Manan- Meri aashiqui (Episode 1)


A dark night …Stars are twinkling and somewhere in a big big hall..a lot of ppl cheering for someone…..whole hall was fully with the crowd and every single person was cheering only one name…”FAB-5”..which is the most famous and renowned band of the country…
Consists of 5 ppl..they are 5 bodies…but only one soul…they r famous for their music..the way they sing..they play and their bond of friendship makes everyone love them to the core…”MANIK..MANIK..MANIK..”,”WE LOVE YOU FAB-5”.This was all they are shouting..ppl were going crazy just to get a glimpse of the most talented band..Just then a black Mercedes appeared and 2 ppl(a boy& a girl) came forward holding each other’s hand and whole media came there to capture every detail of them…right when the media was busy in clicking their pics and asking a lot of questions regarding the concert ,another Mercedes and another 2 ppl came out and not even giving importance to the media and joined their friends who were already bearing media’s torture there..all 4 hugged each other and stood to face the whole world together…..

A media person came forward and asked one of them..”Ap log..itne famous hai..ap kuch kehna chahenge is baare mein..”A boy named Cabir just smiled and said “We are lucky enough..that people showers so much love on’s because of their love that we are standing over here”…and the rest 3 smiled at his answer and then a girl named Mukti said”Cabir is ryt..” and they all try to make their way to the dice…then again a media person asked them with a curious look which made them look lost..he asked”but..its FAB-5..but har concert ki tarah is concert mein bhi..apke lead singer is not here..why he never appears in front of media..?” all 4 were silent for sometime but Cabir said with a slight smile…” because he is THE MANIK MALHOTRA”..and they left holding each other’s hand..without giving any chance to further ask any stupid questions..

All the four were silent..and 3 were sitting on their respective chairs while Cabir was leaning against the wall standing in the corner..and Mukti broke the silence and said..”kab tak..kab tak..?Manik will do lyk this..? y cant he understand that…”..”MUKTI..” and she was cut in between by cabir looking angrily but with helpless eyes and nodded no to her signalling her not to say anything further..and she looked down as she was also not willing to complete her words..Dhruv spoke..”Guys..relax..let’s not start the topic will only give us pain..I just hope Manik jaldi aa jaye”..
Aliya said “I hope so..” and they looked towards each other with hopeful and helpless eyes..they also don’t know..what is the next moment going to bring in their lives..just then their performance was announced and they left to face the crowd but all are hell scared..because their performance is about to begin and there is no sign of manik yet..but they took a deep breath and went to stage where whole crowd start cheering for them..Suddenly all the lights went off ..and spot light falls on a tall man who was facing his back t the audience standing on the stage..holding a guitar in his hands wearing a black tuxedo..and he slowly and slowly turned around..a bright white light falls on his face..and he slowly open his eyes to look in front..his eyes were fully red..may b because he had cried..or may b he is holding back his tears..he looked towards his friends and he managed to give them a warm smile..a smile to assure his friends that he is there..right with them..yes..HE IS THE MANIK MALHOTRA..the lead singer ,their best buddy and their everything..
He closed his eyes and peaceful smile lit upon his lips..which lightens his face in the dark hall..he slowly started singing..

Yaara.. saying so he started Sun raha hai na Soon,he completed first stanza with so much love..that everyone were spellbound..he didn’t open his eyes..A tear rolled down from his eyes..but he controlled himself and look towards the gate of the hall..with hopeful eyes as if he is waiting for someone eagerly..but there was no sign of that person..He started the second stanza and looked upwards with so much complaining expression on his face and closed his eyes when he sang the last line..tears were flowing continuously..but he held himself and completed the song..gave a big smile to the audience and to his friends..and left the stage..while ppl were still cheering and were out of control by such a mesmerising performance..soon all other 4 also followed him..but he was nowhere seen..all got worried.Cabir reassured them that he will find him..and he ran towards the parking lot where he found Manik who was about to leave..Cabir shouted his name from back and Manik stopped right on his spot but didn’t look back..cabir came towards him and held his shoulder and make him confront him..

