Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 37)


So,the next update comes here for all my lovely readers.
Malhotra mansion:
Manik nd Nandini are still in the same position..hugging each other tight…while every single person clapping for them..after a never ending hug..both of them broke the hug nd lukd into each other’s eyes as if their eyes r communicating..
Nandini:will u always luv me like this?”she thought while lukng deep into his eyes.
Manik:i will always luv u nandu..”he thought lukng into her eyes..”wat r u hiding? nd y?”he thought..
nandu:Im hiding fr the sake of u manu..I dont want to tell u anything at this time”she thought …a tear fell from her eyes..
manik:y cant u tell u nandu..”he thought nd wiped away her tears
nandu:coz bahut pyaar karti hoon mai tumse”she thought and gave a weak smile to him..
manik:i will wait..kyun ki mein bhi bahit pyaar karti hoon tumse”he thought nd gave a smile to her
(note:This is all a self thought communication session between them truth none of them uttered anything outside..Such is their luv..THE DEPTH OF THEIR LUV…which can listen even unuttered thoughts nd words….AND BOTH R JUST COMMUNICATING THROUGH THEIR EYES KYUN KI EYES CAN EXPRESS EVRYTHNG IN A BEAUTIFUL MANNER)
Their trance broke by the sound of their friends who r hooting for them clapping hard for both of them while manan smile..Manan came towards nyonika nd chachi who blessed them with a smiling face.

Cabir:so aaj wat’s the plan?”he asked after coming towards nandu nd manik nd wrapped his arms around them standing in between them..
Nyonika smiled nd said”plan yeh hai ki…this sangeet is only for girls…boys not allowed”
Cabir:wat?y?”he shouted in disbelief…manik also made sad face..while nandu smiled
abhi:arey wat is this?this is unfair..this wedding is of manik also na…”he also came in btween..
nyo:han..but this function is only fr nandu..ab all boys get out…”she ordered till now..manan are holding each others hands and cabir is standing beside nyo trying hard to convince her..
Dhruv:aunty is ryt…lets go chale..”he said
cabir:oh Mr.goodboy….chup reh”he said to dhruv nd continued his convincing session but nyo is reluctant
nyo:no means no…”she said nd strtd pushing them all of them out..Manan are still standing holding their hands…looking in each others eyes..oblivious of the surroundings..
nyo:manu..may i give u a special invitation?”she mocked at him…now..he lukd at nyo and make sad face..he tried to move but saw nandu is not at all to leave his hand…he saw his hand which she is tightly holding….he then lukd at her…she nodded a no to him..
manik:mom …pls…”he said lukng at nyonika…but she didnt say anythng..nd nodded a NO…
Nandini:”Mom…pls manik ko rehne dijiye”she now said it..but still she is lukng at him..the way she is lukng isnt normal..he can sense it..She is constantly luking at him as if he will vanish away if she blinks her eyes..she is in fear..wat if all this is a dream? after listening to that haunting voice in morning she is actually terrified…
Nyonika:its not right manik..u know I cant say no to nandu”she said nd evry1 strtd smiling..”teekh hai all of u can stay here..”she announced and evry1 is having a grin on their faces..Manik held nandini’s hand more tightly..
After sumtym..the function strtd..
Every1 insist nandini to sing so she happily accept as manik too asked her..she came in front and light fell on her nd him..making everything dark around them…
ye kaisi jagah le aaye ho tum
ye kaisi nayi dil gaaye hai dhun
main meera si deewani ho gayi
is duniya se begaani ho gayi
(she strt singing looking staright 2wrds manik..who is sitting right infront of her..she smile while he too smiled broadly..)
mere honthon pe jo bhaTke
kai janmon ki pyaas hai
mere amrit ka wo pyaala
bas tere paas hai
ye kaisi jagah le aaye ho tum
ye kaisi nayi dil gaaye hai dhun
(she put finger on her lips nd then gestured 2wrds him nd winked at him…while he looks wth mischief in his eyes…she smiled lukng those naughtiness in his eyes..she came 2wrds him nd he stood up….she held his hands in both her hands..)
raat meri aankhon aankhon mein kaT gayi
roshni mein teri subah si ho gayi(2)
chehra hoon main, mera roop ho tum
ye kaisi jagah le aaye ho tum..
(she sang lukng in his eyes…she traced his face wth her fingers nd sang making him believe that…that HE IS HER EVRYTHNG..he smiled kissing onnher forehead…while she closed her eyes..)
aaj us khuda se mujhe kuchh na chahiye
sirf tere aage sar jhukna chahiye
(she slowly opened her eyes nd raised her face to luk into his eyes…nd then nodded a No to him as if she really doesnt need anythng else now…she then lowered her head respect…while he instntly placed his index finger on her chin nd made her look at him..there are tears in her eyes but smile on her lips)
meri har duaa mein ho tum hi tum
ye kaisi jagah le aaye ho tum
(she sang lukng in his eyes..he wiped away her tears nd reminisced how he asked her a promise on musicana keep him in her prayers…hamesha..he she is giving that promise to him 1nce again..)

