Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 38)


So,the next nd the most awaited part is here………………
Malhotra Mansion:
The whole mansion is decked up like a new bride…nd y wont it b…after’s the marriage of THE GREAT MANIK MALHOTRA…with HIS PRINCESS…evry1 seems to b very happy today…the most awaited day is heer..finally 2 bodies one soul is officially going to be ONE…this tym forever and ever…
Manik is in his room…all ready….he is lukng too handsome wth red turban and golden sherwani..Cabir,Dhruv,Abhi r present there…Ayush has sum work so he went out..but after promising manik that he will b back b4 rituals manik let him go…
cabir:u r lukng really really handsome man”he said adjusting manik’s manik is sitting on the edge of the bed…
Abhi:”my baby doll is gonna have a really tough tym..she will surely fall in luv with u again…”he said wth a smile..
Cabir:”Abhi…however handsome he is..but nandu nahi..manik will only loose himself in her…wait nd watch”he said wth an evil smile..while other 2 burst into laughter…
Manik:cabir tere pj’s tere paas hi rakh aaj ke liye”he said making faces while cabir laughed again.
Cabir:if not tease u 2day when I’ll get a chance again…Im telling abhi nd dhruv..tum sab dekh soon as we go down,he will change…he will just do a single job of staring at my sister.bas….”he said wth a smirk…manik also smiled knowing sumwhere it is true…
But little they know..that 2day…the biggest shock of their lives is going to unveil..will they all be able to handle it…will Manan luv for each other b able to give strength to Manik..
Dhruv received the call frm Nyonika aasking to bring Manik down as Pabditji is calling …so they all took Manik wth them…he so wanted to sneak into nandu’s room but as per ritual he cant see the bride b4 marriage timing nd nandu strictly instructed him not to do he left wth his frnds but he is so impatient as he wanted to see she is lukng in the wedding attire which was selected by him fr her…
Nandini is decked up as bride..looking ethereal in her blood red nd golden mix lehenga which is enhancing her beauty..she is sitting on the bed in her room.
Girls came inside to take her down for marriage rituals..jus then her phone strtd ringing..
Mukti:am sure its ur majnu…he cant leave u atleast fr a sec..”she said making nandu blush.
Navya:arey…y will he leave…he loves her a lot..aur he wont leave her at all especially tonight..”she said teasing nandu while she blushed hard nd aaliya smiled,took them both outside wth that nandu can pick the call up..Trio left the room nd nandu answered the call..
nandu:manik….im coming down only….y did u call”she said as soon as she answered the call without lukng the caller id
“TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR…HOW I WONDER WAT U R…”the same horrifying tune fell into her ears..she instantly strtd shivering…as all the tortures of mental asylum came back to her..she is sweating even in high A.C.
“Nandini how much innocent u r….”the person said in a villianous tone making her scared.
nandu:wat u want?”she asked grabbing sum courage…
“Oh so now u r even talking…wow..”the person said wth an evil smirk which she can feel even through phone
“jyada nahi chahiye…bas I JUST WANT UR MANIK’S LIFE”the person said so casually as if he is asking fr a chocolate
nandini:HOW DARE U?”she shouted…not knowing frm where she is able to get that much courage as a sec b4 she is too terrified…
“Dont raise ur voice”the person tried to threaten her but now she wont get scaredas its noot about her anymore..its about HIM….She can ruin herself but will never let any evil eye cast on him….
nandu:whatever u do ,u cant harm my manik”she said sternly while the person is shocked as she is talking wth so much courage..”YOU TOOK WRONG MOVE NANDINI MURTHY…YOU AGAIN MESSES WITH ME..”he said holding anger in his voice nd hung the call
nandini:I wont let anythng happen to manik..kuch bhi nhi…”she repeated this line lyk a mantra nd after sumtym of composing back to herself..she moved out of the room nd went down wth the trio..
She saw manik standing in a side facing her back to him …she smiled as soon as she place dthe foot on the last stair..manik turned around nd found her..he started approaching her while she is smiling broadly…he in no time reached her..
manik:kya is this all true?”he showed sumthng on phone to her which made the floor slip away from beneath her..she lukd at him in shock..her eyes are full of tears..
Nandini:manik..I can xplain..”she tried to touch his shoulder but he moved back nd didnt let her touch him..she is startled..
manik:truth or not?”he again asked in low voice
