Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 16)


Scene shift:
Just when the person(x) is giving info about nandu’s death to manik…somebody(y) came from behind snatched the phone and disconnected the call.This turned out as a very big shock to the person who called(x)
Y:uff.wat?…r u bluttering out something very imprtnt to anyone?…did I dstrb u? sorry..”Y said in an innocent yet evil tone.
X:I said manik ..that somebody has killed his nandini…now u just wait…ur countdown has begun..”he said smilingly
Y: oh..really..u feel so?who will reveal the entire truth to manik..? u or ur dead body…hahahahah..’’that was an evil laugh..and X is frightened at frst but soon covers his face wth a asmile and says”
X:I know u will kill me..but trust me …I don’t care..atleast I did a good job in my lyf for the frst tym..”he said wth a broad smile
Y:”wow…..I’m impressed..finally u remember ur old love nd frndship..akhir our frndshp turned to enmity..why…HARSHAD….”the person said cunningly
Harshad:ha…again frndshp won…I fought wth manik my entire lyf…because of a small misunderstanding..i thought manik separated me frm mukti..manik is insecure bcoz of me ithought…but I was wrong…I realised..he always loved me..I was the one who broke of BAND OF BROTHERS…but now I’m happy…Fab-4 is wth him..they will protect him…

Y:Harshad..manik doesn’t need a loser like u…coz he is a big loser himself…hahaha
Harshad:laugh….until u can..but one day..he will come searching fr u..”he said wth a smirk..
Y:harshad..bas…”he said in anger
Harshad:I wish I was able to save nandni too..but now his family will save manik..u cant harm him..u just can’t”’b4 he can speak itself Y shot harshad and he died right on the spot..
Y:I hate those..who talks a lot..bye harshad..may ur soul nevr attain peace..haha”and left
MANIK:nandini..I don’t know..wat is making me feel so..but now also my heart tells that u r alive..”
Bg:Tum yahin ho song
While the song is playing..somewhere in a dark room on a bed…a girl picked her bracelet up..caressed it lovingly..while manik came to the window and seeing stars remembered how she said that she will shine for him..
Manik:I cant believe u r dead..but still.whoever it may b …the one hu separated us..I will take away his breath frm him..i will not spare that person nandu..till now world has witnessed my luv…but now it has to face my wrath..i will burn this world..but will find that person who has snatched u from me…

In A dark room:
Someone is sitting on a bed,curled up..holding a pillow one hand that beautiful bracelet..she slowly opens her eyes..her frace is pale and eyes r puffy..she is about to get up but falls into an unconscious trance uttering a name”MANI…”abruptly..lyk a prayer
Manik’s room:
Manik who is lying on the bed..woke up with a jerk….”NANDINI…”he said abruptly..Y I feel that u have called me?”he closed his eyes and rested on the bed..and said to himself “I will find that person who snatched my lyf from me..get ready..from tomorrow ..the world will get back to see the MONSTER MANIK MALHOTRA…”he said with full anger
A girl is struggling herself to get up from bed….just then a lady comes and when the girl is about to fall..lady held her and made her sit on the bed..the girl still holding and caressing the bracelet..the lady caresses girl’s face..but girl didn’t look up
Lady(Aishwarya):Akshu..y r u behaving lyk this…always after u get panic attacks..y u become as if u r out of this if u r .not our akshu..and after 6-7 hours ,u become normal again…y?
Akshu:mani..mani…she said in the softest way possible as if the name is very delicate
Aishwarya:Akshu beta from the day I saw u b4 6 months..this is the only name u take when u get these attacks…and that day u were taking the same name…who is that mani..tell na akshu…’
Akshu:mani..mani…”she said and fainted again..
Aishwarya covered her with blanket and moved out ..taking a last glance of her
Servant:mam dinner

Aishu:no ..kaka…akshu ate?
Then aishwarya started remembering the day when they got their akshu back after 1 nd half years
FLASHBACK(…6 months back)
The lady was driving the car..It was late night and was very dark outside and aishu was going home..she found a human figure approaching towards her car with speed as if the person is running..but b4 she applied the break…the person got hit
Aishu came out and was shocked to see her akanksha(her brother’s daughter) lying on the road in such a condition..that too in a chudidhar..bare footed….the girl for whom they were searching lyk mad since 1 nd half year…her pyari bacchii for whom they r crying day nd night..she tried waking her up..
Aishu:Akshu…open ur eyes…u r fyn ryt..?”she patted on her face but no response
She somehow made her lay down in the backseat of her car..took her to her house..told her brother ,who was beyond happy to see his daughter back…
After 2 hours,the girl opened her eyes..shouted mani..mani….found herself in a room..firstly got scared as where she is ..but aishu consoled her and said that she is her bua..akshu felt relaxed wth the motherly touch..but asked aishu who is she?
They were really shocked…then doctor came,saw her and said she is totally depressed over something and may b she partially lost her memory so she is unable to recognize u..After 3 months of doctor’s care,akanksha’s frnds coming..visiting her,making her remember all the things…she was a bit convinced and adapted to her (akanksha’s) style..{
Rude,Stylish and all}

But even after these 6 months ,she gets panic attacks and at tat tym forgets who she is for 6-7 hours and utters only mani..mani name..In all these 6 months Aishwarya and Mr.kapoor tried to find out who mani is but failed…”
thinking,this entire thing aishwarya went to sleep..
Hey ppl,So,I revealed akanksha’s truth..But this is not the way I thought of…but as u r all seeming to lose interest I had to change my plot and revealed a suspense..but still lot more are yet to come..stay tuned

Credit to: Meghna Adhithyan

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