Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 24)


Raghav:this tym….i wont leave u alive.i’ll make sure..u die..ryt here..ryt here… in front of me”he again laughed..nd whole place echoed wth his evil grin…She is scared but on top of that she is thinking”who Is this person?”the voice is so familiar..while raghav start approaching towards…
I think I shud remove my face cloth..aakhir u should also know nah..who I am..”nd he removed his black cloth from her face as well

Manik is maniacally running all over the mall from one corner to other..he is scared to hell..evry1 else r also searching fr nandu..while ppl r just witnessing their restlessness..manik is not in his senses..he is very much agitated…running madly lukng here nd there..after being out of breath..he stod straight..bent down little..he put both his hands down..looked bit up and murmured”NANDINI..”.but then stood straight nd shouted to the peak “NANDINI..”..again started running here nd there…but stopped in the midway nd is hell shocked
Raghav came toward her..removed cloth frm his face and wat he saw made him stun..while she is also shocked seeing raghav in front of her
Raghav:u?”he shouts
She is only looking at him blankly
Raghav:wat r u dng here?where the hell is NANDINI..”he shouted lukng at her
Now,she just sniggered at his face nd then said”where she is supposed to b..there she is..wth manik..”she said mockingly while he is highly pissed..wth his plan backfire..{raghav got babaji ka tullu..hahaha….}

While running,manik freezed on his path nd astound on wat he found..there SHE is..coming towards him..he just sigh a relief,smiled a bit..nd then ran to her..hugged her infront of all..his frnds r also very happy..after finding her safe nd sound..she tilted a bit wth sudden hug of such intensity..but hugged back wth equal force..after a while,he broke the hug nd cupped her face
You seriously thought I’ll separate MANAN AH ..noway peeps..nd thnks mishti,kavya nd priya fr having faith on me…but I did give u all a heartattack ryt?haha..sholly…
Manik: u..u r fyn na..where did u go..u know much im afraid of loosing u..”he strtd blabbering while checking her hands,shoulders,face
Nandu just caressed his face nd tried to calm him down.but he is still blabbering that..”How much I was worried fr u?nothing happened to u na…whwere did u go?”she without wasting a single sec hugged him tight in her embrace…nd he also hugged her more tightly nd both closed their eyes..while she rubbed his back to soothe him nd frnds came there
Nandu after breaking the hug,cupped his face nd said”manik I’m fine…im absolutely fyn ..please b cool nd y were u shouting…when immediately I heard your voice,u know how much panicked I was? Nd that’s y I came running towards u”
Manik:I said u na…don’t go any where..just stnd there infront of my eyes..but u luv to torture me na…where did u go?”he asked removing her hands
Nandu:manik…actually I just..”but her words are cut by cabiir”ha nandu….where did u go…u know its not safe..”
Nandu:ha..cabir..i know..i just when to washroom nd I was not alone also..i was wth..”she paused nd strtd lukng here nd there nd she pancked”guys…where is NAVYA?SHE WAS WITH ME..BUT NOW WHERE IS SHE..?”now it drew their attention..they didn’t even noticed all this while that navya iis missing..they r so terrified after finding nandini missin g..that they didn’t realise ..navya isn’t there wth them nd all of them r now baffled

Raghav moved towards goons ,punched one of them..hold other one’s collar nd said”EVEN a single work u cant do perfectly..u brought navya in place of nandini…”he shouted wth anger
Navya laughed loudly nd said”are y r u scolding that ppl…look at me once..dhyan se..”.now,raghav luked at her carefully nd found she is wearing the same dress as nandu..same pink colour anarkali..exactly same..
Navya:ab..did u undrstnd anything?”she said mockingly
Raghav:y did u wear nandini’s dress”’he asked in confusion
Navya:offo…I never thought u r this dumb..ofcourse..yeh sab I did..INTENTIONALLY…”nd she smiled to the fullest..”KAISA LAGA JHATKA…”nd she again laughed at his face
Now,raghav is more angry nd strtd figuring out”how did this happen”but he isn’t able to join the links
Navya:raghav..dont pressurise ur peasize brain too much..”she said jeeringly..while he glared at her.but she is unaffected by it nd continuedÏm here only na..i’’ll explain how I spoiled ur GENIUS plan..”

