Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 32)


Hello,ppl I know it has been long time….How r u all?Hope u r fyn…nd Im back….sorry fr not keeping up my word of updating on 17th …jet lag nd all so sorry…continuing with story…

Recap:Their marriage preparations

Malhotra Mansion:
The whole mansion is decked a new bride….the living decorated with yellow and white curtains…with white nd purple orchids…every single corner of the mansion is decorated very already 1 day passed nd for marriage only 3 days are left….today is the haldi….tomorrow is sangeet nd day after tomorrow is the grand wedding of the most eligible bachelor of the country…with the most beautiful girl of the universe(thats wat they feel)..manik is in his room lying on the bed with the support of his elbow…his one hand is on his knee…while the other is busy in using mobile…..he is smiling broadly wearing a beautiful plain white kurta with white pyjma…nd this traditional look is making him even more handsome….nd that smile of his is an icing on the cake…
nandini is in her room..(ofcourse in malhotra mansion only but diffrnt room)..she is lukng breathtaking in that yellow colour saree..with beautiful floral ornaments….she is standing in front of the mirror nd is trying to wear her earring made of flowers….but she is disturbed by the continuous ringing of her mobile…she instntly picked it up nd saw manik’s message…
manik:”send me ur pic…i want to see u frst..”..She smiled reading the text….
nandini replied:mr.malhotra…have patience…sabr ka phal meetha hota hai”
manik got irritated nd thought”so…acting smart with manik malhotra…..bad move mrs.malhotra…u gonna pay fr it….”he said wth a smirk nd left out of his room

Here in nandu’s room..she is restless as she didnt recieve any reply…nd continuously checking her mob
nandu’s self thought:hey ayippa…i hope nthng is going now in his stupid mind..silent manik malhotra is very dangerous..than a violent monster manik malhotra…..”thought lukng upwards nd is scared as wat will happen next….
Aliya,Navya nd mukti enterd inside the room ,,saw her..nd were just awestruck
navya:aaj toh manik pakka gaya….”she said wth a grin
mukti:woh already bowled out hai…but i wonder about the other guys outside..wat will happen to them..?”she said dramatically looking at nandu
aliya:kuch nahi mukti…by the end of the ceremony they will all b in hospitals manik will beat them black nd blue…if they cast eyes on his grl…”she said wrapping her shoulder over nandu
navya:ruko…”she went fetched a kajal pencil…nd put a mark behind her ears… nd said”ab teekh hai…kisi ki najar na lagegi….”‘Then all four giggled nd hugged each other tightly
mukti:accha…acha..ab chale…its getting too late….
just when they r about to step out of the room…nandu’s mob rang..she asked all of them to leave nd she ll come out after the call…all left
after sumtym nandu came out of her room..but b4 she walks into the living room fr haldi…she is pulled into a corner..behind the pillar..she knows who can be this….nd yes she is right….here he is….holding her tightly by waist
nandini:manik…..”she said making her eyes big….
manik:y u always make ur eyes so big?”he asked her making her eyes closed by his palm…nd kissed on both eyes…..her hands are on his chest…
nandu:manu….wat r u doing here”she asked him playfully hitting on the chest…
manik:ow……it hurts yaar….”he said making a face lyk he is really hurt..but she knows all his tricks…so she again hit him nd said”stop fooling me manik….”with a smirk on her face…nd he just rolled his eyes upwards nd she continued ÿ u came?”‘
manik:i came here to see my girl..but u made navya,mukti nd aliya see u first…so u will get punishment..”nd he leaned frwrd to claim her lips while she is protesting by keeping her hand on her lips nd said”mr.malhotra …i think my punishment is turning to be ur reward…so u better hold urself…its our haldi…all must br waiting…”she said ..then manik also remembered ….that he came here to apply haldi on her
manik:ab i was unable to see u frst…but i will be the frst to apply haldi on u..”he said wth a smirk nd her eyes popped out..he held her more tightly nd strtd caressing her bare waist
nandu:manu…chodo…wat r u dng….plz…leave na…”she said struggling in his arms…while manik is holding her tightly frm waist,lukng into her eyes nd said”so wat…i came to apply haldi on my wife..isme wat is wrong”casually nd she showed him her eyes…
manik:kya…..y r u giving me luks..let me apply haldi nd chupchap i’ll go…”he said holding her tightly
nandu:manik….y u always have to b stubborn..”she askd lukng into his eyes
manik kissed her forehead nd said bcoz u r more stubborn then me..”‘he said wth a smile nd she slapped on his shoulder watever u wanna do nd go asap…”she said lukng out as they both are hiding behind a pillar
manik’s eyes widen by her sudden outburst…so he pulled her to a nearby room
then nandu asked manik wat r u dng…”‘while he locked the door
manik turned around..luked at her nd strtd opening his kurta buttonns nd said..Ü ONLY SAID NAH…DO WATEVER U WANNA DO…”he said wth a smirk…nandu got scared as he is approaching her nd she moved backwards…soon she collided with bed nd fell on it….in the processs he tried holding her hand but he too fell above on her
nandu:ii…iiii…di…dinnnt…meanttttttt…thaaatttttt….”she fumbled
manik smiled and said”but i took it THAT….”he kissed her forehead…she clutched his kurta..he came towards her neck nd kissed it deeply..
he slowly brought out the haldi packet nd strtd applying on her hands..his hands travelled down frm her shoulder till her wrist…after applying on hand..he came near her stomach…moved the saree a little…kissed on her stomach…nd applied haldi there also…she closed her eyes..he came on her face nd asked
manik:i want my colour on u…can i?…she opened her eyes nd binked them as a yes..
He strtd caressing her lips with his thumb…nd then sealed her lips wth his..she brought him more closer by putting her arms around his neck…she is also responding wth equal passion nd fervour..nd savouring it…he is about unpin her saree pallu..but she immediately came back to reality nd pushed him a little nd said”manik…stop..”‘
he too realised nd stopped..pecked on his lips fr onemore time nd said” u r so irresistable..i always loose control..”he said joining both their foreheads
nandu:all r waiting…lets go…”she said lukng into his eyes nd she immediately rubbed the lipstick on his face wth her pallu..nd he smiled …brought her more closer…nd wth his handkerchief he wiped off the haldi on her hands nd stomach
manik:i dont want anyone tease u…as u will return lyk a tomato nd i cant control then..”he said in her ears making her blush
And they both held each other hand nd moved out of the room for the haldi

