Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 31)

malhotra mansion:
manan entered inside the mansion holding each other’s hnds…the happiness of being 2gthr is clearly visible on their faces..the glow on their faces is really worth watchng..both walkng inside to the living room..nd fab-4 along wth navbhi nd ayush,nyo r present there…
manik stopped on his spot seeing ayush while ayush stood up nd gave a broad smile..nd both brthrs hugged each other tight
ayu:missed u bro…”he said huggng manik
manik:missed u too..”he said breakng the hug
ayush:han..thats y u didnt call…or mail atleast…ryt….”he said in a fake anger tone
manik:sorry baba..”he said in a babyish tone nd evry1 r njyng this cute fight
manik:ayush..she is nandini….ur soul..”he said taking nandu into into a side hug nd lukng at her..she also lukd into his eyes
ayu:well…i know her…”he said wth a smile while manan gave a shocked xpression
manik:kese?”he askd in confusion
ayu:bcoz any1 can see her in ur eyes…she lives in it..”he said to manik nd sidehugged him..while manan smiled at each other
cabir:bas ayush…dnt wake up the monster..warna..he ll strt his romance here itself..”he said wth a smirk while manik gave a dedly glare to him nd nandu turned crimson red
nyo:acha…acha…dnt trouble my bacchas…stop ur pareshan…manik ..nandu…u both come nd sit here..”she said after giving a slap on cabir’s shoulder nd manan sat 2gthr in front of nyonika..while all others settled down
manik:ha mom…u called us…kuch imprtnt hey kya?”he said wrapping his one arm around nandu’s shoulder..while cabir chuckled at his gesture
nyo:cabiir….”she glared at him
cabir:aunty…zara dekho ise…kitna shameless…how happily nd aaram se he sat..batao..any1 will do this infront of elders lyk this ah?”he said wth an innocent face sitting next to nyo..she held his ears nd said

nyo:acha…nd wat abt u….u held navya ‘s hands nd sat ..wat abt that..”making him look at his nd navya’s entwined hands..he instntly strtd bllushing..while evry1 is njyng…but there is 1 person..who is njyng it to the core..nd it is none other than MANIK he found cabir blushing….which is lyk once in blue moon…nd he is njyng it
manik:gret job mom….he is blabbering a lot these days”nd threw cushion at cabir
all r laughng madly
nyo:acha..bas..bas”she said while making all our junglies stop laughng nd she continued”manik…ab jab u both love each other..nd u proposed each other even too thinking to let u both get married soon..”wth a smile..while manik opened his mouth widely..nd nandu is all time smiling broadly
manik bent down on the floor nd walked on knees to a kid….he placed his head in her lap nd askd”r u serious mom?”lyk a small chotu sa baby..nd this made all go awestruck
nyo ruffled his hair nd said”ha…my darlng…”….she instntly stood up nd manik made nyo turned around in a round nd round…he is so happy nd evry1 are loving the sight in front of them..he is just behaving lyk a kid..who got his fav candy
nyo:are…bas…im feeling dizzy..”she said making him stop…he stopped …hugged her tight nd said”thnk u mom…..thnk u……i luv u so much…u r the best….”with a grin…shine in his eyes..nandu also came frwrd..hugged her nd said thnk u …mom…”nd she is blushng to the fullest
nyo hugged them nd saidï want my 2 kids to b happy…2 years u were apart..but now..i dont want any dstnce btween u..”she said after breaking the hug..nd all came there nd stood as grls to one side of nyo nd boys to other