nandini:manik..”she only said this as she is badly crying..
manik:han ya na”he now shouted which made her shuddered..While every1 else lukd at him in shock…she vehemently nodded her head in assurance nd he instantly closed his eyes nd threw a vase which is placed near the stairs nd it got in pieces…she placed both her hands on her ears..
He looked at her”It should not have happened”he said in a low voice nd left out from the marriage venue…evry1 tried to stop him but he didnt listen to anyone nd left out..she cried badly looking at the direction in which he left..She isn’t understanding wat she should do …where to go..she never wished that the truth will come out like this…she never wanted manik to know this truth as she knows he will be shattered nd moreover may b he will not trust her…so many negative thoughts making her insane…she just collapsed right there on the ground..Mukti,Aliya nd Navya rushed 2wrds her…but she is totally out of her senses…she felt she lost him..she lost HER LIFE…all r trying to console broken nandu but she lost her sanity..
But soon she realised that she cant loose hope..she have to fight back..for THEIR LOVE…she stood up nd ran outside..manik is nowhere seen..she asked the guards …he told her that manik left sitting in a car..she thought to follow nd she has to go behind him..
She came in parking lot..but just when she is about to sit inside the car…she spotted a shadow behind her…she instantly turned around nd found Raghav standing there with a villianous smile on his face..but she isnt scared or shocked to see him there as she knew from start..raghav is out of jail..Yes!!she knew this fact also.
raghav:manik left?”he asked acting all innocent..while nandini glared at him…
Raghav:oops!i’m afraid”nd he made a face like he is really scared”manik left u na”he said wth an evil smirk..
Nandini:Manik can never leave me”she shouted on his face.
raghav:get rid of ur dream nandini…He came to know the truth..Now he wont come back”he said with utmost anger..
Nandini is a bit scared by his statement..but deep down she trusts manik..
nandini:no truth is bigger than our relation”she said in anger.
Raghav laughed evilly nd then said”This much over confidence is nt gud nandini..he knows OUR RELATION..and also the other truth which u have hidden”he said making her scared but she didnt show it on her face”and u know about MANIK MALHOTRA…He will tolerate evrythng nd anythng xcept lies nd betrayal.”he said last line wth smirk.
Nandini:he is MY MANIK…And he will forgive me”she said last line like she is assuring herself.
Raghav:i really pity u…Teekh hai..u go..try..may b UR MANIK..may forgive u…hahahaha”he laughed nd moved frm there
Nandini is really frightened”MANIK pls….give me a chance to xplain”she said to herself nd sat down inside the car nd drove out.
she is thinking where to go?where to find him?nd she strtd searching the roads,driving..she is in tears..badly in tears..
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa
Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa
Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa
(She is driving with high speed remembering all their happy moments..all the moments they spent 2gthr..she is crying badly reminscing his words”I TRUST U..”;”I LOVE U”;”HOW CAN I BE ANGRY ON MY PRINCESS AT ANY TIME?IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN”;”U R MY SOUL NANDU”…..His words r ringing in her ears)
Kya Maine Pa Liya Hai Kya Maine Kho Diya Hai
Shayad Yeh Soch Kar Hi Dil Aaj Ro Diya Hai
Tu Hi To Tha Mera Apna Kaise Phir Yeh Toota Sapna
To Jo Mil Ke Kho Jaayega Jeena Mushkil Ho Jaayega
Meri Duniya Mein Aake Mat Jaa Mat Jaa Kahin Mat Jaa
(She remembered how happy they both were sumtym back…nd in another momenrt evrythng crashed down..she is driving the car very rashly…tears are continuously flowing down from her eyes..while she is reminscing he only said once”ONLY LIES CAN MAKE US FALL APART”..
Nandu’s selfthought:please manik….Listen to me once”she said crying badly
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
Ishq Ka Dard Hai Dard Hai Ishq Ka
(she is driving as fast as she can…She has to reach manik anyhow..she cant let him go away leaving her..she is continuously recalling their romantic moments..Then it striked her where he may be..So ,she thought”I really love you manik…please dont leave me..please”seh said holding pain nd grief in her voice..she took a sharp turn 2wrds her destination
So,wat is it nandini has hidden till know nd y manik became that much angry….nd will he really not come back…i literally got tears writing this update..Ignore typos..criticsm accepted..suggestions r welcum..Luv u all.T.C.Bye

