Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 2)


Hello ppl….I am back….Sorry for making you guys waiting for a whole week.I was literally in a very bad condition and so couldn’t update.Now I’m feeling better and bored in hospital…And so Meghna is back with another update for you…And as a small token of gratitude for all the love u showed and to make up my fault of not updating for a week today I’ll give you two updates…So,enjoy…ok…Enough of my crap…Go in to the story…

Recap:Manik is in a really devastated state remembering Nandu’s death and unwilling to believe it..Cabir consoling him…
Cabir left the place after confronting Manik…he directly went to his home..where his friends and his love Navya(yes she is Cabir’s gf and not pregnant) was waiting impatiently…Cabir rang the doorbell but before ringing ,he wiped all his tears ..took a deep breath and composed himself..after hearing the ring..Navya ran towards the door and opened it..and she found Cabir standing their leaning to a wall,taking support..

It just takes fraction of a sec for her to understand his state…she knows him more than himself..Cabir gave a faint smile to her but he ignored eye contact with her as he knows if he will look into that deep eyes,he will collapse right in her he helped himself and moved inside….Then suddenly ,Mukti came to him and asked “Manik mila?Have you found him?He is fyn ryt..?Where was he..?Didnt you bring him with u..? Arey yaar speak something…”…but Cabir is silent..he is unable to gather words to tell them that their best buddy,their saviour is in pain…who is literally killing himself bit by bit…a lone tear escaped his eyes..Then Alya asked”Cabir say sumthing..You are scaring us..plz….say na… Where is he?”

Dhruv:”Han Cabir..bata na..Tell where is buddy?..Even his phone is switched off..He is fyn ryt?You met him ryt?Mila na tu use?”all this while…Cabir is lost in his own world..Navya came forward..put her hand on his shoulder which makes him come out of his thoughts
Cabir:”Ha..ha…wo teekh hai…He is fyn….” Said while stammering all the while…
Navya:”Manik..How..How …can…he…be alryt again…?”she cried silently lowering her gaze…

Mukti:”Where is he..?Come let’s all go to him….”by saying this she tried to move out but Cabir held her hand and gestured no saying He went home….may be…and said the last word in a low pitch voice as he is also not sure that where Manik must have went…Then Alya said”We cant see Manik lyk this..I’m unable to understand y he is not trying to accept..”and she paused which made every single eye teary who were present there…Then Dhruv spoke”How can he accept it?He LOVED HER ..”his eyes were also watery and was unable to take any longer…but there is someone who became angry by his statement..and that was Cabir.He immediately snapped saying”How could you say this Dhruv..that HE LOVED HER..Manik LOVES Nandini today also..He loves her a lot.Its not He loved her..but he still loves her..”he said in anger but in pain too….

Alya:”Cabir …Dhruv didn’t mean that…Its just…”
Cabir:”What is just Alya…speak up…bolo?”Cabir couldn’t take this anymore…he cant pretend to be strong..he collapsed on the ground..and started crying badly..he is screaming…yelling…he Is in pain ..not for him but for his bro,buddy..who had always protected them..but now they all are failing to protecthim..he is crying and crying…harder and harder…everyone rushed towards him.Navya took him in her arms and tried to soothe his pain..but all is in vain..after sometime he relaxed..stopped crying but eyes are red still having tears in them…

Mukti:”Cabir…plz…If u itself is lyk this wat abt us..? pls get up..” saying she made him stand and let him sit on the chair and Navya brought a glass of water for him..he drank it and is relaxed..rested his head on the chair rest,closed his eyes while Navya put her fingers and caressed his hairs..Then Mukti spoke”we have to make MANIK realize otherwise we may even loose him as we lost CHUTKI..” and she also cried..alya hugged her..Dhruv:”But Manik..He didn’t agree at that time itself..Now how will we do this?” and he paused…Cabir opened his eyes listening to Dhruv’s unfinished words..he looked towards everyone..who are having tears in their eyes..he stood and hugged them all…

Meanwhile in other part,A boy is sitting on the floor of the room..surroun ded by vases nd broken glass pieces..surrounded by lots of pictures…On the wall straight to him there is a lifesize pic of a girl in white dress smiling….it was a dark room but from the windowmoon light was falling inside to enlighten the room..a boy was scolding a scarf in his hand..and with the moist teary eyes..he pick one of the picture..look deeply in the person’s eyes in the pic..touches very gently which shows his love for that person..he hugged the picture tightly and said…”Your …Your MANIK came NANDINI…plz..come back sweetheart..” and started weeping…