cabir whispered to manik:distance is minimised b4 itself..hai na..manik..wese frm mrng where were u both?aur wat were u dng?he said wth a smile…while manik hit his elbow in cabir’s stomach..but he strtd giggling…instead of gettng hurt
nyo:then let’s go….v shud talk to nandu’s chachi as well…u r also cmng ryt?”she said lukng at fab-4,navbhi ….nd all shouted”WE ALL ARE IN…”
ayu:well…i wud lyk to join…but i have to go to wrk badi ma…”he said wth his puppy eyes pleading nyo… nd he left..nd others too left to murthy villa
evry1 r sitting on sofa..while manik is stnding behind nyo..nd nandu behind chachi…
chachi:if they both marry na…i’ll b the happiet prson in this world..”she said puttingone hand on nandu
nyo:toh fir done…4 din baad shaadi…i askd panditji to see the kundali nd fix a date..he gave this date…nd b4 u speak ..i ll telll..evry function will b held at malhotra mansion..aur plz…dnt say no…”she said as she sensed chachi is gonna object..but manik made chachi also agree..but nandu is not so happy…mnik sensed it..came 2wrds her..pulled her in crnr nd askd..
manik:wat hapnd…

nandu:nthng..”she smiled avoiding eye cntct
manik held her chin nd raised her face nd said”‘ü know na…u cant lie to me…”he lukd directly into his eyes
nandu:manik…its our marriage..ofcourse im happy….but wthiut rishu nd chacha..”she paused…he knows the reason of her worry
manik:nandu..i know….so v ll call them nah…”he said wth a smile
voice frm behind:nahi manik”a voice made them turn back…nd its chachi’s…
nahi manik beta…v cant call them now…rishu’s treatmnt is almost cmplete now..nd nandu do u want the 2 years effoort of manik to go in vain..nd dont here na fr u….”she said making a point…making nandu realise
after sumtym..all left ..while manik is making faces…nandu knew y he is doing so
nandini:um…..manik….jao na…bye….”she said in a teasng he is stnding at the door…but not leavng….he glared at her..she chuckled..nd wthout any option left..he also left
after sumtym,chachi has gone to market nd nandu is alone at home..she heard sum sounds….came to her luk the source of sound…nd wat she saw made her open her mouth..there he is….standing on roof of his car..nd a huge crowd is surrounding him..(AAshiqui-2 chahu mein aa na strtng…imagine)fans busy clicking his pictures..while he is wtchng her..nd waved her a hi..she quickly made a call to him..
nandu:manik…wat u r dng…here..nd wo bhi lyk this..”she gestured lukng down…
manik now laid down on roof of car..making his elbow rest on car roof..nd his head resting in his palm…”while i was gng…u didnt give me now…am going to create bollywood style…”he said wth a smirk…
nandu:manik…esa u r not gonna ddo anything..”she said pointing a finger 2wrds him..while he gave a flying kiss to her…nd she got irritated
nandu:ffyn..then do wtever u want..”she closed the window
manik:really…watever i wanna do…thnk u”he said enthusiastically nd cut the call…she is scared as wat he will do now…nd then she heard his melodious voice..he is singing
teri shirt da main taan button
haaye…teri shrt da….
baalaon ka tere main haaye clip ho gaya
(he sang coming down frm car…nd threw her clip in air nd catched it…ppl surrounded him..he is watching her room window nd walking here nd there)
chand se bhi zyada sohna mukhda tera
haaye…dekhte hi dil ye slip ho gaya
(she came to the window…opened it…he sang while making her luk to the moon nd acted lyk he slipped down….nd she laughed at his antics..)
o marr gaye yaar deewane
o tere lover purane
o die-hard fan tere hain
tuhi qadar na jaane
(he sang while making gesture wth if ppl died…he strtd walkng on knees nd made finger 2wrds her..nd beat his hands on is new fr ppl to see THE GREAT MANIK MALHOTRA lyk that)
while the song ‘s 1st stanza cntinued(i cant write the full song sorry)…he stood up..nd saw the window…even its closed..he can sense her presence behind it
nd finally the song is cmpltd wth sum ppl even shooting it nd all..all cheered fr him…nd he bowed a gesture of thnk u…nd after sumtym he sat in the car..then his guards cleared all the pppl off…..