while evry1 is sitting in the car to visit mall..navya realised she forgot her handbag inside..thought to fetch it..nd went inside..she grabbed it..nd saw manik’s mob on the table nd self thoughtÿeh manik na..always he will frgt sumthing or the other..”she picked it up..just then a msg appeared..she is totally shocked seeing that nd thought”this means….if v go out it is dangerous..wat may I do..i’ll tell evry1”she strtd moving towards gate but stopped in mid nd thought”nahi…if I tell evry1 now nah..they all will b tnsd..i have to know who is that person tryng to harm nandu..”she paused fr sumtym nd then thought”v l go out ..”wth determination.heard sumone’s footsteps…quickly put the mob back after deleting the msg thru backgate…then manik came took it nd went

Navya is roaming in the mall nd saw manan together nd thought”until nandu is wth manik na ..she is safe..but I have to do sumthing..she saw same dress as nandu’s….brought it…nd after sumtym joined others..when fab-5 is prfrming..she observed sum ppl…deciphered them as an when he closed hs eyes while singing..she took nandu wth her to washroom…nd when nandu is inside…navya came out in that dress wth her hair also open lyk nandu..nd goons misinterpreted nd kidnaped her..”

Navya:so….how is my planning..”she said amusingly wth a grin…while raghav is hell frustrated wth the sudden turn of events..but after sumtym a mischievous smirk appeared on his face…wch made her confused
Rghav:u think u r smart..but no ..u r not…u saved nandini..but hu ll save”
Navya instead of getting scared wth his remark..strtd laughing it is time for raghav to get confused
Ragahv:seeing ur end this near..have u gone mad…”he remrkd wth confusion but wth a smirk…
Navya controlled her laugh nd said”u r thinking me as such an idiot…if I plan this much…I cud have sumthing else also nah..”he lukd at her wth confusion….then she continued”yaar..u r such an idiot…I planned evry single step…did u forget..i have been living wth fab-5 since 3 years
…toh kuch to asar aaya hoga na..”she smiled to fullest..nd winked at him..he again got angry think of urself…because when they get to know abt u…they will bury u alive…nd u know abt them very well…wo log insaan nahi…janwaar hai wth their enemies…remember”she smirked…while raghav is scared in deep thoughts…wat to do…as his trick is fallen back on him only
Cabir:where is navya?how come none of us noticed?where she went”he is worried nd so as others..he strtd lukng here nd there nd made a call to her..but that mob rang in his pocket only..picked it up..looked at it nd thought “how come her mob is wth me?”nd saw sum msg in his mob frm navya nd saying he read a text loud”RELAX…..LISTEN TO WAT I SAY KEENLY….THERE IS SUM1 WHO WANTS TO HARM NANDU..ACTUALLY THEY PLANNED OF KIDNAPPING NANDU..I SAW TEXT IN MANIK’S MOB B4 STRTNG FRM HOME ITSELF..I INSTALLED A TRACKING DEVICE IN MY DRESS..ND U CAN TRACE MY LOCATION THROUGH MY MOB..AND PLS….DONT WORRY..I TRUST U ALL..”
After reading it evry1 r hell terrified..but its not the tym to get tnsd….navya is in deep danger nd they have to save her 1st
Manik:cabir…quick…trace her location..”he said lukng at cabir’s horrible face.he quickly opened the mob nd got the location nd all strtd in car,manik drived as fast as he can

