manan: made for each other (OS) Part 4


Recap: Nandini tells her past and about that man to Manik .

Manan have an eyelock , doc enters and they come to their senses.
Doc: how are you feeling now miss murthy ?
Nandini: fine doctor. Thank you.
Doctor: ok, so your fever is fine now and you will be discharged by evening.
Manan get glad.
Doc: btw, can i ask you a question ?
Nandini: yes, what?
Doc: why were you taking such high anti depression pills?
Manik looks at her. Nandini feels ashamed.
Manik ( angrily to the doctor): finished? Now go.
Doctor goes away. Manik questions Nandini the same.
Nandini: what could i do Manik? I cannot trouble people around me anymore…
Before she could finish chacha, chachi , and others enter.
Chachi: nandu , how are you ? I told you na to eat something.. See you ve become so weak .
Chacha is about to ask her about the depression pills but Manik signs him to stop.
Nandini is discharged. She gets down the bed but is about to fall due to weakness . Manik holds her . They have an intense eyelock . Manik ‘s mobile rings and they snap out of it. He helps Nandini to walk.

Next day at college:
Nandini arrives at the college. Everyone stare at her . Navya comes rushing to her.
Navya: Nandu, you came to college? Why? You should have taken rest na…
She keeps on blabbering .
Nandini: Navya, i am fine . Nothing to worry yaar.
Fab5 reach there. Harshad comes to Nandini. They see him from far.
Harshad: Nandini, i am so sorry for yesterday.. I was feeling very angry.. Plz forgive me plz..
He folds his hands before her and pretends to be sorry. Fab5 laugh.
Nandini: its ok… I understand..
Harshad: really? Thank you so much.. How are you?
They talk for sometime and part ways. Fab5 are watching the whole drama. Mukti bursts out laughing.
Mukti: man,it was so awesome it see him beg…
Cabir: really, and see our Nandini … So big hearted..
Alya: and a fool…
Manik just listens to them but is thinking about Nandini. Mukti and cabir observe him.

After sometime in canteen,
Nandini and Navya are sitting together. Fab5 come and the people stand up.. Nandini is thinking about Manik. Her phone beeps . She checks the message and is worried. Manik sees her. She goes out and he follows her .
Vijay was there.
Nandini: what are you doing here? Plz just go away before anyone sees you..
Vijay: i won’t go. You will come. and pulls her. Nandini tries to free herself when a strong, muscular hand holds her. It is our Manik. He moves her aside and punches him hard. The man punches him back. They fight. Nandini comes in between. And pulls them apart. Vijay goes away furiously vowing revenge. Nandini turns and slips. She falls on Manik. They have an eyelock. Manik’s hands slowly move towards her waist. He pulls her closer .. They are about to kiss when Nandini gets up and moves. The screen freezes with Manik in a confused expression .

Precap: mukti and cabir question Manik . Cabir asks if he likes Nandini…
Hey ppl, thanks a lot for your support. And i forgot to mention earlier that Manik and alya are not together here. Please keep commenting and do tell me if its boring.. I’ll stop writing it.. Lots of love??

Credit to: Ananya

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