Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 19)


Manik is still in a state of shock..he didn’t react even a bit..but his eyes are telling the dilemma of his mind..he is thinking all this is just a mere dream…and when he will open his will vanish…he thought it’s a dream..a beautiful dream..if it is let it b..he wont ever open his eyes again coz this is dream is way to good for him..tears are brimming down his eyes..he startd moving backwards…hit the wall and is abt to fall but he held te nearby table..Cabir who is standing beside him is also shocked to the core but he tried to hold manik..but manik showed his hand to cabir gestured a no..just then the picture which manik and cabir were looking into few minutes ago fell down from the table and that quickly drew his attention..he picked it from the floor and looked into it..

LADY: came towards manik,took the photo from his hands and said”I know..wat u might b thinking ryt now..”he looked at her with a lot of hope in his eyes which anyone can easily figure out how badly he wanted all this to b real..but still he is not it real or not
Arjun:who is standing a bit far till now came forward and asked to the lady and said”u came here in the morning ryt?”the lady looked at him and nodded a yes to him..while others are surprised and shocked..
Manik:”MERI NANDINI….MERI NANDINI..MY NANDINI..ZINDA HAI..SHE IS ALIVE..”he finally said something all this while..looking downwards..a wide smile appeared on his face..but his eyes r teary..while all others are too much happy that their happiness doesn’t have bounds
Lady cupped his face and said”Han..ur alive..she is with me..and at my home…”now manik looked straight into her eyes..his eyes are deep red

LADY:”wont u meet her..nandini se nahi milna?”she asked him innocently with a wide smile..he just lyk a small baby nodded his head..his lips are shivering but a smile crept on them…there is a shine in his eyes…for the frst tym in 2 years,he felt he is taking breath..but still his heart is not beating as it will only beat after seeing her
Cabir came forward and asked the lady”aap..r u telling the truth?”
Lady:yes..”with a big smile.her eyes are also teary..she feels somehow connected with all of them..their luv for that girl…is depicted in their eyes in the form of tears.she agained turned to manik who is standing lyk a statue and said “chale..”her this one word gave hm lyf..he is going to meet his nandini..his star..his sunshine..his evrythng..he is not able to believe that god has finally showed some mercy on him..he quickly took the lady’s hand,sat inside the car..noow he didn’t want to waste even a second..and he drove away to meet his lyf

He is driving in fullspeed..if he had wings..he would have flied to her..he started remembering her
BG(For more effect go through the song):

Paas aaye..
Dooriyan phir hi kam naa hui ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
Aassman ko zameen,ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile…jaa mile
Ishq saccha wahi,jisko milti nahi manzilein..manzilein
(he remembered how much close they were lyk always in each other’s arms but still destiny pulled them apart..their love was complete but their story is incomplete..he remembered her words”I WILL ALWAYS SHINE FOR U”..and his words for her on new year’s eve”YES U R MY SHIN ING STAR”)
Rang the noor tha,jab kareeb thu tha
Ek jannat sat ha,yeh jahaan
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa,likh ke chod gaya tu kahaan
(He remembered their almost kiss on Diwali night,their first kiss b4 musicana,how he ran behind her in his room and they both fell on bed,their hug on new year’s eve,their kiss after fusion concert,her proposal on her birthday..he remembered all their beautiful memories of them and now his eyes are teary becoz of happiness and a smile crept on his lips)
Hamari adhuri kahani…
Hamari adhuri kahani..
(he stopped the car and looked in the side..he has finally reached the place..his eyes are just fixed on mansion’s gate)
Khushbuon se teri yunhi takra gaye
Chalthe chalthe dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye

(he slowly stepped out of the car…just when his feet are about to touch the ground..a cold soft wind touched his face..he closed his eyes feel it..and inside nandini(akshu) is sitting on the bed..suddenly looked straight as she felt the same way..they both r able to feel each other’s presence)
Jannatein agar yahin
Tu dikhe kyon nahi
Chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan,intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha
Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaan
(he slowly and slowly started moved towards the gate and meanwhile nandu also started moving towards gate, they cant wait they both start running in the same direction..still they are not able to see each other..they r running maniacally)
Humarii adhuri kahani..
Humari adhuri kahani..
(they both stopped in the midway after they saw each other..their steps freezes right there whn their eyes met..there is a crave in their eyes..both are looking at each other as if they have met each other after ages..a little distance is still there in between them…they are standing a little far from each other)
Pyaas ka ye safar khatam ho jayega
Kuch adhura sa jot ha pura ho jayega
(they both start moving spellbounded..took tiny small steps towards one another..still not believing whatever happening around is real or not..they chuck all their thoughts and soon they r standing very close to each other..manik with shivering hands and teary eyes touched her face..nandini also with teary eyes caressed his cheeks)
Jhuk gaya aasman,mil gaye do jahaan
Har taraf hai Milan ka samaa
Doliyan hai saji,khushbuein har kahin
Padhne aaya khuda khud yahaan…