Raghav is walking to nd fro..unable to figure out wat he has to do they can reach at any moment..he knew she isn’t lying nd must have planned sumthing big..other hand navya is chilled…amusingly watching him njyng
She self thought:raghav..u gave all of us so much pain…this thodi si tension on ur face..this is nothing…for the person whu separated manan..but seeing u lyk feeling lot of comfort nd happiness..agar after this..even if its my last day…I wont regret…”with a broad smile on her face
Raghav instructed sumthing to the goons..they left nd brought petrol in galore cans…navya is confused nd raghav smirked evilly.he strtd pouring petrol around her in a circle nd said”wat did u think..i will accept defeat so easily..althought u made a gud plan..but im always 1 stepp ahead..if I can kill nandini..y cant I kill u?”he said in a devilish tone
Navya:when they come to know this na..they ll make ur lyf hell..’she said angrily
Raghav:tch.tch…tch…navya….u r too innocent”he said mockingly”when they know all this…at that tymmm..”he paused nd whistled showing up nd said”u will b gone..nd CABIR….yes…ur beloved CABIR…will become just lyk manik…in these 2 years..remember”he said nd laughed
He picked out matchbox frm his pocket,lit it.while navya closed her eyes nd remembered cabir saying”I LOVE YOU MADHUBALA”he kissed her fr the 1st tym..manik saying “YOU R MY SISTER..”nd hugged her tight..she remembered how nandu prtctd her frm fab-5 iin strtng days of clg..she remembered evry beautiful moment spent with nandu nd fab-5
A smile startd on her face,tears escaped frm her eyes..but b4 that she found a soft touch on her cheek..nd when opened her eyes..she found cabir kneeling in frnt of her
Navya:cabir….”she said wth a bryt smile..he smiled,wiped her tears nd freed her..while she too reciprocated wth equal frce
On other hand,when raghav lit the stick nd abt to throw it..sum1 frm behind held it nd raghav turned back..found manik standing back wth fire spitting in his eyes

{bg of manik ‘s entry ..imagine that here fr effect}.raghav iks shocked to the core..but b4 reacting raghav found himself on floor due to manik’s punch..while others came to navy and hugged cabir who is hell angry..grabbed raghav by collar,gave him tight punch in stomach fr wch he yelled
Cabir:how dare hurt my navya..nd u stupid..u separated my doll frm us”he again punched him..threw him on floor .Then manik came nd strtd beating him blck nd blue..luking this all othhr goons ran away.manik saw an electric wire..remembered nandu’s tortures for 2 years…he grabbed raghav…tied him to a chair…..others were hell scared seeing manik lyk that..nandu also came nd tried to convince him..but cabir stopped her by nodding no..while nandu tilted her head wth a pleading luk
Cabir:naahi…doll…let him do will give him peace..pls…
Here manik brought the open end of currnt wire..nd gave ragahav shocks…while he yelled in pain..Then maniki came near him nd said” u it feels…to get electric shocks…”he said glaring..while raghav wth difficulty saw into manik nd manik asked”y..y did u do this”’

Then raghav replied”bcoz I hate u manik…I hate u”he said panting as his body is paining badly..all r confused xcept manik
Manik:u did all this bcoz I threw u frm SPACE”he retorted
Raghav:nahi..thats not the only reason..”he smiled smugly nd continued”bcoz of ur fathr bcame bankrupt..ur dad took over our businesses..bcoz of that v came onto roads…my father did a chotu sa scam..nd ur father brought us to dad died…suicide..i was only 10 years only..bcoz of ur dad..i struggled my entire childhood”he screamed nd then continued”then I came to SPACE to take rvnge on ur dad..but he isn’t I found u there..tried a lot to harm u..but u escaped nd 1 day nandini found me misbehaving wth a student nd slapped dare she to slap me?”he looked at her angrily while she glared
Raghav shifted his gaze back towards nd said”nd u..u beat me in front of entire SPACE colg..”he paused for sumtym..evrybody lloked at him wth anger..he continued”then I spied nd found nandini..has necome ur when I came to know..THE MANIK MALHOTRA can be broken nd its nthng but THE END OF NANDINI..”he smirked..he again continued..”sab kuch was done by him frm accident to mental asylum…evrthyng was my plan..”while manik cudnt hold it anymore nd punched him nd blood strtd flowing raghav’’s mouth..but still is laughing…which is bugging manik..he found an iron rod in a side nd picked it up..he is abt to hit him just then nandini screamed in terror “manik..”nd cabir,ashwath,abhi,dhruv ran towards him to stop him..but he is agitated nd shouting while they r having a tough tym to get a grip of him
Manik(shouting):I will kill this jerk..chodo..leave me..”his eyes r spitiing fire..jst then police came as manik already called them on their way ..nd arrested him..but manik is still in vexation..nandu ran towards him..hugged him tight…as only she can calm him down..soon all others came..he broke the hug..nd his eyes fell on navya..he came,hugged her tightly nd said”u r fyn ryt?wat is the necessity?itna risk lene ke liye?wat if sumthng had happened to u?then wat abt all of us navya…u didn’t think abt any1?u didn’t think abt cabir?”he lukd at cabir nd she lukd at him ,then at manik nd said”I knew that..wth all u out there..nthng will happen to me…nd waise bhi..hum MANIK MALHOTRA ki behen hai…kuch toh asar aayega na..”she said wth a smile nd all smiled nd hugged

