Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 12)


AShwath and ahana came inside…looked at all of them..hugged all and manik..and all reached the venue and as always manik didn’t come infront of the media..he just went inside from the back door..soon fab-5 occupied their space on the stage..crowd was very enthusiastic..manik came infront of the mike..took it in his hands and closed his eyes..just to remember HIS NANDINI..
Ye raatein ab nahi dhadakthi Din bhi saans nahi lete ab
Toh aa jao mere soneya baatein reh gayi adhuri
Mere laboon pe zaroori,aake sun jaao mere soneya
(The pain in his voice can make anyone cry..the way he is can feel the pain in it…his eyes were roaming all around…as he wants only a glimpse of his love..but there is no sign of her and it can’t be)
Tere bin ..nahi laage jiya
Tere bin…ab tho aaja piya tere bin…nahi laage jiya..
(he closed his eyes..and his heart was only calling her name..fab-4,ahu,ashu..navya..abhi..everyone is in tears)
Pehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahi hai baarishon mein pehle jaise baatein nahi hai
Pehle jaise mausam bhi aate nahi hai baarishon mein pehle jaise baatein nahi hai
Sookhe sookhe alfaaz,khali khali mere haathon ki laqeerein bulaave soneya….(he remembered their sweet moments when they were together..their first rain b4 manik confessed his love after fusion concert..he is literally crying now….he looked at the lines of his he meant each nd every word of it)

Tere bin ..nahi laage jiya
Tere bin…ab tho aaja piya tere bin…nahi laage jiya..
(now he is unable to take it anymore he completed the song and left from there as soon as possible..all r worried and rushed behind him..but b4 anhyone can reach him..he sat in the car and drove away)
Abhi:Guys…v need to find him..i hope he is fyn..let’s go behind him…
And everyone tries to leave just then cabir’s phone’s an unknown number…first he was about to cut but navya asked him to pick it it might b he received

Voice from other end:SAVE MANIK..SAVE HIM..
Cabir is hell scared after listening this…b4 he could ask anything further..the person disconnected the call..cabir is horrified…everyone else are also worried to see him in that condition
Mukti:Wt happened?…but he didn’t respond
Navya shaked him a little “What is the matter cabir?kuch tho bol?”’
Cabir:”Manik..”he said still in shock..and rushed towards the car and drove away..leaving all others baffled
Abhi:Something is wrong…lets just go behind him…
And soon all drove away
Manik is driving the car in a very high speed..his eyes full of tears..he remembered how he had seen nandu that day..on a car to Shimla…that’s y he came here…but now he is loosing himself..he cant just withstnd this any longer..he just wants to be in her arms..he wants to hug her till eternity..tears flowing..he applied sudden breaks..and stopped with a jolt..he came out and shouted loudly..
He is now walking on the road aimlessly..soon cabir spot him and came out of his car..he sign a relief that atleast he is safe..cabir called him..but he is looking down and the middle of the road..cabir start running towards him but he is very far…soon everyone else also came and spotted them..Now cabir saw a high speed truck approaching towards manik..he stopped in midway and looked towards manik who is still in trance
Cabir:”MANIKKKKKKKKK…MAAANIKKKKK.” He shouted with high pitched voice..with all energy inside him..but manik didn’t pay any heed to him..cabir ran in full speed towards him with others..
but b4 they reach him the truck hit manik and he rolled in the air and falled straight on the road
Everyone freezes in their places.horrified….manik is lying in a pool of blood..his eyes are half open and he saw a girl…looking at him..he tried to look at her and figured’s his NANDINI..she is in tears..she put his head in her lap…
She cried badly.. she is in tears now…
Manik:Sh…….I……SA..ID..U…N..A…TA..KE…ME…” he said with great he is in immense pain..
Nandini:Manik…she cried bitterly
Manik:”jaha meri nandu..waha uska manik..(where my nandini is..there only her manik will exist)..let’s end the hide nd seek game …Now it’s just u and me..See..God also wants thi…isss”
And he closed his eyes..everyone rushed towards him..each nd everyone is crying badly…Abhi put his hand on manik’s heart and looked at others dejectedly…
Screen freezes on their horrified faces

Guys,I’m really really happy .I’m perfectly alright now.I had my engagement done today(22.03.16) with the love of my life with my parents consent…so too happy and that’s y I updated three parts for u…Sorry for any typos as I’m very busy but wanna share my happiness I uploaded the episodes..For the frst tym..I gave a full favourite…so let me know whether this way is nyc or just mentioning the song name…And as u all wished I made NANDINI AND MANIK together(Manik KO accident hui na…lyk that)..i know this is too much…u r accepted to throw whatever u lyk on me xcept eggs coz I’m a vegetarian..Sorry to ask lyk this…Pls comment silent readers atleast for this update coz I’m too busy today but gave u 3 updates…so atleast for that..Sorry for asking lyk this..Pakka from next tym I won’t ask….Bye take care..luv u loads

Credit to: Meghna Adhithyan

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  1. What r u ending your ff… manik dead…?????

  2. its sad and i hope u have stored something gud for us…
    A heartiest congratulations for ur engagement….

  3. Ur making me cry, Tat take me scean Awsm
    But y Manik?? No Nandu no Manik!?
    Plzz bring them back

  4. nestle joseph

    meghna di tysm for 3 beatiful ff.manik is dead?…best wishes for engagement girl and engagement boy…

  5. Congratulates maghna
    Ur all the part was awesome I liked it alot and hope next will also be like this

  6. Congrats 🙂 but pls don’t kill manan

  7. Congo???Ur killing me now ..,can’t wait 4 d next update plz update as fast as possible.. Plzzzzz

  8. Thnk u so much all for ur warn wishes to me ,now I didn’t end my ff and do let me know full song is btr or just mentioning song name is gud

    1. U can mention full song dii……

  9. hi dear…. sorry fr nt commenting fr so many days…..
    actually was a bit busy wid my exams….
    nd congratulations fr ur engagement dear……
    dis prt was vry amazing yet emotional…

  10. First of all…..congratulations yar…..for ur engagement…….with ur love…..
    Apne apne itne busy schedule me se bhi itna tym nikala…….
    U r just too good writer yar…..
    Engagement ke din bhi….3part ek sath update kiya apne……thank u yar…
    Nd once again…..all the very best for ur happy future….

  11. Omg what an awesome story yaar

  12. congratulations megh for ur engagement……………. am happy for u………… and omg manik is dead ………. am eagerly waiting for next updates and u know what tmrw is my sisters engagement elder one………..

    1. Congo’s for ur sis priya and thanks a lot fr ur wshes

  13. Nooo…Manik can’t die…coz nandini is alive…I’m damn sure abt that…the story cant be complete without manan….and no one can replace nandini for manik..

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  15. Ppl would u actually mind if I update tmrw coz I’m too exhausted engagement works nd all or if u r not OK with it na somehow I’ll try to give today or otherwise 2 updates tmrw

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