Living area:
manik sit in front of her nd she sat down in front of him…both lukng at each other..with enormous love in their eyes….chachi came forward towards manik nd applied haldi on his cheeks lovingly…nd he gave his famous smile to her with which anyone is bowled out
manik:thnks fr giving me nandini…”he said in a slow voice to chachi…she kissed his forehead nd blessed him..while he smiled…..then nyonika also listened this..nd smiled
nyo came towards nandu nd applied haldi on her cheeks with a smile nd nandu said:”thnks fr giving me manik…ïn a very slow voice nd it ws heard by chachi…both chachi nd nyu smiled lukng at each other..nd nyo blessed nandu nd then nyo nd chachi came aside
now all our junglies strtd playing wth haldi…(fab-4&navbhi)…mukti,aliya,navya is applying haldi on manik all over his face…while nandini is laughing her heart out…along wth abhi,nikhil,cabir nd dhruv…while manik is mesmerised by her laugh….her chrming face nd he is smiling sheepishly
nyo:these two r made fr each other….they went through lot….but still they were nd are 2gthr…”she said lukng at them wth a smile..
chachi:watever u said its true….seeing them now who can guess that they were away frm each other fr 2 years….even god was unable to seperate them…wat ppl can do…i want them to b 2gthr frvr..”she said wiping her tears of joy..while nyo hugged her tightly..
nyo:esa he hoga…”she said in between the hug…
soon evry1 completed their turn of applying haldi on bride nd grls took nandu nd boys took manik fr bath wth milk….nd after that they can cntinue wth the ceremony..
nandini’s room:
mukti:nani…we made all preparations…u go nd have bath..we ll wait outside..”
nandu went inside
just then all 3 get msg frm nyo”i have arranged a surprise fr manik nd nandini…come outside…need ur help”
so all left