(after touching each other..they realised all this is true..without thinking for a second,they hugged each other was a never ending hug..they both had craved for each other’s warmth..nandu is clutching his shirt in her fist from back..her eyes closed..tears continuously welling..while manik held her possessively in his other words it is a bone crashing hug..)
Hamari adhuri kahani…
Hamari adhuri kahani..
(after that never ending hug..they both broke the hug..but still his hands are on her back securely holding herwhereas her hands are on his back..they both looked straightly into each other’s eyes..he kissed her forehead with utmost love and care..while she closed her eyes to feel his is a reunion for two soul..they are lost in their own world..looking into each other..and all other ppl in that mansion r having tears of happiness..finally true love won)
Manik:nan..nandini…”his voice is shaky yet so soft that anybody can fall for it..he cupped her face in both his hands
Nandini:maannniiikkk…”she said with great difficulty
They both are standing quietly engrossed with each other..time stood still for them..they both got their lyf back..after 2 years…wat they craved for…which is not more than 2 births for them..tday they felt they r alive..although they r brathing..they r dead frm inside until 2 on their lips is nt fading even for a sec.nandini kissed manik’s forehead and then his cheks..just wanting to feel his’s all true..not a dream..manik simply surrended himself to her to feel her in his arms…oblivious of the surroundings..

Manik cupped her face,tucked her hair behind her ears..she is looking staright into his eyes..his touch..his deep eyes…is melting her frm inside..they didn’t bother where they many ppl are surrounding them..he didn’t shift his gaze frm her..not even for a sec..he gently picked her in his arms and without breaking the eye contact took her inside the bedroom..which is just behind where she is standing..
All their frnds,servants of the house and the lady..everyone’s eyes r moist..they have never witnessed such intense love in their lives..not even a single person utter anything as they didn’t want to dstrb those two love doves…they all are amiling when he picked her up in his arms
Manik pushd the door from his leg and then closed it with his leg frm behind..and with his eyes he asked her to lock it..and she complied to it..he gently made her sit on the bed and he himself sat beside her..he is observing her face now..her face which alwys used to pale now…her eyes which always used to twinkle..are having dark circles beneath them..but their onething is common..that is HER LOVE FOR HIM…she is watching him wthout blinking her eyes as if he will vanish..he held both her hands in his and gently kissed her hands..again there is silence..but their eyes r talking a lot..words are not always suffice to explain what is playing inside us

“PLEASE TAKE MY NAME..”they both said at the same time..which made them smile to the fullest..”MANIK..””NANDINI.”..they called each other’s name at the sametime…listening ur name frm the person on whom ur lyf lyk inhaling oxygen..they both don’t need any endearments…
Manik caressed her face,kissed her forehead,cheeks..she closed her eyes ,feeling his warmth..he rested his forehead on her’s and said..with his eyes closed..”I felit lyk I died 2 years back..and today I got my lyf back”
Nandu:feelings r mutual manik..”she said his name wth utmost care that he opened his eyes and asked
Manik:”phirse kehna..tell once again..”
Nandini:”kya..wat..”in confusion..
Manik:my name…
Nandu:manik..”she said after cupping his face..a beautiful wide smile appeared on his lips..”.He slowly started believing all this is real..he gently traced her lips with his thumb which sent shiver to her whole body…feeling him so close to her..she is loosing herself..she just muttered manik..
Manik:”don’t utter anything..plz..”and he again traced her lips but this tym with his lips and continued”U cant even much I crave for u..nandu”he muttered
He held her from her waist and slammed his lips against hers…it was a soul renduvering one…he said”I died every single second without u..”a tear fell down from his eyes..

Nandini opened her eyes,saw the pain in his eyes…and hugged him tightly.. and she uttered..”Yeh..yeh..THIS IS TRUE RYT?..u r here ryt manik?ho na tumm..”she said while sobbing..he broked the hug and said”s it’s all true..and even if its not..i wish I will never b able to open my eyes again,instead of loosing u again…I wish to die here right in ur arms..”she put her palm on his mouth and gestured a big no to him..and he kissed on that palm..manik now lying peacefully beside her…engulfed into her..they both try to frft the dreadful past and suddenly manik asks”nandu…will u sing for me plz…”.she nodded her head in a yes..hugged him tightly and started singing Kehne ko zashn e bahara song…While singing she started caressing his hair..put her chin on his chest..and he tightly secured her waist…)

