manan: made for each other (OS) Part 2


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***********************************Recap : manik learns rishabhs secret . A new entry.
A man enters and Nandini gets shocked.
Man: Nandini who is this ?
Nandini : sir, he is my classmate.
The man looks at manik.
Man: did you clean my room ?
Nandini: no sir, I am going to clean it now.
The man shouts at her and is about to hit her. Manik intervenes and the man gives him a glare which is returned. Nandini requests manik to go and not interfere. Rishabh comes down and sees the man holding Nandini s hand. He rushes and frees her hand.
Man: now you will teach me ?
He is about to box Rishabh when Nandini comes in between.
Nandini: sir, please leave him he is a child. Please sir.
The man pushes her and she hurts her head. Manik gets angry and is about to box the man but Nandini stops him and signs him to go. Manik goes angrily. The man takes Nandini inside.

Next day at college canteen:
Nandini is sitting forlon fab5 are sitting just opposite to her.Manik is continuously looking at Nandini. Navya comes from behind and pats her back. Nandini gets startled and stands up.
Nandini : how dare you? I told you not to touch me !
Navya is taken aback. Nandini gets back to her senses and apologizes.
Navya: Nandu are you ok ? What just happened?
Manik looks at her intensely.
Nandini : nothing navya sorry actually I was lost in my world.
Navya: dont know about you but I am feeling so hungry.
She notices Nandinis head bandage and asks her about it. Nandini lies that she fell down the stairs and its just a small scratch. Manik heard it and thinks why is she lying. Navya opens Nandini’ s tiffin and eats . She noticed that Nandini was’nt eating.
Navya: what happened are you ok? Eat fast we have a class.
Nandini: yeah, wo I am not hungry so…
Her phone rings. It is chachi.
Nandini: haan chachi, what happened ?
Chachi : give your phone to navya.
She does so.

Navya: what happened chachi?
Chachi: did Nandini eat her tiffin.
Navya: no, she says that she is not hungry.
Chachi tells her that Nandini did not have her food last night .
Navya questions her and makes her eat the food. Nandini smiles weakly. She takes a tablet .
Navya: what medicine is this?
Nandini: nothing, just my head is paining so its a headache tablet.
Manik stares at her curiously. Harshad enters the room angrily and pulls Nandini . Fab5 attention attracts towards them .
Nandini: what happened Harshad? Why are you creating a scene here?
Harshad: I am creating a scene and you ? How dare you refuse to be a part of my band ?
Mukti : arre, which idiot would join your band.
Harshad glares at her and twists Nandini s hands… Her bangles break and it bleeds . Manik gets angry and gets into a brawl with Harshad . Harshad leaves angrily. Nandini faints.

Precap: Nandini tells manik about that man and her past.

*********************************** thanks for reading guys, I know its stupid.. But plz comment . I wont mind.. ??

Credit to: ananya

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