nyo is drinking coffee…just then grls arrived
mukti:aunty….u called us…”she asked nyo but b4 she can reply …boys also came nd cabir asked same ques….wth enthusiasm
nyo:hang on…..when did i call u….”she asked them wth a confusing tone
ayush:badi maa.. u only msgd us ryt…”nd made her lukd into the msg…
mukti:xactly v also got it….
nyo:but kids…my mob isnt wth me….”she clarified nd then all lukd in cnfusion
navya:if aunty hadnt msgd then who did it?”she said lukng at others….
evry1 are in deep thoughts nd soon..they all figured out nd shouted in unison lukng at each other”MANIK…..
“nyo:yeh kab sudhrega”she said wth a smile nd left frm there….
mukti:i know …”nd she is abt to leave …..the cabir stopped her in between nd said”he coould have reached her by now….i dont wanna see any adult film…he is besharam…but atleast v have decency ryt…..”he said lukng at her nd all burst into laughter
cabir:typical jogi manik malhotra..”he said wth a grin nd all burst into laughter
nandu’s room:
she is in the washroom…lyiing in bathtub there…full of milk,rose petals….she saw the door open a little nd ask ..”mukti is it u?”no answer..
aliya?navya?pls…dont play prnks….she is scared now…nd suddenly lyt went off…nd she got really scared now…
now being scared unknowingly she chants manik…manik contionuously nd then he appeared catching a candle…she instntly hugged him tight..he smirked bachkugged her wth one hand….
manik:sh…….i m here relax…..”he said rubbing back of her….she hugged more tightly nd just then light came….
They both r hugging each other wth cntntment…wth closed eyes….he opened his eyes..he blew off the candle nd hugged her wth both hands.Then they realised their position where she is in only her blouse nd skirt nd his heart skipped a beat..she tried moving out…but he held nd yanked her closer
lahu munh lag gaya song(cant type full song…plug in or play that song pls…)
wth sudden pull she crashed accidently on his chest nd their lips touched…they passionately kissed each other…she clutched his kurta..he smirked seeing his affect on her
manik:can i have the right to give bath to my bride?”his voice is fully filled wth love nd so soft that she cant just deny him…he said lukng into her eyes…nd she can see enormous love in those eyes
nandini:u have all rights on me…no need to ask..”she said wth same intensity in her eyes nd chrming smile nd he instntly smiled lukng into her eyes…
he swiftly picked her up in his arms…nd she encircled his arms around his neck..they both smiled lukng at each other nd he strtd walking towards the bath tub nd laid her down in it with water,milk nd rose petals nd he poured water on her closing his eyes nd the shower is completed with necessary hugs nd pecks…She snuggled into him..
manik:stop here…otherwise i wont be able to resist..”he said wth a smirk nd she hugged him tightly
he turned off the lights nd handed over the towel to hher turning the otherside
manik:come soon…i will be waiting..”he said moving out of the room drenched…while she smiled nd blushed at the same time
He came out nd found cabir stnding their wth his arms crossed across his body..he whistled nd strtd singing
“tip tip barsa pani..pani ne aag lagai..”he sang while taking a round around manik
manik:kya kya….singing stupid songs…i have to get ready..”he said lyk he is all clean nd has done nothing
cabir:han… doing bhangra..thats y u sent all of us to aunty”he said in a sarcastic voice
manik:me…?wat did i do?u all guys left me alone nd went sumwhere so i thought of checking on nandu nd came here..”he said lukng here nd there
cabir:really?to check on her …or to check out her?hm…”he said wth a evil grin nd manik punched him in his stomach
cabir laughed and then said”wese im sure…nandini must have taken bath by now nd the credit goes to u…”manik glared at him nd he laughed again…then cabir saidächa acha chal…ill give bath to u…”he wrapped his shoulder on manik’s
manik:chi…oye….i am abt to get married…i can have bath wth my bride…i dont need u..”manik jerked his hand off his shoulder
cabir:oh toh yeh baat hai…”he said in a dramatic tone
manik:will u go or may i go?”manik threatned him n d they both left to manik’s room gto get ready

huff…done wth haldi…sorry if the episode is not upto the mark….criticsm accepted…suggestions r welcum…nd please voice over ur opinions…nd sorry fr not posting till now nd now ull get updates evryday…ignore typos

Credit to: Prahathika Krishnan

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