Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 3)

Many readers doesnt want me to show Manik in pain.Trust me,I too hate it but bear this for 2-3 episodes…Till then,Chappal,tamatar,Ande
(Slipper,Tomatoes and Eggs) sab accepted hai to throw on me…Sorry nd continue with the story….

Cabir:”We lost Manik too on that day itself on which we lost Nandini,where infront of all our eyes itself she left us all and went.”he said with tears in his eyes…he took the support of the wall to stand as he is on the verge of shattering but he held himself back as he cant break infront of all and has to be strong..Nandini was not only Manik’s love but she is the soul of FAB-5..once they had tried to break her but little they know that one day they would all be in pieces without her..and here is the day..Nandininot only showered love on Manik but brought light in all their dark lives…she had always been for them ..after Manik only she managed to touch their souls..Navya tapped on Cabir’s shoulders to bring him back from his thoughts..he looked at her ,gave a warm smile but she knew it isn’t from his heart so she held his hand ,brought him to the center of living room,made him sit…and signals all others not to cry…kneeling in front of Cabir she said”We will bring Manik back..He has to come back…For us..For himself..and most importantly for his Nandini..”he looked straight in her eyes and found hope in them…so he smiled and nodded a yes..They all left for their houses unwillingly..They all wanted to meet Manik but Cabir stopped them because he knows Manik needs only Nandini..and right now her memories..but Navya didn’t leave because she knows Cabir needs her the most…she made him sleep in her lap..and when he is asleep..she put him on the bed,went towards the balcony..looked upwards,tears welling in her eyes..”Y u took her from us?She was our everything.Everything….Now please don’t take Manik too…plz…Give us back our chirpy,playful Manik…Give us back our happy small family..plz..zz.zz.”and she broke down and collapsed on the floor..she was holding from a longtime as she cant break in front of Cabir..she has to b strong for him..but now she cant hold herself..she lost her 1st friend in Mumbai..her Nandini..She was the soul reason of Cavya’s relationship..and now they are like this because of Nandu only…
Navya:”Give back Manik’s breath…his world…his heartbeat..Plz give him back his love…his however and whatever way possible..pls send her back..”änd cried even more harder..but kept her hands to her that the screams aren’t heard to hurt Cabir even more…

Sunrays directly fall into a dark room disturbing Manik..he put his pillow on the face and again drifted to sleep…suddenly a sweet melodious voice wakes him up…”Manjile Ruswa Hai..(Sun Raha Hai..Female Version)”and it continues..A smile crept on his face…but before he could react..he realized its his phone ringing..he didn’t want to answer the call as he wanted to listen to that voice again and again..but without his will he answered”Ha ..Tell me Cabir..”,then Cabir enquired”Manik…Where r u?I went to ur house but you were not there.Guards said that you weren’t back to house since yesterday night..Where were you?”concern is clearly audible in his voice..
Then Manik said:”Relax..calm down..I’m here only…In Nandini’s house..Acha listen…Tell everyone to come to SPACE..I’ll catch you over there only ..bye..”before Cabir could say anything else Manik cut the call..and Cabir told everyone to meet at SPACE because Manik wants us to meet over there..they all agreed and left for SPACE…..

Just when FAB-4 reaches the place..and stepped out of the car..all the students start running toward them…Without giving them minimum attention ,they went inside with the help of soon as they stepped in the music room..they all went back down the memory lane..their moments which they spent together..Nandini..Navya and the FAB-5…their memories.
Just then Cabir entered the music room and his eyes roam in the room…he walked towards the corner of the room where a Veena is placed on the table..he gently touched it…just then someone put hand on his hand which was placed on the Veena..he slowly moved the gaze to look toward the owner of the hand..and found a girl standing there..with a bright smile on her face..her kajal filled eyes..makes her eyes more shiny…her long hair open.. dressed in a yellow tunic top and white leggings… and shouted on him”Cabir..move your hand..Otherwise you will again break this strings..(Phirse ise todh doge tu..) Last timeki tarah…Just lyk last time…Move your hand….warna..(Otherwise)..”she said in an angry and a cute tone…
Then Cabir asked back”Warna..(Otherwise)…What Nanduüuuuu…What will you do..?”he stretched the last word just to tease her..but as a result the girl started beating him with a stick…and he started running in the room for his life….and the girl was chasing him..somehow the girl managed to get him..and the very next moment started beating him..
Cabir:”A…aa…Nandini..plz……It’s paining..Leave me…plz..Sorry..Sorry…Chodo na mujhe..”

That’s it for this update…Is Nandini back..?Comment ur opinions….Honest feedback required..Suggestions are welcome…Criticism is accepted

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  1. Its just cabir s imagination from the past

  2. It’s Gud.. keep writing. .

  3. Ppl r u ready for another update today ????

    1. Yes we r ready for next episode plzz update it fast waiting for it

  4. I no its not nandini its her sweet memories with cabir……… but I no she will be back………she have to come back for fab 5……….for navya……….mostly for her manik………

  5. I guess its cabir ka imagination….but I really hope she will come back soon ?…..waiting for that day…

  6. It’s gud….plz update fast…

  7. It is Nandini….it has to be nandini….she can’t die…leaving manik…noo..

  8. its nice..u r doing a good job..!!

  9. Itna zyada koi kiss ko miss kartha heina woh bahur lucky yaar heina

  10. It’s only cabir’s sweeeeeet memories with nandini. ….navy’s plead to God was really heart wrenching. …it’s very beautiful n well described very emotional story…n I loved it. chappal, tamat are ,and dearrrr but flying kisses from me to uuuuuuuuuuu my sweeeeeet friend. …story has just started yaar….let it build up the pace n we’ll see how it goes. ..I’m hopeful. …eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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