Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 18)


Somewhere in the dark room:
Akanksha still in the trance of panic attack is sitting on the bed and looking at the bracelet intensly..suddenly she heard a melodious voice..she found it very familiar..she looked upwards and slowly but with great difficulty moved out of bed as she injured herself on the foot the b4 day and opened the room’s door..she is spellbounded nd followed the source of the voice..she is walking in the direction of that voice..but wat she found made her freeze on spot..tears brimming down her eyes…flashes nd memories of a person ..but a big wide smile appeared on her face..she found servants of gthe house watching t.v and the voice she is following is none other than “HER MANI…MANIK..”
In these 2 years or either last 6 months she used to get flashes of that person but never heard his voice or saw him in T.v to remember everything when she is not in attacks.only in attacks she used to remember his name and used to become normal after that 6-7 hours again}
She is crying profusely but smiling to the fullest as she got her life if she got the reason to live back..she started moving towards t.v and stopped very clse to it..she lightly touched the screen as she wanted to feel his touch
Akshu:MANIK…all she can utter was his full name atlast..tears dripping down her face…she is looking lovingly into his eyes..all servants are really confused as they never saw their choti madam in such a vulnerable state even at time of attacks.She turned towards one of the servants and asked with a smile stammeringly..”when…when ..was taken?”
Servant:akshu beta..this was b4 1 week

Now her happiness has no bounds.she again turned towards t.v and paused the screen on his face..she saw tears in his eyes,..pain in his voice…she again touched his face so as to erase every pain from his life
“nandini…nandini…nandini”only this name started ringing in her ears somebody is calling this name again and again..she closed her ears with her hands…a servant rushed towards her..
Servant:akshu betiya…tum teekh to ho na?”he said worriedly
She slowly opened her eyes,moved hands from her ears and again looked at the paused video

“MERA MANIK…..MANIK…HE IS ALIVE..WOH ZINDA HAI..MERA MANIK..MY MANIK..”a beautiful wide smile appeared on her face..after seeing the love of her life safe and sound..recalled him calling her “nandini..”..yes she is NANDINI….but the next moment she felt dizzy and fainted..every servant rushed to her and made her lay down on her bed..a servant called Aishwarya and asked her to come right away as Akanksha fainted….
Outside R.T.O OFFICE:
Manik and cabir are sitting in a car outside the office
Cabir:manik..there is a lot of public here..if we go inside lyk becomes news headline
Manik:do u think I care?i don’t give a damn to it..”he said angrily and tried to get out of the car but cabir stopped
Cabir:pagal mat ban..dont b mad..v cant take risk
Manik:have u became mad?v came until here and now u r asking me to leave this?its about MY NANDINI…damn it..u want me to back out?”he literally shouted at cabir
Cabir:shant ho ja…I know its about YOUR NANDINI….that’s y I’m saying..think…If this comes in news that v have gone to R.T.O know abt the truck driver of that accident case..Then whoever has done this will b alerted..think abt it..”he tried to pacify manik and he became successful..”Manik realized in his anger..he cant ruin all this..
Manik:u r ryt..but v cant sit idle nah

Cabir:v cnt go inside..but ppl frm inside can come nah..”he said wth a smirk and manik understood wat he meant
Cabir quickly used his contacts and asked head of R.T.O to find every detail about the they r waiting of the officers came handed over a file to them with address,name nd contact.Cabir thanked hima and he left
Cabir:it’s some AKBAR MALIK..let’s go nd meet him…v even have the address.let us leave asap..”
Manik:hm…but wait..v have another work to do
Cabir:wat?”he said in confusion while manik drived to an isolated place..but b4 leaving he made a call
Manik and cabir are standing near a car..while cabir asked”manik..i don’t know ki y v r here..”
Manik:have patience…u ll understand everything
Meanwhile a car came..parked beside manik’s car..manik took keys from the other person and xchngd the car while manik said a thank u

Cabir still in confusion asked manik”y did u chnge the car”
Manik:sometimes I think u became stupid or u r born stupid..”he said vth an evil smirk
Cabir:that wsn’t funny at tell.wat’s cooking..?”he said glaring at him
Manik:dude..the one who is following us..there is a chnce he will follow I chngd the u get it?”he said last line hitting cabir’s head with his hand
Cabir:oh..i got it…but don’t flaunt ur smartness Mr.malhotra”
Manik in a flow said”don’t u know..manik malhotra is already smart..”but realisation hit him…and he remembers nandini’s words b4 musicana opening act
(don’t u know nandin I murthy is already smart)..this is enough to make his smile fade away..a lone tear escaped his eye…cabir realised that he disturbed the wrong strings and he asked”r u okay”..worriedly .then manik replied with a sarcastic smile”PERFECTLY FINE” in a sarcastic way..Cabir didn’t tell anything further bcoz he knows this may lead to his shattering.he knows even though manik is concentrating on finding the culprit he is dying thousand deaths every second..loosing sum1 u loved more than ur lyf causes pain which u cant describe in words..and manik lost his soul..his star..his luv..his life..his heartbeat and how can he live?
In all these thoughts he reached garage of akbar
They see trucks everywhere and think trucks are supplied from there.meanwhile a tall person is visible whom tghey go nd ask excuse me..He recognises them and calls his servant to bring something.then cabir says”Don’t take this much stress.v just need a small help frm u”and explain abt the accident and shows the details