manik:had hai yaar…she didnt even open the window…mrs.soon to be malhotra …bad move..ur gonna pay fr this..for teasing ur own mnstr…”he said wth an evil smirk on his face
(warning:read at ur own risk)
manik sneaked into nandu’s room..through balcony which is open…while she is in wsh room..he heard the sound of shower nd analysed that she must be inside nd so he cmfrtably settled on bed..nd he obsrved that whole room is redecoorated wth manan’s pics on walls nd pillow covers whch used to have only nandu’s pics after her presumed death
now,manik picked one cushion nd murmured”ï love u…”wth a broad smile on his face..nd hugged it..
just then she came out of wash room..her hairs wet wrapped in a towel…she is wearing a beautiful white crop top…wth a black 3/4th..she saw him lying on right side of her bed..she sudden;;ly shouted”u….wat r u dng here..have u lost it…how u came…i locked the window nah..”‘she said lukng at him..while he is busy in admiring the angelic beauty infrnt of him..he moved 2wrds her..making her no time…he is too close to her..the proximity is driving her crazy…he is lukng into her eyes passionately..while herat beat is racing too fast…he unwrapped her hairs from the towel..nd he bent down a little nd sucked the water drop on her neck

..she closed her eyes..he held her by waist nd said “i came to meet my WIFE”he said in a most husky voice nd bit her ear..lobe”..she subconsciously replied”v r not married yet..”having tough tym to cntrl herself
manik:hm..still 2 days r left.(shadi after 4 days but all other customs lyk haldi nd all after 2 days)..but i cant wait tht much…”‘he muttered on her lips..blew air all over her face..she held his collar nd said
nandu:manik…stop pls…”wtth closed eyes
manik:but when did i even strt”he said wth a smirk..she pushed him..but his hold on her is too tight..he laughed..she glared
manik:acha..seriously..i cant wait
nandu:feelings mutual..”she said wth a grin
manik:KIS LIYE WAIT NAHI KAR SAKTI…”he askd making a innocent baby face
nandu:shaadi ke liye..”she said cnfusingly being innocent soul
manik:oh i thought..sumthing else…”she got it nd hit him nd hugged each other cntntly
maanik:can i kiss u..”he askd nervously..she broke the hug nd cupped his face..soon…their lips r playing wth each other nd they r in their own land
manik:u r driving me crazy nandu…”nd both fell on bed
nandu:i luv u manik”playing wth his shrt button
manik:i luv u more sweetheart nd asked”can i be a little naughty…”‘wth a smirk…she pulled him closer nd said
nandu: u r already naughty..”‘rubbing her nose wth his… nd saying so he slided her top nd gave wet kisses to her all over shoulder nd it went along he is about to pull her shorts but came back to his senses nd said” u r too delicate…i cant hurt u…nd i can wait fr 4 more days…”he kissed her forehead..she snuggled into him being shy..nd after freq pecks nd a lot of TLC session ,he left her nd went again thru balcony..while both smiled thinking wat has just happened

ppl frm now on i’ll b posting the updates of this fanfic…nd hope u will lyk them…nd i felt really bad wth strday’s response…meghna di always wnted this ff to b posted regularly ..she often spoke abt this happily to me nd adi jiju….so even in this situation im posting it evryday fr her…to just relive her memories(23rd april meghna di died due to a drastic road accident….nd so u didnt get any update until strday that is 28th..nd me nd adhi jiju wanted it to cntinue fr her…so i took up this….may her soul rest in peace)…..ignore typos..luv u all..nd any suggestions r welcum….coz i know my style is totally dfrnt frm hers….bye..nxt epi haldi rasam…
prahathika krishnan

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  1. may her soul rest in piece. thank u for updating the ff and making her dream come true.sry if u feel any wrong in dis comment. but thank u so much. waiting for next update.

    1. No.Nthn wrong…frankly thanks for ur condolences

  2. may her soul RIP…

  3. nestle joseph

    omg i can’t belive meghna akka.praha pls continue and take care of ur jiju.

    1. Thanks nd sure nestle

  4. I really don’t know…….what should I say…..
    This ff is one of my fav from all manan ff…….just bcoz megh dii……
    Means u r also good…..nd u r doing great jod……
    thank you for continue this ff….
    Love u megh dii always…..
    love u loads…..