EVRY1 is in navya’s room…nandu is sitting beside..attending to the wounds on her hand..bcoz of rope…
Nandu:wats the necessity?to do all this…wat if sumthing happened to u?”she said lukng at wounds nd a tear escaped her eyes…navaya saw nd saidïm fine ..nandu…”nd hugged nandu tight..nandu saw cabir standing at the door..nd so broke the hug..nd left them alone
After all left,she lukd at cabir..who is still at door nd called”CABIR”..she realised he has gone through so much..he came running towards her nd cling tightly in her embrace…she reciprocated his hug..they stayed lyk that fr sumtym nd cabir said”agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh…I ll die navya..pls don’t repeat this…I cant even think to live wthout u..”nd kissed her forehead..she is teary nd so as cabir..she hugged him again nd slept in each other’s arm

Manik is lying in nandu’s lap on the bed….while she is running her fingers in his hairs…there is complete silence in the room
Nandu:manik..”she broke the silence
Manik:hmm..”his eyes still closed
Nandu:kuch kahoge nahi…”she knew there is lot in his heart but he isn’t letting it out…
Manik is still silent..which is making her worried
Nandu:pls…manu…don’t b silent..”she said pleadingly
Manik:it was bcoz of me..u suffered in thqta hell…bcoz of me…nd navu life is on stake 2day..bcoz of me…”finally he blurted out…nandu made him sit nd cupped his face..he is lukng downwards…
Nandu:manu…listen to me carefully..whatevr raghav did was fr revenge…nd there is nothing as ur fault in tht…he is wrong…not u..stop blaming urself for each nd evrythng manu..plz….”
Manik:nandu..i nevr let nyone close to me…the reason is my own father…he left me nd mom..when I ws small kid…I hate him for it…but I know 1 thing..when it came to business…papa nevr forgived nyone who cheated him..raghav did all this for his rvnge..he tried to kill u..bcoz he came to know..u r my lyf…”
Nandu:manu…watevr raghav did to me…it has another reason also…other than this…nd that ws..he wants rvnge fr his insult..manik this rvnge thing na…it makes anyone to do anything..nd this guilt of urs…it will always kill nd trouble u..pls let it go manu..pls…ab everything is getng fyn…we all r 2gthr..”she smiled sayng this..nd now a sweet smile appeared on his face also…
He hugged her nd both lay down…nd after cuddling..they slept peacefully in each other’s arms…they closed their new beginning…without any fear is waiting fr them..

Hush……..2,710 words… done…(nd I chngd manik’s nick name frm mani to manu…note this..)Today jyada action hua na…don’t update will b cool.nd I packed up raghav for now….nd even I revealed his reason fr hatred…..nd I thought kyy na…it has evrythng even action not only luv nd frndshp…nd not only btween manan but evry other pair too…feel free to comment if u didn’t lyk this part nd if u don’t wanna me to show any romantic or love scenes between cavya or mukbhi or dhrulya..then I’ll give update according to that..nd thnks for all ur comments whch made my day..strday this is not posted by tellyupdates I had to write it again..ignore typos..suggestions welcum..luv u hamesha..bye
Meghna adhithyan

Credit to: Meghna Adhithyan


  1. Chelsea

    Amazing.. It’s a beautifully written.. But I wouldn’t expect any less…eagerly waiting for the next update..

