Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 21)


Voice:MENTAL ASYLUM”….a voice from back and found nandu standing at the room’s door..leaving all of them startled….HE quickly ran towards her and held her one hand and put his another hand wrapping her from back to shoulder..
Manik:I made u sleep na..y did u get up..come u need rest..chalo…”he tried to take her inside but she held his hand more tightly..and nodded in a no..then she luk at others..
Nandini:U all wanted to know ryt….that where I was..y I didn’t come back…its bcoz I was in a mental asylum..and that too without my consent..i was captivated there..”her hands are shivering..manik is hell shocked and so as others…The girl who is the epitome of love..what..she had suffered in that 1 nd half one has any idea..The girl who has protctcd them…who had always shined for them..was in so much pain..The mere thought itself is pricking their hearts..
Manik:wat r u speaking nandu?”he said in a shocked nd terrified tone..she looked deep in his eyes
Nandu:this is the truth mani”she said wth tears…she is also in tears not bcoz of wat she vnt through but because she is able to see guilt in hs eyes..the guilt..the guilt of not not being ablr to prtct her..when she needed him the most..she lukd at othrs..same xpression Is on their faces also..same guilt…
Nandu:I will tell u everything..but pls all of u will not blame urself..”then she turned gaze towards manik who is continuously looking at her..still holding her hand tightly..”promise me ..u wont”she asked him lovingly..he just nodded his head in approval..but his heart nd mind already started cursing himself..
They all settled down..manik still holding her securely in his arms…while she entwined their fingers and continued”when that accident took place nah..due to shock..i fainted ..I never knew that when I will open my eyes..evrythng vl b dstryd..”she held manik’s hands more tightly..memories of those dreadful 1 nd half years flashes in front of her eyes..her body is shivering..but she is calm..bcoz her strength..her MANIK is sitting there..holding her close to him..she is in the world’s most safest place..
Nandu:when I opened my eyes..i was in hospi..and evrythng chngd frm there only…

She is lying on the bed sub-consciously…suddenly she saw the ghastly accident in her dream..woke up wth a jerk..and shouted “MANIK……”she saw either sides..and found hrself on the hospi bed..she was confused fr sumtym..after listening her screams…doc came inside her room
Nandu:I…how I’m here..where is manik…akanksha..akanksha met accident..nd I have to go to manik…who..woh..he must b thinking that I’m dead..i have to go to home…”she started panicking..she tried to move out of her bed but nurse held her
Nurse:sir..shayad she is under panick attack..
Doc:go..get ready fr electric shocks..”he ordered the nurse..nandini was hell scared listening the word ELECTRIC SHOCKS
Nandu:doc…wat r u saying..where… where I’m?
Doc:u r in mental asylum..dont worry..u will b fyn
Nanu:wat…but I’m prfctly alryt..nthng happened to me..i just fainted..pls leave me doc..let me go..”she pleaded badly but no one listend to her..doc gave sedatives bcoz of vch she slept..
Aftr sumtym..she woke up and was hell scared..not knowing how she came there..”I have to go to manik..I don’t know wat is his condition..i have to b there..”sumhow she managed to get out of her bed…her hands r not tied..she peeped out of door..she ran outside..but unfortunately guards saw her running and she was trapped again..struggling,pleading to let her go but it all fell in deaf ears..soon they reached her room,tied her..she was screaming in pain,for help..throwing her legs..but nthng worked..tears ecaped frm her tightly closed eyes..soon she was helpleass nd fainted..she was lying on the bed..days nd nights passed wth this torture..she felt as if she is in hell..but there is small hope left..sat down on bed ..looking at the tie bracelet..soon a doc entered inside..saw her..she strtd shivering..he gave her inject nd left..soon she felt sumthing in dark..but she was unable to look clearly..rubbed her eyes..but nthng wrkd..suddenly a voice sang ..she is in sub-conscious state..The voice”TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR..HOW I WONDER WAT U R…”the person sang the poem wth evil grin…in a devlish voice..

