutual love and trust and a long joyous life together.
(she thought i promise I’ll always protect u..any evil shud cross me frst to each u”determinedly)
The fifth phera is taken to pray for the welfare of all living entities in the entire universe and for begetting noble children.
(she thought I’ll considr u as my god..u will always b my priority)
The sixth phera is for bountiful seasons all over the world. The couple prays for bountiful seasons and seeks that they may go through these seasons together, just as they would share their joys and sorrows.
(Cabir nd abhi’s eyes r teary seeing their sister.manik thought i promise..we will live a blissful lyf..i will a lways rspct u)
With the last phera they pray for a life of understanding, loyalty, unity and companionship not only for themselves but also for the peace of the universe.
(its tym fr last phera ..he stopped..she lukd at him confusingly..all others also r confused..but he took her in arms nd completed it..while she wrapped her hands around his neck)
The frst 4 were led by groomnd the last 3 by bride
MANan:I WILL LUV U..HAMESHA”‘both took the last vow..lukng into each other;s eyes
Manik made her stand nd both sat down
Mangalam Bhagavan Vishnum
Mangalam Garudadhwajah
Mangalam Pundareekaksham
Mangalayatano Hari…
(Pandit asked manik to apply vermillion in her mang..she closed her eyes..manik took sindhur nd applied it..evry1 clapped..then manik took the mangalsutra nd tied it around her neck..she opened her eyes..her eyes met his nd he smiled..
manik:hamhe ab koi alag nahi kar sakta”he said inn his thoughts..
nandini:ah one can seperate us”she also said in thoughts as if she heard him
both smiled..nd pandit declared “äaj se u both r jeevan sathi”nd evry1 clapped..while mann smiled broadly luking in each others eyes nd Nandini murthy became Mrs.Nandini Manik Malhotra….
……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. ………………
Uff,probably the biggest update of my ff..done wth it
So,here is wat u all have waited for..ab hogaya apka wait nd I guess all of u r happy..i was actually in both sad nd happy tears by the end of this epi..too emotional ryt?..actually all my readers wanted an xtra update so i gave inorder to avoid heart attacks nd attcks on me…So,pls fr my xtra effort silent readers do comment nd voice ur opinions nd regular commentors pls do let me know how is the epi.Ignore the typos as I had written in very short span of time lyk may b 2 hours..Suggestions r welcum..Criticsm accepted…Luv u all.T.C .bye.Nd thnks mahi fr holding the secret nd not disclosing it.
Nd sorry I couldnt give another update of another ff as my hand is already paining

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