Akbar:sir.this truck is never again is used after that accident..and the driver never came..Ill give his address to u..”and quickly gives the address
It is very difficult for both manik and cabir to come out of there is a huge crowd..who will recognise them which will lead to a big prblm and feel bad for the first tym for being famous.Suddenly an idea strikes them and they wear burkhas..and ask the address.they sight they see..made thm froze..the PERSON IS ON THE GROUND..LYING IN A POOL OF BLOOD..BREATHING HIS LAST..”they both rushe..but b4 he could say anything..he is dead..they call commisiioner,intimate him and compose themselves and leave from thre.cabir:who killed him
Manik:the same one who killed nandini..
He tried to interlink all things..a car following them..and they r near to truth..the person is killed”and he drove in frustration of not being able to find the culprit
Now a person is actually following them ,covered ,so that eyes r only visible and said..’’MANIK MALHOTRA… wont cme easily in front of u..”the person said cunningly..I was u got reason to live..han,,”the person smiled a bit”but don’t worry..I’LL snatch ur lyf as well”now he removed cloth from his face and his face is clearly visibe…HE IS NONE OTHER THAN RAGHAV…ex-professor of SPACE

Raghav:I have lot of scores to settle wth u manik..haha”and he drove away not following manik this tym

Manik is driving ruthlessly..he is so frustrated that he is close but unable to find…nothing was able to calm him done and cabir left with no option played nandini’s dsnt even take a fraction of second fr him to calm him’s the only solace..she is his salvation..and cabir’s successful..manik slowed the car but he is so into her voice he didn’t realise and hit a man..fortunately he is not injured
Manik:U r fyn ryt?am really sorry..i didn’t see u”he helped the man to get up
Man recognised him and said”u r MANIK MALHOTRA RYT?

Manik:ji..but u r fyn ryt?
Man:don’t worry ..Im fyn..actually it’s not ur mistake..I wasn’t oncentrating on the road..sorry
Manik:plz..ts my faultI have to see..I’ll drop u..tell me ur address
Man:Its near..its fyn..That’s y I came by walk..i WILL MANAGE
CABIr:no plzz….its our plz come with us
And after some conversation the man agreed to both of them and sat in the car,he said “by the way I am ARJUN SINHA”
Cabir:I m cabir and he is manik…as u know..but fr formality
ARJun:smiled..s…hu dsnt know FAB-5
And they arrived at arjun’s place

Arjun:This is my small sa house”cabir chuckled as the house is actually no lesser than a mansion and said””sarcastically
Just then manik’s mob rang and it is abhi..he answered..abhi asked hs location..manik asked y ..but upon insistence reluctantly said and abhi asked him to b there only and they ‘ll come there.Manik is tensed y he said lyk that..just after cutting the call..manik’s eyes fell on a picture which is placed on the side table..he stood up from the sofa,moved towards the pic and shocked to the core..cabir finding him lyk a statue..he also moved front and was shocked
Cabir:yeh..this..picture.. he said wth great difficulty while manik is still in the state of shock..a voice from back broke his trance
Voice:I’ll tell u the truth of this picture”
Manik and cabir turned and found a lady standing by the side of the door..and soon all their frnds came
Lady:But b4 that…ek aur truth hai..aur that is…UR NANDINI..UR NANDINI IS ALIVE..”she said straightly looking into his eyes
Now this comes as the biggest shock of his lyf..tears start flowing from his eyes..he lost his sanity for sometime..he I just standing lyk a statue..he thought he is watching some dream..and when he will open his eyes..everything will vanish..he didn’t even blin k his eyes once..”UR NANDINI IS ALIVE”only this line is echoing in his ears
Hola,…1,711 words..ok luv u all.bye…

Hello,ppl…How could u think that I’ll separate Manan.I’m also a kyyian…#manan_humesha #Kyy_forever luv u all….I hope all ur confusions will be cleared and manan union will be in next episode.Wait for it…Ignore typos.Just let me know if u r not lyking anything in my track…

Credit to: Meghna Adhithyan

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