Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 17)


Manik’s room:
The dark night finally passed.. Manik is standing in front of the mirror and is getting ready..just then his mob rang..he grabbed it from bed and answered
Man:hello r u son.
Man:im fine r was the meeting..
Nyo:do u really think the meeting is more imprtnt than u..for me?..ha..?
Man:mom..i was just did u have ur brkfast?
Nyo:ha ..come home quickly..son..the house is incomplete with u…im worried for u..I know u r stubborn..u r taking medicines ryt?I ll cross check wth cabir
Man:smiled a bit and “u left these many ppl to watch out for I cant escape ryt? I miss u take care..”and cut the call
He goes downstairs and every1 are already waaiting fr him
Manik:Guys I need to talk..”he said in a serious tone
Dhruv:ha buddy..u sait..we ll talk
All of them sat

We need to find out who did all this..”they all look at him carefully
Cabir:u r ok ryt?”he said worriedly
Manik:ha cabir..but ir doesn’t matter..that person..who ruined our lives matters..
All in unison:yes..u r ryt manik..v l find him/her
Manik:yes and turn his lyf into hell..”he said in a low pitch but in a very angry tone
Cabir:but wat is the plan
Manik:as of plan..but v l make it happen..we will find out that person at any cost..
Abhi:hm…but ques is how?
Manik:frstly v have to find the truck..from which nandini met accident
Abhi:but its almost 2 will v trace the truck

{Author’s p.o.v:
happy realisation…now u accepted the fact that she is dead and tracing now manik..ha ha ha}
navya:yes.abhi is now the driver would have been hidden somewhere or may b he even destroyed the truck

everyone are in deep thougts..and ashwath broke the silence
Ashwath:I know a place..where all vehicles are destroyed..I mean all crime related vehicles..”
Manik:great then..ashwath,dhruv,aliya and ahana u all go there and me nd cabir will go to police station to get the truck’s number and abhi,mukti and navya u try to get info abt the truck driver frm local people..i mean any clue regarding the accident and all .So all clear?
YES”everyone in unison..and all stepped out of the house in a hope to find sumthing abt the person…as soon as they stepped out..a pair of eyes are watching is rohan..although he doesn’t know wat happened..but he started following them…only to find all cars going in diffrnt directions..he thought of following manik’s car and strtd following it..
Inside manik’s car:
Manik is driving the car..cabir is sitting beside him
Cabir:manik..r u sure we ll get any clue from police station?I mean at that tym ..v didn’t file any case against that truck driver as v r all in a shock
Manik:I know cabir..we didn’t file any complaint..but accident took place they have to have a record of it ryt?

Cabir:u r ryt
Just then frm rear view mirror..manik saw a car following them constantly..frst he ignored..but he said
Manik:cabir..i think some one is following us…”seeing into the mirror
Cabir:wat?where…”he tried to look out of the window..but manik stopped him to do so
Manik:don’t look outside..he will have a doubt..v need to fool him..”manik took a sharp turn..rohan too did the same but meanwhile itself he missed manik’s car.
Rohan:shit..he boss will kill me..
Manik took the shortcut which rohan don’t know..took a u turn..and now his car is on the road where he had taken sharp turn..he stopped the car and found rohan’s car and noted his car’s number…he said to cabir..there is something interrelated..v have to see abt him tgoo..but let’s go to police head quarters 1st”and drove away
Police headquarters:
Manik and cabir entered station

Manik:I want to meet the commissioner”constable showed him the direction
Both entered inside the cabin and handshake with commissioner who asked them to sit
Manik:Am manik malhotra
Com:ofcourse sir..who doesn’t know tell me how may I hlp u?
Manik:I need to know the details of an accident case..that took place 2 years b4
Com:r u talking about the case…in which a girl…she died on the spot…?
Listening to the word “DIED”made manik helpless but cabir held his hand and blinked his eyes
Manik:han ..yes..i need the truck number
Com:sir ..give me a moment..i ll just get it checked”’and he called a constable who brought a file,gave to manik..they got the truck number..thanked the commissioner and came outside and sat in the car
Manik:v got the truck no.v should find the owner now…come let’s go to r.t.o office”and drived to R.T.O. office

Rohan came to meet his boss who is sitting in a car…windows are closed with a b lack film on it
Rohan:boss..actually.wo….i missed manik’s car
Boss: u r good fr nothing…u cant even follow a boy..”he said in full anger
Rohan:I was following him..but suddenly..dont know wat happened ..i missed him”he said worriedly
Boss:shut up..just shut up..”he shouted..”I even asked u to kill HARSHAD..u didn’t even do that…Who b I DID..I KILLED HARSHAD..Now wat…I have too follow manik too?”the person literally shouted on rohan

Rohan is frightened after his boss has killed harshad also and said”wat may I do sir..from last week some1 or the other is with manik..sometimes his frnds,sometimes his mom,wAT can I do if no one is leaving him alone?”
Boss:GET LOST…b4 I kill u as well..last warning..go behind him..GET OUT…”
Rohan moves out he don’t want to die there..
Manik..till when..till when..ur frnds will save u..till when..ur frnds..they r pain in neck…I have to do sumthing fr them..but now…tum bhi..tum bhi..NYONIKA MALHOTRA..even nyonika malhotra..u r also in my hit list now…u want to protect ur son..but who will protect u from
me..hahahahaaaa..”that was an evil laugh..”Don’t mess around wth me…don’t come in my path…whatever comes in my path will b ruined badly..”the person said angrily and drove away

Author pov:
And ppl I’m telling u once again..sum1 complained I introduced many new all old characters only whose names will b revealed very 2 updates r gonna be full suspenseful,revealing the story…bye

Credit to: Meghna Adhithyan

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