manan: made for each other (OS) Part 3


Recap: manik and Harshad get into a brawl. Nandini faints .

Nadini is crying and suddenly faints. Everyone shocked.
Navya kneels down and rubs her palm. Everybody look concerned . Even Fab5..
Navya: oh god! She has high fever.
Manik: what ? And checks her temperature. The college doctor is called and she is rushed to the hospital due to very high fever
In hospital..
Navya is praying to god.. Fab5 is also there. Chacha, chachi are called. Doctor comes out.
Doc: she is fine..but subconcious.
Anyways, was she addicted to something?
Chachi : no, never doctor..
Navya : yes, even I didn’t see anything like that….. One second , she took this medicine today morning and I saw her take it frequently..
She takes out the medicine and shows it to the doc. Manik gets worried..
Doc: these are anti depression pills…
Everyone gets shocked.. Chachi starts to panic .. Navya calms her down. After sometime, Nandini gains consciousness. She asks nurse to call Manik . Manik goes in and sits beside her..
Manik: how are you ?
Nandini : i am fine.. Manik , whatever you saw yesterday plz forget about it and don’t tell anyone.
Manik: but why ? Why do u bear so much ?
Nandini : i am doing all this for rishabh .
Manik: but why ?

A girl and small boy are playing together . They are our nandu and rishabh. Nandini s mother calls her and they have dinner. Their life is just perfect. They live happily. Their father has a business. After some months , his work gets disturbed and he h takes a huge loan from his friend Vijay. When he is unable to pay back Vijay shows his true colors. He threatens him to hand him over to the police and destroy his family and business. Father goes into depression and commits suicide. Their mother also passes away due to shock. Nandini and rishabh are left . Ams take them to Bangalore but Vijay follows them. He threatens ams and forces Nandini to work under him. FLASHBACK END.
Nandini has tears in her eyes. Manik feels bad for her and wipes her tears . They have an eyelock.
The doctor comes and they come to their senses. Screen freezes.

Precap: Vijay comes in college to take Nandini .. Manik looks for her.
Ok, guys thanks a lot for your support and plz tell me how it is.. Lots of love??

Credit to: Ananya

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  1. Awww…..super update yar….

    But it’s too small….

    Keep going….
    Love u loads…

  2. Mahi13

    It’s tooo good
    Feeling bad for Nandu
    Hope her problems’ll be solved.
    Update soon

  3. awesome yaar next update fast plz

  4. oh and make it a bit more lengthy

  5. Too good yaar ilove it…e

  6. Awesome yaar, too good … Make it more lengthy plz….

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