    1. Kavya she used to tell me nd jiju particularly abt u,mishti,Lisa Di nd chelsea that u r too lovable nd u cmnt on her every episode…nd I myself know that I’m not upto her standard but I’ll try to be fr her..thanks nd ppl all ur cmnts mean a lot

  5. i am very sad for what happend to yr sister i couldn’t belive the news first
    i will pray for her and i wish her soul rest in peace
    all my condolance

  6. Wat r u saying no… I mean… Sry but… She replied me Na 22nd hw can tat happen. She gave us the meaning of the pain. She was the one who gave Nandini a new life to live….?? May her soul rest in peace ❤️

    1. Sry if something is wrong in this comment but she was the one who accepts our suggestions and fulfill them in the next episode and she is the only author who loved her readers tat much…. I’m really sry if something is wrong…. Sry sry sry?

      1. Ha sathya… Everything is fyn until 23rd evng…she nd jiju were supposed to go to tiruvananthapuram,but jiju was unable to go nd that was the last time all saw her..then all got a call that her car met with an accident nd after 3 hrs in hospital..she left the world.she even left her soul(my jiju) here lifeless without her.nd I hope I can write it well to atleast make my sister relive in memories…nd feel free to give suggestions to me too

      2. Sure ma and u are doing a very great job and I promise u I will support and we all readers will and I love u as much as I loved Meghna ? Didn’t expect tat but happend wat to do but she would be happy because u r as gud as her ??? and don’t stop writing even though the comments gets less

  7. Its sad to hear that… May her soul rest in peace…
    U knw what where ever u di is she will be extremely happy seeing u completing her ff….
    Update was truly amazing…
    And yaa want to knw ayush’s investigation finished or not..
    Loved it
    With lots of love to u and ur superb dii
    Thank u for ff

  8. What….i cant believe…. omg…..such a cute pair they were meghna and adhityan….rip meghna….even in this sad situation u rupdsting for us happiness …i know u r doing for meghna….but dnt do this….tske some time and continue..first be with her family and adhitya….they need u more…this fake stories v can do it later…..still am in shock…..i completely understand the pains of her parents which they r going through and ur pain ehich u r trying to hide…..dont do this yar…..

    1. Thanks fr ur concern priya…nd I nd adhi jiju just wanted to post this bcoz she loves this aloe…she used to b very happy dng this nd she lives in this…as for pain is concerned trying to decrease the pain with this ff..nd thanks once again..ha they were a gud pair Di nd jiju but she left him nd chala gaya..they were even abt to get married this may 11th..fate..chill..v love dng this fr her nd if maine zyada bol diya tho sorry

      1. Dnt say sorry yar…i can see howmuch u love ur sister in ur words…

  9. Sachi Megha di is no more she left ?? I don’t comment on her updates but I love her to the core
    May her soul rest in peace
    U take care of everyone nd take of urself too

  10. I cnt beleive its true,,i do cmnts rarely bfr dnt knw abt option,,But I am die heart fan of Meghna di ,The way she writts the story their emotions Are Fabulous,Addict to this ff
    Sheis really best author ,,She give MaNan a uniq phase on one cn think,,,Hatts off
    I wish its nt true ,she cmback lyk Nandhu ,wish her own story bcm true fr her
    Such a sad news,,I understand wht ur family mustb go through ,,Be strong..
    Ur best sis ,,in this tragic moment u fullfil her ff .Thanku
    Meghna di ,Whevr ur Ur luckiest in the world,,,Ho sake wapas aagaye ,, RIP

  11. hi…u no this story is written the way di used to write …..4 even a moment reading it I didn’t realize it wasn’t di….ur doing a great job and I really appreciate ur and jiju’s courage…
    I would have commented the moment I read the epi…..but I needed some time to digest the fact that di is actually not among us right now……di and I had a different bonding… we used to talk via emails about our thoughts, views, likes etc……she used 2 encourage me with my studies….. now with whom I’ll share my secrets….she was such a pure heart… why god was so unfair with her…..but u no what I won’t cry or be sad…as she always wanted us to be happy and smile…. this is one of the reason she used to write ff I think…. if we cry somewhere she will also feel sad seeing us……so no Rona dhona…..we will always remember her with a smile in our face…..moreover this ff will make us smile…… and praha di thanks so much to continue this ff…I no its a very tough time 4 u…..something we can’t even imagine….but u have be strong 4 u,ur parents and jiju…….so what she is not among us right now but she will always be in our heart…..MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE…..