  2. mishti

    wooooooooowwwwww……it was as awesome as ur all epi…….bonding between navya and manik was splendid…….. literally I had tears of happiness?…..and about the twist.
    …if last epi gave me heart attack this epi gave me strock…….but still it was fav,perfect mixture of every emotions: love romance action comedy shock….all were there….just love u do 4 this amazing ff….????????????????????????????

    • Megh

      Tq mishti dear . ..I always wanted navya nd manik’s bonding to b lyk this in kyy after their relationship revelation..but sadly it didn’t I thought y not I do it…luv u too

  3. kavya

    Thank u, thank u, thank u, thank u, thank u, thank u, thank u for this lovely, beautiful, amazing, mind blowing update dii…….
    Or bhi jitne appreciate words hote h na……ap khud se isme add kar lena……
    but literally dii……last update ne jitna bdha heart attack diya tha……aj ke update ne sb heal kar diya……
    U r just not an awesome writer but also a mind-blowing person…….nd a crazy fan of manan……
    LIKE ME….
    nd very very congrats for completing 25 episodes in advance…….
    Hope soo ki me first hoo apko apke ff ke silver joogly par wish Karne wali……
    Nd hope soo u don’t mind for commenting in Hindi……
    I think aj kuch jada hi paaka diya mene apko apne comment se……
    But once again thank u for this fabulous update…….congrats for 25th update….
    All the very best for future……UPDATES…..

    • kavya

      OMG sachi me kuch jada hi bol diya aj mene…..
      But still koi nhi…..
      Bcoz joo bhi kha h sach kha h……sach ke sivaa kuch nhi kha….;);):P:P:P

    • Megh

      Thnk u,thnk u,thnk u for ur lambi wali cmnt Kavya,really luvd it nd I feel really happy that u luvd my ff this much,
      ..ha u r the Frst person to wch me sweet heart nd I don’t mind at all if u cmnt in Hindi as I know it very well being a K.V passout…abt ur doubt,I didn’t leave it nd it will b solved in frthcmng episodes…nd thanks a lot really luv u fr noticing even such a small thing nd askng me….thnk u dear so much..luv u loads

  4. Tanushree

    amazing…..fantastic episode. pls show other pairs emotions equally to manan. it becomes more interesting then. Harshad died leaving alya without family, can u show her feelings and the support from her frends in the coming episodes?

    • Megh

      OK I’ll consider ur opinion.. Actually I showed her feelings nd fab,-3 feelings that day itself in 2 or 3 paragraphs.. But I ll try to show once again if situation arises..thanks fr ur cmnt

    • Megh

      Hitakshee..I’m not being rude…but I have other office work too…so,I’ll update by evng..sorry if I have hurt u…nd thnks a lot fr ur keen interest in my ff

  5. kavya

    Nd one more thing dii……i have one small doubt……in episode 14……
    When manik met with accident nd he is in hospital…….
    u show ki manik ke blood me dementic drug ke traces found hoye h…..jbki woo alcohol nhi leta tha…..?????
    Ye mystery too mystery hi reh gyi……nd sry also…..actually mujhe apki story itni pasand h ki har ek chiz ko puri concentration ke sath padhti hoo…..isliye dhayan aa gya….


  6. Lisaust

    I just love u megh for today s part. I had a heartbroken yesterday n today i m happy.omg!! What a twist!! Its amazing,truely its. N navya s part was dam cool. From where u get soo many cool ideas in ur head??

  7. Devi

    Ohhh sooo happyy to know tat all r back togethr and happy… Thanks alot….it was a super twist…. Once again thanks fr entertaining us…

  8. Priya

    Superb megh……Navya u r amazing…..instead of panicking ….she planned this much….megh u r an amazing amazing writer and narrating….am getting addicted to it … u loads megh…

  9. Roma

    Awesome, wowwww navya did wonderful job….I was scared at first but she turned table around Raghav…..wowwww perfect timing of fab5 for saving her n the Raghav’s reason behind his hatred came out too….lovely action packed episode. ..loved it to the core….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  10. Megh

    Its been 12 hours since I updated..
    Its not reviewed nor I got any rejection msg…not fair yaar…I wrote wth lot of feel,hrdwrk nd dedication

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