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  1. God…tis is tooo much to handle…no more seperation….plzz reveal ta truth….plzzzz make tem togthr…

    1. Praha

      devi ji manan is humesha…keep faith on me nd wait fr next update…

  2. Inu

    superb yaar but feeling bad for manan.make everything fine soon.

    1. Praha

      evrythng will b fyn soon me

  3. Praha he kya hua? What just happened… Maine iss ke pehle wale comment box mein likha tha ke u take unexpected turns in ur story n I was 200% right. Naaaaaa.. ?I had tears in my eyes… I was listening the song also while reading n I was litrally crying… ??Pla Praha more updates… After this one I can’t wait anymore for next episode……. Make manan together soon… N today’s episode was totally surprising,??? n just way toooooo good… ???
    U did a gr8 job… Loved it… As usual my one of the favourite writer.. Love u keep going..
    Tc byeeee

    1. N suspense jaldi khol dena… What was that manik got to know?? Suspense is killing me.. U r way tooooooooooo good in keeping suspense… Na .. U rock it..

      1. Praha

        wait until tmrw dear darlng..luv u too.T.C.Bye

  4. Wait a sec…..maine ji padha wahi sahi too padha na….
    I mean mujhe smjhne me koi galti hoi h shayad….nandu ne aisa kya chipa raha tha manik se joo woo aise naraj hoke Shadi chur kar Chala gya yar…

    Abhi tk too bilkul normal tha sb…..

    Story me joo kuch bhi hoo… Ek bar fir apne prove kar diya ki ap meghna dii ke bilkul bhi alge nhi hoo…..

    I have a request yar….hoo sake too rat tk ek or update de Dena…..itne sare ques or suspence ke sath me kl tk reh nhi paaiogi yar…
    Plz hoo sake too ek din itni si request maan lena plz na….
    Love u loads….

    1. Praha

      ho sake tho I’ll give darln….

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  5. Hehe;) I know what’ll happen. But I won’t say :p hehe;) I shouldn’t disclose all the fun. Isn’t it di?;) Update soon di:) lots of love for u:)

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      1. Di don’t worry. Now if sumone even threats me I won’t disclose anything . U can trust me with secrets. So don’t worry;). Take care: )

      2. Praha

        so sweet of u…luv u..nd ya I’ll trust u….T.c

  6. Amazing,superb but don’t do separation pls unite them soon

    1. Praha

      trust me piya

  7. Sindhu_Varma

    Prahhaaaa I hate u ? How can u write like this and it is very difficult for me to find words for ur ff nd Han aaj we need one more update plz or else I will die with heart attack u want me to die at an early age I did not evn see life yaar plz ?? that is a joke plz update the part

    1. Praha

      bt I luv u dear..thnks fr ur compliment nd ya U’ll get it updated by me in 30 min

  8. Suspense is killing me a lot………..
    Waiting eagerly for your next update………

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    None can separate manan.. Just need to know nandini’s secret

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