Manan: lust & love Part 9


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Chapter 9


Nandini was really shocked after watching the entire scene in front of her but what do you expect from her ?

It is so shocking that she was having difficulty to digest the whole thing properly.

She doesn’t have any problems with their relationship but still it was hard to …

She reached home in her dilemma . Thinking whether she would ask cabir or keep it hidden .

” Nandu, where were you? Its so late. I send you to bring ice cream not to become one. What took you so long honey.”. Chachi asked in her usual loud self

But Nandini was still not present here as her mind was wandering around the new situation which she recently witnessed.

“Umm !! Chachi I met with a friend on my way back ,thats why I am late. But now that I am here Have these ice cream and enjoy . I am tired so I am going back to bed.” She said and retired for the night but her mind was still in turmoil.


Next day in space she is going to her classes when Navya approached her with her smiley face.

“Nandini you know what? Oh god I am really excited. So – so – so excited that I can dance forever . oh god! Nandini you won’t believe.” Navya exclaimed excitedly.

“What Navya ? What happened?”. Nandini was confused to see her wild ways

” Nandini we are the part of Nh3 along with Shahid . Can you believe it? A team against fab5 . Harshad ji is so great . I am telling you. He is the one who can show those monsters what they are and we will help him right Nandini. On the other hand my dream will also come true. Please Nandini say yes I really want this. Please Nandini. “. Navya said in her super fast speed and Nandini was confused that what the hell is she saying as if reading her mind Navya started to explain that it is a brand new band created by Harshad and they will be participating in Musicana competition against Fab5.

So this was the surprise that Harshad was telling me about ?

But why is he dragging me in his stupid plan is beyond my imagination.

” but Navya . I am not a music student . I am really not interested init. So sorry” she apologized.

“What Nandini why can’t you? They are the same fab5 who tortured you guys , broke your pen and you are still defending them. Nandini you know what I really think that you should not argue on this matter anymore. I mean I am just suggesting.” Said Harshad focusing on words like think and suggesting when I clearly know that what he wants.

So I don’t have any options here .

“Nandini don’t think too much. I mean it is not a secret that you hate them right . So don’t think much. Let me just help you guys. Navya tell her.” Harshad interrupted her thoughts and stupid Navya being oblivious to the real conversation between her and Harshad was really convincing Nandini to join the band.

Its really true then when your secret is in the hands of anyone you become a putty in their hands.

Just for that damn secret I have to agree with that rascal!

“Fine . Harshad”. She said clearly pissed off that he has taken command over her life.

She doesn’t want to discuss this anymore so she left from there but then her day has been already spoiled so she decided to go near the lab corner of college. It is the vast peaceful area left near all the laboratory.

She was around the corner just then she heard them.

” R I am sorry. I won’t pressurize you again. You don’t want to come out then fine but please don’t be mad at me. I love you , please R”. Cabir was really pleading . What happened to them?

But seriously they are meeting in college where everyone can see their cochy co . Like seriously, Harshad hell bent on destroying fab5 and they are playing romeo Juliet here.

God !!!!

She turned around but then noticed Harshad coming this way. Oh no now everything is screwed .

But why is he here? Is he following her ?

God! so many problems all at once. Its so unfair aiyaapa.

To hide from the trio she entered the chemistry lab and start overhearing their conversation but she can’t hear Raghav ‘s voice.

“Harshad what you don’t have girls left that you are following me now? ” cabir snickered

“Yeah right in your dreams. I know you are hiding something and I will find out” Harshad replied

“God my dreams are not that ugly so f**k off.”. Cabir said and I think that he left from here as their bickering stopped.

From two days I fee like a peeping tom. Always spying over people.

” I will find out cabir” Harshad mused

Oh freak now this bulldog is hell bent on f**king with cabir. I need to warn him or else…….


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