Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 11)


After meting session,they all went inside,settled themselves in living room..servants brought snacks and coffee for them
Cabir:”Um…ahu..i so desperately wanna this coffee. ..and thanks’s so chilled over here..”he said while sipping on the coffee..while others smiled at him and looked at manim who is silent all the while..ahana knew that he is bothered about nandu..after her death..he is still in a shock only..although he tried to behave normal..but being his frnds they can understand his unsaid words…She went to him and gave coffee..he took it smilingly and asked “can I get filter coffee?”..looking at it with a weak smile.But ahana said”but manik..filter coffee tho..nan..”she just went with the flow and soon stopped when she realised and sadness occupied everyone’s face
Dhruv:”Ahu..we all r tired.plz can u show us our rooms?”he said trying to divert everyone’s minds from that most painful topic and ahana understood it and said”ha..ha..Rooms are similar as last all know the way ryt?All of u take rest..I’ll just b back..”and she walked out into the garden and all dispersed

As soon as Mnik stepped inside the room..he remembered how last tym he convinced nandu to stay with him they slept cuddling with each other.He put his luggage in the side and sat down on the edge of his bed..he touched the bed very softly with utmost love..although his eyes were taery but a smile crept on his lips..he fetched himself a water bottle..sat on the bed..darnk water..soon he lied down and slept..after sometime..he felt someone hugging him from his side..he opened his eyes to find”HIS SOUL”..lying comfortably in his arms..her hands around his waist,her head on his chest…he also hugged her back and said”Take me also with u”he said helplessly..she opened her eyes..rested her chin on his chest and said”’s u…who has to take me wth u..not me..hai na…”he was now in tears..she wiped them off and hugged him tightly..and soon he drifted into sleep..

Ahana is watering the plants but she is lost somewhere else..a pair of eyes are watching her..soon the person started approaching her..and as soon as he approached her..he put his hand on her mouth from back and turn her towards him..ahana was startled…but soon she is relieved after seeing who it is
Person:Caught u…and he kissed on her cheeks and removed his hands from her mouth…ahana instantly hugged him back…sobbed badly….first he is shocked..but he also hugged her back..still he is worried as y she is crying
Person:baby..wat happened..y r u crying..all ok..?sh..plz…don’t cry..plz”and tried to calm her..but she hugged him more tightly and cried
Ahana:U ‘ll not leave me and go any where ryt aswath?worry..fear are clearly visible in her voice..and ashwath broke the hug..wiped her tears and Ashwath said..”wat?Any doubts?Can anyone be without their heartbeat?”she nodded a no like baby…he smiled and said”then how can I be without u?”..This tym a smile crept on her lips and realised how stupid she is to ask such ques…but soon her smile faded away thinking about MANAN.He made her sit in the swing and asked”Wat made u think lyk that?Y r u so stressed?”sensing something is bothering her..
She simply said”manik”in a faint voice.Now he understood..y she was crying badly..although he was never a close frnd of FAB-5..but last tym when they came to Shimla..they had lots of fun..hanged together..and became very close..he knew them from school but never dared to they r famous for their rudeness especially manik…but last tym he was really a totally new person..and came to know the luv story of the duo..observed their deep love…two bodies with one soul…and after the mishap he saw manik lifeless….uttering no single word..shattered from inside..but silent.Then ahana spoke:”God can’t b so cruel…The ones who made us a pair…those r not together today..”she was in tears and so as ashwath..he continued”Never I have met anyone like her..full of life..only knows to love.”and tears brimmed down his cheeks too”’
She wiped his tears and said”Ashu..i just remember know nandu said when u find true love na..treasure it..Sometimes ego makes us loose relationships..Never v can get them back..Love is a bessing of god..cherish it…don’t take it for granted..Dont send them so far that even u can’t reach..”’

Ashu:Ahu…Because of her words only v r back here today..ek sath…Thwen v realised that we r blessed with true love..otherwise v would have been away from each other.she came lyk an angel..lit our lives wth hapinessand don’t know where and y she went”..both were crying now… and finally moved inside

Ppl sorry for this emotional crap between ahana and aswath .I know it’s out of the track but I just wanna show how nandini lit their lives…And her bond with them..sorry for all this
Back to story:Fab-5 along with navya,abhi are already present there and r ready to rock the’s night ..time for their performance

Credit to: Meghna Adhithyan

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