manan: made for each other (OS) Part 6

Recap: mukti and cabir ask Manik if he likes Nandini. Manan eyelock.
Manik and Nandini collide with eo. Mukti and cabir observe. Manan eyelock. Alya feels jealous . Mukti claps her hands loudly and Manan come to sense.
Alya: don’t you have eyes ? How dare you ..
Manik: alya, leave it yaar. By mistake.
Everyone stares at him even Nandini. Manik realises.
Manik: I mean, such people have a habit to commit mistakes.
Alya: like seriously…

They part ways. Manan look at eo and smile. Navya asks Nandini to wait as she went to the washroom. Nandini hears a sound in the jam room and goes there curiously . Suddenly, a man pulls her and covers her mouth with an hanky . Nandini falls unconscious.
In jam room:
Manik’s Pov:
Nandini… Why am I thinking about her? Why did I defend her today ? Do I really like her ? Shut up manik, what are you thinking ? This cannot happen . I cannot love her ? But then why am I so close to her? Why cant I see her crying ? Why do I long to see her smile? Is it love ?
End of Pov..
Fab 4 enter. Manik gets up and they talk.

Navya comes out of washroom and looks for Nandini . She thinks that she went to the class. She goes and looks for Nandini and doesnt find her. She gets worried and looks for her . She calls her and it comes switched off. She worried and shouts her name . She runs around and reaches the room where fab5 are bunking classes and chilling. She gets scared.
Meanwhile, in college swimming store room :
Nandini is tied to a chair and unconscious, her mouth is tied with a cloth . Someone throws a mug of water on her. She wakes up and her vision is blurr. Her kidnapper is revealed to be Vijay .
In jamm room :
Cabir : hello, madhubala ji, what happened? You came running running to us ?
Navya : no, no, actually Nandini is missing
Fab5 get shocked. Manik feels worried.
Navya: woh, I was searching for her everywhere and by mistake I came here.. Have you seen her ?
Alya: wth, do you really think we care ? Just get the hell out of here.
Manik: wait alya , I think we should help her.
Cabir : yeah, he is right we must help her, right mukti ?
Mukti : yes , cabir’s right..

Manik: navya , did you call her ?
Navya: yes, but her phone is off.
Everyone set out to find her. Cavya, dhrulya, manik and mukti. Manik calls Nandini. She doesnt pick up. He gets worried .
Store room:
LNandini: you?
Vijay: yes, me Vijay . I told you na I will be back.
Nandini: what do you want ?
Vijay: revenge. I told you right??

Nandini: but why?
Vijay : remember how your boyfriend beat me up ??
Vijay comes close to her and pecks her cheeks. Screen freezes.

Precap : manik finds Nandini…
Hey ppl, thanks for reading and commenting, I am thinking of finishing this fast and start another one.. Keep reading and commenting.. Lots of love ??

Credit to: ananya


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