Voice:wat u thought…u r is ur hell..u will suffer in this…I wont let u die…I will kill u each day..a slow poisonous death…..u both will die..but bit by bit…”he remarked wth an evil grin..she tried to figure out the person but she cudnt and even the prsn left..
Nandu:manik….ayyappa..som1 wants to harm him..plz be by his side..just prtct him till I’m not wth him..i will run away frm here…but pls prtct him”she prayed silently wth her eyes closed..she found hrself helpless..
In that hell she spent 1 nd half years..which were like 1nd half ages..whenever she tried to escape,doc caught her,gave elec shocks..but she nevr lost her sanity..may b bcoz of HIS LOVE..the HOPE was with the form of TIE BRACELET..she tried her best not to fall weak..she has to b vth her luv..manik…but finally oneday she lost that hope too.nandu was lying on the bed..found her hands free..she got up..but was very weak…physically..still managed to get off that hospi..but when she reached the gate..voice of guards made her stop..wat she listened made her terrified..
1st guard:han..I too listened..The chances of saving him r less
2nd guard:HA..I TOO heard his songs..his voice used to be really good..kitni kashish thi uski awaaz mein..wat is his name..han..MANIK MALHOTRA..”
1st guard:bechara..mar gaya…”she didn’t listen to the full conversation…actually it was about an accident which he met nearly 6 mnths b4 due to his rash drving just thinking about the concert nd guards are actually about to tell abt the other person who was dead bcoz of that accident b ut not manik..The guards spoke about 2 diff persons in the same situ whch she didn’t understand..
She was just startled..
Nandu:manik…”she said in low voice..looking downwards..her face lost every was blank without any emotions…tears didn’t fall from her eyes..but she was shattered..broken like mirror pieces on the floor..started walking in daze..thinking about manik…their happy days..his childish behaviour wth her..his evil smirk..evrything in front of her eyes,..
From the day she entered SPACE ..the day he started bullying her wth navya..the day he threw eggs on her..the day he made her SPOT..the day when he said fotr the frst tym she asked him to b fair wth her..the day he saved her in jungle..the day when she was drunk..their first Diwali kiss..his stubbornness to meet her in room fooling navya…kiss on musicana opening nyt..breakup…manofying her during harshad’s fiasco..parting ways in hospi..patch up on new year..realisation of luv on their 1st date….breakup on valentines day…holi party..fusion cncrt…finally his confession..her kidnapping(he saved her)….her birthday….{JUST WANTED TO REMIND ALL OF U OUR CUTE MANAN MOMENTS. ONCE AGAIN…SORRY IF U HAVE FELT AS SHITTY OR CRAPPY}..till today..while they r miles apart frm each other..she was running on the road ,crying badly..just then collided with aishu’s car..fainted..

Evry1 r in tears..after listening this..wat all she vnt through..but there is 1 person..who is cursing himself none other than our own MANIK..she held his hands tightly..he is not looking at her..but she hugged him tightly
Nandu:that day..i thought ki..i thought I lost u manik..”she sobbed badly in his arms
Cabir:nandu..may b the guards were talking abt the incident that happened 6 mnths back..but the question is..who ..who is the person who deliberately did all this…”.now manik’s eyes turned red..not of tears..but of wrath..spitting fire which can burn the whole world..realising it nandu cupped his face nd to sooth him,diverted the topic and said”manik..I’m getting sleep..make me sleep na”in a babyish tone and how can our manik neglect such a cute antic of his they both left frm there
Mukti:I don’t believe ths….she is so naïve..she vnt through all of this..”she cried thinking
Cabir:but their luv was her strength..I WILL SERIOUSLY KILL THAT PERSON..who did all this..I SWEAR..i will find him anyhow..”he said in determinationnd anger..whole others nodded..
He is lying on the bed..she is lying beside each other’s arms…but sleep is far away from their eyes..complete silence..suddenly she felt sumthing wet on her shoulder..she lukd up and saw sumthing that she nevr wanted to see..her monster’s teary eyes..
She said”…pls..u know na..i cant bear this….manik..u know na..i luv u..ur love has made me strong..nd my luv is making u weak..u r not that monster manik..wh fights wth the wrld..y r u crying..?bcoz u thin k u weren’t there fr me?u were there only..ur luv nevr left me alone..see im here only..i want to b ur strength MANIK MALHOTRA..not ur weakness.”he is too touched by these words..s she is strength..but he cant bear his star in pain..if she is his star..he is her sky..both depend on each other..Thinking so,he hugged her..kissed her shoulder..she broke the hug,kissed his eyes and soon she put her lips on his…vch made him weak..but resonded back wth passion..and they were in their own manan world..she ruffling through his hairs….and finally they broke and he muttered “I LOVE U STAR..”which is too genuine that anyone can fall for it..She encircled her hands through his neck and said”I luv u monster”brushing his nose wth hers’..nd slept cuddling each other

