manan: made for each other (OS) Part 5

Hey friends, i am Ananya and am really sorry for the late update. I was very busy and couldn’t write. Hope you like it.

Recap: Manik saves Nandini from Vijay. They have an eyelock.
Manik and Nandini were going to kiss , their phone beep and Nandini goes. Manik goes back to canteen.
Cabir: Manik yaar, you went to the loo or zoo? Is your stomach upset?
Manik punches him lightly and goes towards the jamm room .. Cabir and mukti follow him.. Manik is playing the guitar and thinking about Nandini. Cabir and mukti enter and call him . He doesn’t respond. Mukti screams and he comes to his senses.
Manik: what happened ? Why did you scream like a cat?
Cabir: what happened to you? Any thing you’ve got to say?
Manik: nothing yaar , why are you asking?
Mukti: stop lying.. Even we have eyes.. Why are you following her so much nowadays?
Manik: who ?
Cabir: you know who. Nandini.
Manik: where am i following her?
Mukti: oh please, we saw you yesterday in hospital caring for her, helping her, defending her against Harshad.. Today also you went after her in canteen. So just tell us. What the hell is up with you?
Manik: nothing is up with me. Yesterday all i did was for humanity.. And today i told you that i went to the loo.
Cabir: tell the truth, do you like her..
Manik gets shocked.

In the garden Nandini is sitting and thinking about Manik.
Nandini ‘s Pov:
Why did he help me yesterday and today. Why did i come close to him? Do i like him ? Aiyappa please help me naa.. I cannot understand anything at all.
End of Pov
Navya comes near her . And sees her thinking.
Navya: who is he ?
N: he? Who he?
Na: arre yaar, i am an expert in all these things . Tell na..
N: nothing like that, lets go we are getting late for class.

In jam room:
Manik: have you gone mad cabir? What are you saying?
Mukti: the truth . Manik plz tell the truth . Do you like her ?
Manik gets angry. Dhrulya enter.
Alya: like whom?
Cabir: like lizzy…
Dhruv: Lizzy? Who Lizzy..
Cabir: Lizzy is my new pet.. Its a lizard. We were thinking to throw it on someone…
Mukti: yeah, Lizzy.. Anyways lets practice..
They start playing. Manik is still thinking about Nandini and is not able to tune in.. They all observe him.
Dhruv: buddy are you ok? What happened to you?
Manik: nothing yaar. Don’t know why am not able to concentrate..
Mukti: lets take break, leave it..
They go. Nandini and Navya are coming the same way. They don’t see fab5 coming. Manik and Nandini collide . And Nandini falls into his arms. They have an eyelock . Cabir and mukti look at eo. Screen freezes.
Precap : someone kidnaps Nandini.
I know this one is short. But i promise a longer one next time. Thnx again for your support and plz keep commenting. Lots of love ??

Credit to: Ananya


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