They both r crying for the punishment they had gone through for the crime they even don’t know..then manik says”I wanna die with u..i cant live without u..”.then nandu says” v will LIVE TOGETHER HUMESHA..”he also repeats “hamesha..” in a promsing way….soon,both drifted into a much needed and peaceful sleep.. compensating all their sleepless nights..
After sometime,he woke up,saw the most beautiful and serene sight of his world “HIS NANDINI..HIS GIRL” holding him if he will run away if she looses her grip on hm..he found her hair strands dstrbing her..gently tucked back..he noticed she is not wearing earrings..he kissed her ears..ech make her smile..s…she can even sense his touch in sleep..he immediately took a pair in his pocket..wch he always carried as a memory..and gently made her wear wch she is see HER MAN..and fell in love wth him again and again..and upon her asking he said wth galore love that he always had a pair of earrings with him as he isa obsessed with them

After sometime they both came outside holding each other’s hands..looking at each other wth broad smile..whch made evry1 smile to their fullest..their frnds ran upto them.Cabir hugged her tightly with tears saying Choti..nandini hgged him back with 1 hand as her othrhand is caught by he is still in faer of loosing her not willing to take a risk..
Cabir:nandu..u r fyn..right in front of me..i cant believe..”she wiped away his tears..and gave a wide smile..and said”see..i m prfctly alryt..”she said while making him look at her frm top to toe
Evryone else also hugged her while abhi is the one who is really happy sobbing with hiccups almost..”Babydoll..”..saying he almost trashed into her..and sobbed harder…she also hugged him saying”bhayya..”and no words are spoken btween them…as all the 26 alphabets cant express their feelings now…All r happy to see their small famly back again..manan saat down on the couch.There were lot of questions for all..but chuck..they don’t wanna ruin this moment of happiness with haunted memories of mshap..
Ashwath:manik..this is the same who gave blood to u..”he said pointing to Aishwarya..who is sitting near to them

Ahana:aunty..u said trutyh that day..god has sent u..that day u saved bhai by giving blood and today in actual manner gave his lyf back..”she said while pointing towards the smile which is not fading from manan’s faces..
Manik:aunty..u don’t know..wat u gave me..i was only inhaling breath till today but u gave my soul back..mrs..?”
Lady:btw I’m Miss.Aishwarya kapoor..u don’t have to say much..ur face is telling me evrythng..manik and akshu..sorry nandini”she said with a wide smile..
Mukti:that day in hospital..when v found manik on death bed..v were shattered..but u saved him and now u saved us all..thnk u”
But nothing drew nandu’s attention xcept DEATH BED..LIFE ND DEATH STRUGGLE”which made her terrified
Nandu:manik..wat happened to u?”she asked worriedly
Manik:nothing..just a small accident.
Nandu:what?u r nolt injured ryt?show me..tum teekh ho n a..manik..”she checked him panoicking for any wounds
Manik held her and hhugged her tightly as he knows this is the only way to make her calm..while others just smile..they have missed these two lyk this….Then both say “I LOVE U MANIK/NANDINI SO MUCH THAT IT HAS NO LIMIT”at the sametime.After some more time,all thanked the lady for nandu and even nandu hugged her and said thanks bua..sorry aunty..THEN the lady says no u can call me bua now also..akshu..sorry nandini..and tearfully they leave
{mr.kapoor went to delhi for some business purpose}
Just when aliya is about to step into the car..she got a call.
Voice:hello..aliya saxena?

Voice:mam..v got a deadbody a week ago..nd from all the driving license and identities..v got to know he is HARSHAD SAXENA..nd got ur nmbr frm his mobile..but v r unable to find u b4,so v did his funeral..”
Aliya is shocked to the dropped frm her hands…tears welled up in her eyes..evryone rushed to her
Cabir:wat happened aliya
Aliya:bhai..he is no more…she said shocked and sobbing
They are also shocked as well..a lolt of mystery is going to unfold after nandini’s arrival…now wat is gonna happen next in their lives..

Hey ppl, done with the epic union…Actually I don’t want to split the union episode.So,I gave such a big update 2,603 words,plz do comment…I hope I reached all ur xpectations while describing manan union..If not I’m so sorry..this was all I was able to manage..Did u feel it was too emotional,jyada xplanatory and cliché?… If u felt it was crappy ,dilse sorry..and do let me know ur valuable feedback either criticsm or appraisal coz it is wat, that gives me a sort of energy boost to write..Suggestions are welcome..Ignore typos..more twists yet to come..bye..luv u loads…I wanna thank all my silent readers who have commented on my last update and made it valuable and I’m very happy to see mishit commenting again back..So,I dedicate this lovely chapter to my regular and everyday,common reader mishti..luv u dear…

Credit to: Meghna Adhithyan

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