A girl standing on the door wearing a beautiful white anarkali..her long hairs were open..she came towards Manik…sat beside him..holded his hands and make him look into her eyes
Girl:Manik..y are u making it tough for me?…Then Manik replied”Because u are not letting me to be with u..” .The girl replied”You know this is never possible Manik…I’m always there with you..”with a smile..Then Manik replied”Ha u r there..But you will never come in front of everyone..Do you know wat all r saying..?” and lay down his head in her lap…she just gave a smile and aked “Ha.wat r they telling?”..Then MANIK said”All r saying that u are not there.But see you r here..infront of me…”looking straight into her eyes..she didn’t reply..slowly he lost himself in the depth of that eyes and drifted into sleep..seeing him sleeping peacefully..

she kissed his forehead..made him rest and kept some pillows beside him..she says”Good night” in his ears with a smile and walks away towards the door…but she is unable to,stopped by the door with teary eyes.. and said”Let m e go Manik..I’m here only because of your love..This is against laws of God and Universe..I cant give you pain..but see how much pain you r bearing alon..I have to go… I have to go..”with this she disappeared.. and Manik woke up from his sleep and start lookin g around…but he finds nothing..he looks at the photo and remembers her words”I have to go..” and shouts”NO…I will not allow you to go anywhere…Nowhere..” and looks determinedly into the pic

Cabir broke the hug and Dhruv said”He didn’t believe it that time itself…When everything happened in front of our eyes itself..”and then Mukti seconds it saying”Ha We were all there…”…Navya continues”and Nandini…” words caught in her throat..her eyes were moist…Alya continues”But we r unable to do anything…”she cried…

Then Cabir spoke”That is the reason Manik is not able to be normal until today..coz…NANDINI DIED IN FRONT OF HIS EYES ONLY..”by this truth everyone were hurt…badly hurt……

Honest feedback required…Criticsm accepted..Suggestions are welcome…Ignore typos please…You may think Manik part is less today but the other thing is required to potray Nandini’s bonding with everyone..As one of my readers pointed that this is already in Wattpad..for that actually this is a combined story written by me and my sister..My sister and her friends posted in one of her friend’s account already.So,if you want me to continue further I’ll or otherwise I’ll wrap up.Lots of love…Bye…

Credit to: Meghna Krishnan

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  1. Ooooo godddddd suspence is killing me!!please update soon .. its really good… how did nandidni die… C’mon update soon

  2. superb……i was on the verge of crying..but somehow controlled myself

  3. Sorry for typos it is holding the scarf and girl beside the door

  4. Babes u made me cry dr

  5. don’t u dare go anywhere…………. what do you think after giving such pain and heartbreak I’ll let u go…………plzzzzz its unbearable…………… bring back nandini at least 4 manik……….he needs her…..I can’t see him like that………..u know I’ve an idea……….make manik a little normal then bring nandini with a memory lose after showing the fb………….only if you like………….but plz don’t make it difficult 4 me 2 read……… hurts 4m inside………literally can’t express………still waiting 4 the next epi…….update soon

  6. Mishti dear..I’ll show Nandini nd bring them closer soon.don’t worry.And as far my absence for a week,I met with an accident that resulted in a small surgery for my spine..So,I was unable to update.Now that I’m a bit well I’ ll give u update.Ur suggestion will b considered and finally I wrote nd updated other part..It is under review I not yet published..Love u lots…Thanks for ur support

  7. How is ur health now? R u okay? Get well soon…. N abt the story… Truely speaking i like ur narration skill very much bt cant seee manik n other at such pain. Bring back the same nandu soon which u killed at ur story… No lookalike is acceptable 😀 . N give update only when u recovered . fully.take care

  8. I’m a bit fyn now..Thanks Lisa..nd don’t worry ppl, within next 2 updates,I’ ll give u a good..nd as far Manik’s pain is concerned..I too hate to write him in pain..but its necessary for some 2-3 episode s..So pls b patienr

  9. *good hope

  10. It is amazing
    Update next episode plzz
    Waiting for it eagerly

  11. Pls..pls…tell me that nandini is not dead and that was just a misunderstanding…nandini CAN’T die leaving manik in darknesss…thts the whole point of their love right…anyways good work…keep writing….and yeah take care…don’t strain yourself too much…:). Stay happy..

  12. How r u dear…..
    R u okk now….
    Ur story is damn interesting…..
    Plz continue……
    Waiting for next part….

  13. This story is in instagram !!

  14. Oops sorry that was for another ff !! 🙁

  15. Awesome episode, loved the bonding of nandini with all the people…manik’s condition is miserable….so hurting episode. ..plz continue dear here at TU…….I want to read this unique amazing story. …suspense is killing me. ..plzzzz upload soooooooon. …love you loads

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