Cabir:”tujhe kya laga..You can fool this entire world with your fake you can even fool me..?” by saying this cabir hugged him tightly and patted on his back continuing..”Manik..plz..Dont do this..She is not here..She left..mat kar..”..After listening such words from him,Manik jerked him away,sat in his car..b4 cabir could say anything he left..leaving cabir who was having teras in his he cant see his best buddy in this much pain..Somewhere in the middle of the road..Manik put a sudden break to his car..and came out..bang his head on the car bonnet..and yelled..he shouted his heart out..and sat right in middle of the road leaning to his car holding the tears back in his eyes..he sobbed..and said..”kyu..?kyu..? Y everyone are saying you are not there nandini..?kyu..? You are here..tum yahin ho..right in my soul..You can never leave your Manik and go away..” he cried even more….just then cabir came with his car and found ,anik sitting on the middle of the road..when Manik left him itself he knew manik is hurt and so he traced down his location with GPRS…and found manik..Cabir came down out of his car..put his hand on manik’s shoulder and sat down..

manik could not take it anymore and hugged his buddy,bro tightly..cabir also held him back and said..”sh…sh…manik plz…plz..shant ho jao..she is watching you..she will b in pain by seeing you lyk this..she WAS the purest soul I have ever seen..” b4 he could complete his sentence ..manik left him with a jerk and stood straight..and said with a lot of anger..”SHE IS THE PUREST SOUL..SHE IS”…cabir also stood up,held manik and said”Manik..what’s wrong with you..are you out of your senses…?Why aren’t you accepting that…that….SHE IS NO MORE..CHUTKI IS NO MORE..She is dead Manik..She isn’t alive..”

Manik is out of control by can his best friend say such words to his JAAN..HIS LOVE..ABOUT HIS soul…he banged his head with the bonnet and looked straight into Cabir’s eyes ,held him by his shoulder and said with determination..”SHE IS ALIVE..SHE IS HERE ONLY…MERI NANDINI ZINDA HAI…Understood..?My heart is still beating which shows that she is alive..Until when my breath doesn’t stop,even her breath wont..Wherever she is…but she is alive… she is alive…”
With this he left a baffled Cabir and left from there in his car..Cabir wiped his tears..looked upwards and prayed silently..”I wish ..yeh sach ho..LET THIS B TRUE..If it is not,I cant even imagine what may happen to Manik…plz…O GOD…In whatever and which ever way pls make this true..”and crying very badly he left from there….

Habba, 1,262 words..,finally done with my first update guys..Do,let me know how it is..I’m really overwhelmed by your comments yesterday..Criticism accepted..Suggestions are welcomed…Honest feedback is required..Please ignore and bear with any typing mistakes as it is my first ff.You may feel the start of the episode as a crap but it is required for further proceedings of the story..Actually I was about to post it morning only,but forgot to save it after 1 nd half an hour typing and I clicked on submit which showed error… ,sorry for the late… I had to type it again….Luv u lots..Bye…

Credit to: Meghna krishnan

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  1. Awesome…

    1. Tq so much

  2. its amaziing dear…
    no one can tell by reading tht it is ur first ff…
    it seems lyk u r writing frm past many days…..
    ur ff is damn intresting…

    1. Than k u so much jaanvi..thanks for ur support..

  3. It is awesome…. I can’t even express my feeling…. It feels like crying…. Manik is going through so much…. Wr is nandini is she really dead… Plz don’t enter another person other than nandini for manik… It’s request yaar plz…. Update next one plz…

    1. Lucky …well I’m very happy that you really liked it.Thanks for ur support..Well,timr only should reveal whether nandini is alive or not…

  4. Awesome love yaar

    1. Thnk u hayathi…

  5. Suuuppppeeerrrbbbbb…….
    Great going keep it up !!
    And also good story line…

    1. Thnk u anshi and feel free to give any suggestions…

  6. oh god its like ….like….. no words dude
    such an emotional one
    believe it or not i am in tears cant control them
    am a big huge fan of parth and imagining him in such a situation brings pain in my eyes too
    god imagining his expressions(since we all know he is great at acting and his expressions are like out of world) am just going crazy
    ur ff is too awesome…well awesome sounds so less…….. believe me i have turned like total diwani of this
    its such a mind blowing update
    i owe a huge thanks to u for starting this one
    ur writing and narration is soooo awesommmmmmeeeeee
    still no words plz update next asap
    love uuuuuuu soooooo muuuuccccchhhhhhh 4 this update
    plz update next asap and remember to save it once u write coz i cant take more delay over this
    love u loads take care