They both r looking deep in each others eyes…nd there trance is broken by the loud sound of clap..
cabir:wohoo!that was terrific..I must manik…u really have a tough competition frm my baby doll..”he told hugging nandini sidewise nd pecking her forehead…while manik is proud of his JAAN…
mukti:so…u said wat u wanna say to manik..ab its our turn..”she announced happily..nandini came towards manik…he side hugged her nd mukti announced to switch off the lights..
All are confused but soon..they saw a film..start playing on the projector..nd wth voice over..
(Note:The one in brackets is past i.e situation in slides)
Ek kahani…jo anjaani si thi..
ek ladki…jo sabki pyaari thi..
ek ladka…jisne hamesha ki apna man maani thi..
(first it showed..a huge picture of Manan…lukng at each other…standing a bit far…then nanu’s smiling face picture…then Manik’s arrogant picture..with an angry face…)
Manan smiled lukng at the slides..
raahei in dono juda thi,
par manjil ek he thi,
takraye jab yeh do ajnaabi,
fir shuru inki kahani hui thi..
(slide show..Manik nd nandini in same college…then bumped into each other..nandu fell down…manik made a disgusting luk while nandu glared at him..)
Manik now lukd at nandini nd said sorry…she kissed on his cheeks nd nodded a no..he smiled nd kissed on her forehead..both strtd lukng at the slides again…
Nafrat,jhagde ke saaye mei,
kahani palne lagi thi,
woh kehthe hei na,
dosti aag aur pani mei hui kab thi…
(slide show..showed manan tashan scenes..where they were never able to face each other..always ended up fighting..)
manan smiled thinking abt strting days…how they used to he made her as spot girl..
Fir aayi wo rat suhani,
jisne badli in dono ki kahani,
kuch tho khas tha us raat mei,
ladke ke chehre pe muskurahat aayi thi..
(slide show showed nandu’s drunk nyt..hows he promised him to b his shining star nd he lukd at her lovingly.)
Dheere Dheere dosti hui,
do dilo mei najdeeki hui,
lekin fir lagi najar kisi ki,
mohobbat juban pe aate aate ruki…
(slide show showed manik came to nandu’s house nd hugged her..nd then musicana nyt scene..after which manik is sitting on the floor at his home all shattered..)
Toda ladka ne ladki ka dil,
aankhei hui uski bhi nam,
ek pal mei he,
saarei khushiyan dhul mei gayi mil…
(slide show showed manik nandini’s break up scene..)
Present: manik felt bad after watching those pics but nandini held his hands tightly nd blinked her eyes…he smiled
Magar..kahani ya nahi khatam thi,
shuruaat fir yahi se shuru hui thi,
ladki ne jaana ladka ka dil,
fir hui kahani shuru thi,
din beetei,mohabbat badhi,
har mushkil ko par karke,
un dono ki mohabbat parwaan chadi,
aaya woh din fir,
jiska tha intezaar sabko,
ladke ne apne dil ki baat kahi,
aur wahi se fir shuru ek kahani hui..
(slide show showed fusion concert night pics nd manik’s confession pics…)

Both Manan smiled broadly..manik said I love u in nandu’s ears..while she blushed nd hugged him tight sideways…
Ek anjaani thi,
do dilo ki zindagani thi,
lo aaj puri hone chali,
jo barso se adhuri kahani thi…
(slide show end..wth lst picture of manan and manan humesha written on it..)
Present:Lights r back..nd evry1 strtd clapping for the marvellous slide show..evry single person is happy but manan are feeling proud to have such amazing friends..
manan hugged all of them 2gthr nd evry1 is very happy..
chachi:kabhi kisi ka nazar na lage…”she said lukng at manan nd their friends..
Evry1 is clapping for them nd screen freezes on their smiling faces..
So,done wth the update…Ignore typos..criticsm accepted..Suggestions r welcum..Luv u all.T.C.bye…..Do voice ur opinions nd lemme know..

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  2. Osum dude!!!…u ryt reli well i must say…:))

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