Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 10)

Arshika waved her hands in front of his eyes..calls him again and again…then Cabir came and pat on his shoulder..wih that he hame back from his memory lane.Cabir asked him”Where r u lost?…She is calling u..”Then manik replied”um…no where..”with a weak smile..but Cabir guessed he must be remembering nandini.Then Arshika again asked”Won’t u sing for me?” a small sadness visible in her voice…He smiled her..maded her stand on her feet and soon he stood up and took her into his arms and said”Ab u have such a cute name and u r such a cute girl tho I have to sing na”she was very happy and he asked cabir to bring his guitar from the car and he started playing guitar and ppl soon gathered ..but were little far as instructed by dhaba owner..

He sang Tujhe bula song from Anjaana Anjaani.He sang it with galore love and passion in his voice and meant every single word in .. it…found Nandini when he opened his eyes and a tear escaped which went noticed by arshika who gestured him to bend and wiped away his tear..and he ended the song..arshika hugged and thanked him..soon her father came and took her away and everyone were watching her going when cabir said “Such a cute girl na..”manik just said “Ha…bilkul Nan…” looking in that direction and stopped midway while everyone looked at him sadly and he avoided everyone’s gaze…dhruv said”Guys.. I think v r late…v should leave..” and everyone supported him.Just then manik said”u guys go..I’ll b back” but cabir asked him where he is heading to? ,to which manik replied washroom and said I’ll come ..u just go…
But cabir couldn’t lleave him alone and went back of him

Manik was standing in front of the mirror and suddenly he saw nandu’s reflection…controlled himself..he looked upwards and said”Where r u…plz come back na..bring my soul back..” and washed his face..somebody is looking at him from back..he started approaching manik slowly…manik was oblivious of surroundings..but b4 the boy could reach manik,cabir came inside shouting manik’s name making the boy hide back.Then cabir said “Manik let’s go..
“To which manik nodded his head and they came out
Boy:”shit..this cabir na..y he came now only..I almost reached manik..damn it.änd kicked dustbin in frustration..a voice from his back left him startled..
Voice:Stop playing hide and seek..
The boy turned back and was shocked to see cabir..but other than this two another pair of eyes r watching was none other than rohan..he took out phone and dialled a number.
Rohan:That boy…..Is seen by cabir
Voice from other end:B4 cabir interrogates anything from that guy,kill him
And cut the call,targeted in the direction where they stood..and looking for an opportunity to fire
Cabir:Have u done with ur stupid hide n seek..what u want..can’t u just leave us’s high time..2 yrs..please stay away..”.Saying so,cabir shouted on top of his voice..he just cant tolerate the sight of boy in front of him
Boy:listen cabir..i’m not interested..i just want to….”His words were cut in middle by cabir who said”Oh.really harshad….”.Now cabir is super irritated with his all time “IAM INNOCENT”rant..
Harshad:LISTEN…..but he got a glimpse of a shadow..he realised somebody is there..he thought he has to move he just shove ooff cabir and ran away….

Cabir was hell confused with his sudden entry and exit..he thought may b harshad is here to harm he hasa to tell others but not now..he will look for a good he moved out and joined others in the car and drove away.
Here Rohan was disappointed of not being able to fulfil his boss’s orders and dialled the number
Rohan:that guy..he ran away..” he said in a worried and scared voice
Boss:U can’t even do one work go behind them..don’t miss them..otherwise u’ll pay heavy for it..”’
The person shouted and anger is clearly audible in that voice
Rohan:Ji “ and cut the call…saw manik’s car already left and soon left after route to Shimla is same and it won’t b difficult to find them
Soon,Fab-5 reached Shimla and have gone to AHANA’s farmhouse..{
Ahana is like a sister to manik and fab-5 ‘s close friend sinced childhood..she is a fashion designer and lives in Shimla from 3 years after her parent’s time.last tym fab-5 came and stayed with her only in Shimla}
Ahana’s Farmhouse:
After listening to the car horn..ahana rushed outside and found fab-5 along with abhi and navya.she hugged manik who hugged her back..greeted all others and mukti introduced abhi:”ahana…he is abhimanyu murthy…”and abhi she is ahana thakkar
Ahana:mukti…u don’t neede to introduce.Last tym u spoke a lot abt him..I can guess him by seeing itself..”she forwarded her hands to abhi for a formal handshake and abhi reciprocated it

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