  12. It’s really sad to hear.. May her soul rest in peace….

  13. Ahhhhh, no praha, I’m soooooooo sorry, I can’t believe what you just told..ayaz her Devine soul rest in peace… 🙁 ..I was really connected with her through this very heart touching story. …from very first episode, she took very special place in my heart…the way presented each n every feeling, expressions, pain, love, affection manan, I was so amazed how could someone narrate it so flawlessly….n you too doing phenomenon job fulfilling her dream to continuing this remarkable story…my hearty condolences to you, jiju n whole family…we all praying for her soul to be peace…I’m in tears now…take a very good care of yourself n her loved ones….love you loads…RIP MEGHNA……

  14. You know dear when i read that Megh di is no more i was shocked… I could not believe It…
    May her soul rest in peace…
    We use to admire megh di nd ur jiju’s couple…
    I can relate to it bcoz my parents nd my little brother also died in car accident…
    You r doing a good job by fulfilling ur sister’s wish…
    Take care of yourself nd your family too…
    Will miss Megh di…

    You also write well dear,
    Amazing epi…

  15. I don’t believe this. R.I.P. Meghna di.
    We’ll miss her to the core!

  16. I can’t believe it… I’m so sorry for ua loss praha.. I’m really shocked ..I didn’t know…my BDAY falls on 23rd April…I m so so sorry…. I didn’t know the day I was born is so resentful.. I’m truly sorry

  17. Hey praha, i dont know what to say? I jusy today know abt meghna from sindhu s ff as i had final xm couldnt read any update last somedays. I dont know what to say? How life can be so cruel to some one that the soft hearted girl who spread happiness for ours, her life could be like this? I cant blv. I m just crying from last half hours. I know i know megh only from a short time n through her ff bt blv me i never feel so connected with any other writers like her. She was a gem. She almost at every update mentioned my name,loveingly replied to my comments. How this can happen, i mean before 10 days she replied to my comments n i could never read or hear her words, i cant digest the fact. I can understand the situation of urs,meghnas family n specially adityan. He lost his father n love with a vety short span of time. Plz praha n adiyA hold ur self for meghna n plz take care of urself n families. I hope god give u the strength to bear this pain. I love u meghna wherever u r ,love u very much. I never could mention it, bt i feel very vety connected to u as my frnd. We r almost same age n its difficult to accept ur situation.praha i will always support u at this ff for meghna n sorry i cant tell anything abt today s story as i m not in a state to read it now. My vision is unclear with tears. Bt i respect the fact that u r trying to make megh happy n proud on u. I love u my frnd megh frm the core of heart

  18. Praha thank u very much even at this difgicilt stage u n adityan r thinking abt us n meghna not abt urs sadness. All i want to say u that plz take care of urself, ur parents n adityan for meghnas sake. I know megh love all of u a lotss she even mention it abt u n adi at her ff several times. U r a grt sister n aditya is a real soul mate.

  19. Hey ppl I know u r eagerly waiting for an update but kya hey Na mujhe fir U.S jana hai..xams complete karne ke liye..v kya hai Na didi ki death ke sunane ke baad…I came too quickly. From there…I have xams there until 17th of may I need a break…hope u will all understand… I’ll give ur update on 17th may b a double or triple.. Advnce thnk u nd sorries

  20. k no problem all the best for ur exams.

  21. Meghna shanti

    Your love for sis can be clearly seen in each and every deeds of you
    She is very lucky to have you
    May her soul rest in peace

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