Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 14)


Thanks for commenting and making my day… and I’m so sorry if u r feeling irritated with the present track or storyline going on…But I can write it only in the way I planned to write it ryt?Sorry if I sounded rude..just wait for 3 more episodes most probably..Pls wait for the lead actress entry and actor’s unison…pls….Give honest feedback.Suggestions r welcome..some of u are partially right regarding my story..ignore typos

Fab-4 visit a nearby temple..they had never visited any temple b4..but last tym they came to Shimla..Nandini insisted them a lot..but they didn’t…but today they all visited in such a state which they never even thought of…
They thought of manik’s smiling face and also the face when he was lying in pool of blood..and prayed to god with folded hands…

Abhi knocks on Dr.Armaan’s door
May I come in…
Armaan:Ofcourse dr.abhimanyu come in
Abhi came and sat ,asking doc”Doctor…He’ll b fyn ryt?”
Armaan:”I know wat u all r going through.U r also a doc by profession..u know when patient is not responding v have lot of problems…”
Abhi:I know doc
Armaan:u can call me armaan…he said smiling…and “Abhimanyu..i wanna ask u and show u something..”’
Abhi gets worried..and armaan shows some reports of manik..which shocks Abhi to the core…
Abhi:This is not possible…”he said abruptly..
Armaan:Wat happened..aia just wanna show u..This is not a big deal or serious issue…y r u so worried..”he asks confusingly
Abhi:Armaan its serious…I always had this doubt..but this I haven’t expected this
These reports show that…manik ke blood mein …u found traces of dementia drug..and as u know..this drug can cause a lot of harm to a person..but the point is he hasn’t taken it..
Armaan:Wat? R u sure..”he asked shockingly..
Abhi:am 100% sure..After nandu came into his lyf,manik has never touched alcohol again..aur na after she has left…

Armaan:BY the way hu is this nandini?when he was unconscious ,even in that state also he kept on taking that name
Abhi:nandini…..Is my pyari princess…Manik ka jaan…FAB-5 ka dil..she is no more…2 years b4….”he is unable to continue…he choked..and went into tears
Armaan:Im sorry
And Abhi left the cabin and self thought”That means some one is deliberately giving this drug to manik…but how…. And from when…they r giving this to him..?”he paused for sometime..”and this drug creates visual hallucinations..that means somebody clearly wants to harm him and see him in pain…and all these hallucinations r due to this drug…but kaun ho sakta hai wo?”
He went near Navya,Ahana,Ashwath..Then NAVYA asked him :Bhai..wat’s wrong with u..
Navya:I know it’s not upto the level of nandini..but I can also understand and decipher ur emotions and feelings easily
Then abhi said let Fab-4 come.After they came he pulled them,Navya,ahana,Ashwath to the old dressing room of hospi which is empty and kept two guards near manik and came ,said all of them about the traces of drug..
Everyone shouted this is not possible…He never took drugs or alcohol…whereas cabir is in deep thoughts..and said”That means someone is giving him..and they wanted him to b mentally unstable….But how to find that person?and v have to cease the source…coz the drug should b given everyday if v should everything water etc..and cnfr it to b sealed…”
Abi:S …U r right…
Cabir:I also have to tell u something..I have seen harshad when v r cmng to Shimla near the dhaba.
This shocks everyone and everyone including aliya says”If he is behind all these,…v swear..v will kill him..”
Then aliya says”I rather be an orphan than having a brthr lyk him..”’
Then dhruv side hugs her…
Just then Abhi’s phone rang…Guards called him saying some lady came to see manik and abhi asked her name..The guards reply she is telling that she is the mother of Mr.Malhotra…
Abhi:Guys..nyonika aunt y came…I think the news of manik’s accident is leaked…wat will v tell her know?v promised that v vill take care of him…and v should not tell aunty about this drugs…She ll b even more tensed..
Outside I.C.U:

Nyo:ALLOW..ME ..he is my son..
Guard:sorry mam..v r following orders given by Abhimanyu sir…
Then abhi comes and tells sorry aunty…I had to ensure I did…I didn’t expect u..
Nyo:Wat is happening here…U didn’t care to infrm me..How is my son?
She literally shouts on everyone…Then cabir comes and tells everything and also says sorry aunty…v r unable to save him..unable to keep up our promise….
Then she hugs him back saying u all r my kids lyk’s just ki I’m tensed..that’s it..And after he gets consciousness v will go to Mumbai..
After 6 hours Manik gets consciousness..everyone comes inside and nyo caresses him asking”baccha…baby…u r fyn ryt?”

Manik:Ha…mom….I…am……ne…”he said vth great difficulty
They didn’t go to Mumbai immediately bcoz he is not in a state to travel..and nyo left citing some business reason…

Credit to: Meghna Adhithyan

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