Sun is shining to the fullest..the dark nights r over..s it is true..after evry dark nyt..there will be an amazing sunshine mrng….manik nd nandu entered the living area and started searching for others..holding each others hands..
Nandu:yeh sab..where they went..?manik..”she said looking around
Manik yanked her and she collided with his chest,he locked his hands around her waist,nuzzled into her hair”how do I know?mai toh..puri raat..i was with u na..”he said emphasising on puri raat..which mad her blush lyk a tomato..she hit him and ran away..he caught her and said”wat…u search them..nd let me do my work nah..”he again started nuzzling into her..but she made him stand and said”Manik malhotra..behave…wat if anyone sees us?”
Manik:accha ji..I left u last nyt ryt? ill tell u wat manik malhotra is capable of…”he said tried to pick her up but they hear a beautiful music frm garden area…xchngd glances and walked towards it..found evry1 there..wth instruments and broad smile..
Cbir started singing a song from zindagi na milegi dobara movie..singing he came to nandu,took hner hand and put it in manik’s hand..Now evr1 started continuing the song xcept manan..after the total song..they have a group hug…and rose petals fall on manan,nd they feel blessed by the gesture to have such great frnds…then cabir ws in tears seeing them..which r wiped away by navya…now,manan is in centre and all circle them..hapiness has no bounds..their family is again 2gthr and this tym forever and ever…they vl b wth each other..through thick n thin..this tym they vow 2gthr..they will prct MANAN..this tym evry evil eye has to face them frst ..b4 facing manan
They all shouted in union”WE LOVE YOU..”.Evry1 laughed wth happiness and hugged all..
One pair of eyes is watching all this…that is rohan…he called raghav(his boss)
Raghav:now wat..”he asked he is really pissed of with rohan’s failure
Rohan:boss they r celebrating..bahut happy they r..and 2day a new grl came here..vth them…
Raghav is hell confused nd asked”celebrating?”and “who is that grl?”he asked quickly
Rohan replied”I don’t know sir…but all r calling her NANDINI..”he told after listening to cabir’s voice calling her nandini from behind..
Raghav now is dumbstruck..”Yeh…yeh..How is it possible?nandini..nandini is alive?”he is shocked wth the revelation of nandu being alive…

Hello,ppl hope u enjoyed last episode…I am actually very very happy with ur response..But pplm wat do u think…really the darkness is over?wat is raghav’s secret behind the hatred..?do comment ur opinions…This epi is genuinely dedicated to my sweet ,cute malayali reader nestle joseph(And by the way nestle thnks for asking how I ‘m doing with meghna in butlast epi update..…nd Im also a malayali yaar..hifi..I’m doing well nd hope u r fyn…She is just suffering from flu..So I got the chance to update these 2 episodes..Hope U all r o.k wth even my writing style..)and also Kavya..Luv u all lots(this luv u all is not frm me,but from ur writer meghna..)Ignore typos…Nd angel sorry to say ur guess is wrong..nestle urs is lyk partial ryt…nd feel free to ask any further ques regarding ff in comments and ur writer vl answer all of them…U may even shoot her wth ques regarding her..I guess she wnt mind…(Ofcourse,she is gonna kill me for giving this idea..This episode is my own style of writing and words..Only draft is given by her..)kk..bahut hogya nah bakwaas.bye…tc…

Credit to: Adhithyan Varma

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