    1. Awww…niti ur comment made my darln…love u so much..This is my first ff and really getting such a huge response, I’m really thankful to u…I’m teally happy..ya our parth liyerally…I’m also imagining him doing all this and I’m writing..Thank u so much..for ur love..nd ya I’ll save it from next tym..

  7. Its really good…..first time I am commenting to a ff….becoz its too awesome…pls update it more….

    1. Oh thanks minnu..I’m privileged..ya I’ll update again tmrw..already I have story in my mind for next 4 episodes

  8. Its very touching bt plz nandini should be alive n soon should be enter in the story n manik s life .Plz its a request

    1. Lisa..u have to wait to know whether she is alive or I’ll have a new character for Manik. Nd thanks fr ur support..

  9. R u in wattpad also?

    1. No actually my name is meghana and my sister s name is prahatika..she has an account in watpadd by my name3..may I know y..

    2. Ohh.. Because I had read this story.. Its name in wattpad is.. You live in my soul??.. Right.. If I m not wrong?

      1. I don’t know it sister nd her friend purna maintain the account..She lives in U.S sis..and this is one if the stories which me nd she has written in the month of august or September may be..

      2. Ya manan -love I came to know now only..In watpadd,my sister,purna di and kamal (another Frnd) of them already posted in purna di’s watpadd account it seems..So,guys I’m sorry I don’t know this..and if u want me to stop..I’ll stop it here..and u can check in Purna di ‘s account for my rest story..

  10. Sorry not kamal its kajal

    1. No way.. U keep posting.. So what if I have read this ff??.. Others toh haven’t na.. So please keep posting.. This is an awesome ff??

      1. I’ll go wth public opinion.With next update i’ll ask them and will decide…

  11. It’s dam intresting I love it

    1. Thnk u and even ur ff s are damn interesting

  12. this is the best ff after unconditional love…..i just love it..cant cantrol my tears

  13. dude we dont mind it at all plz keep writing coz we gonna wait
    plz make it early

  14. Niri..sorry to inform that the writer of this fanfic met with a severe accident today ..undergone a surgery and everything is fyn now…she ll update it by the end of this week..evening she asked me to inform all of u sorry regarding this issue…nd ya this is her cousin abhimanyu…nd sorry all u have to wait for next update

  15. Hey plz update here too!! I don’t use watt pad much!
    And I so badly wanna comment huge but sorry I can’t as of now I’m stuck with the shirty exams… cut the crap..
    I doubt it’s your 1st try.. I mean it’s not that I don’t believe u.. The thing is u’ve written so wonderfully that I reacted like this!
    The epi itself is this beautiful yet heart wrenching!!!!???????????
    Manbir! ! I love them so much!! MaNan are love!!❤
    You nailed it megha! Fab job dear!!???

    1. She can’t update until Saturday due to the above mentioned reasons..plumpy..I’m so sorry..

  16. O my darling meghna….it’s a very heart touching story …I’m in love with this already…imagining parth in this enormous pain, with red eyes, still smiling to insure the friends n people of his presence….I’m totally spellbound of your writing skills…cabir trying to console him but he has faith n believe that nandini is alive. …wowwww….such a terrific scene n narration mind blowing. …with your very first episode you touched our heart so deeply. …my lovely friend so sorry to hear about your accident…plzzzz take a very good care of yourself n when feel totally OK then update. ..take your own time n rest properly…we can wait…you health is most important to me now all your friends now family….thx abhi for letting us know…..but plzzzz continue dear when you feel good . ..I’m dieing to read this unique amazing awesoooooome story. …may Allah bless you with lots of success and happiness in the life n cure your wounds quickly. ..aameen. ….my best wishes are always with you my sweeeeeetheart ….love you loads…muaaaaahhhhhh…

  17. hi , when are you going to update d nxt epi??

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