Manan: lust & love Part 8


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Nandini was very pleased with herself after meeting with Dhruv. Now she can go and look after Rishabh as she had solved the problem here. There was no more classes and she is free for the day .

She is walking outside the college when she bumped into someone. When their eyes meet, they instantly recognized each other.

She knew that the person standing in front of her is her step brother Harshad as she van clearly see the evil glint in his eyes. He always had a bad character per say. She never felt good around him as if in his presence only bad & negative vibe surround her.

Harshad too was not a fool , He knows that she is Nandini as unlike others he never let her in their past, always kept a tab on her. So it was not much effort for him to recognize her as he had seen various pictures of her. She is his ATM card. The golden child of their parents who left each and every Penny in her name. She is the one who was supporting him and his sister Alya. He never felt bad about her nor did he have any negative feelings towards her as he knows that it was not her or their fault that they were tangled in the mess of their parents but still he can never allow the closeness between her and Alya. It would come in his way. Divide and rule is his favorite motto and now that she is here he will not left any stone unturned.

She is the weakness of his greatest enemy Manik, the boy who got everything that was his.

She is the bridge which joins Manik and Dhruv . She is the one who can break their friendship too.

Now that she is here it is all to easy for him to take his revenge from Manik And Fab5 .

Alya was always jealous of her because of the love and attention she got from their dad and of course Manik. She never liked her and always thought bad of her.

It was all in his favor. Now the ball is in His court as Nandini is here.

“Well hello sis!” He smiled his evil smile.

“Hello there Harshad. ” she replied

“What a pleasure to see you back .” he said

“Why why Harshad! Missed me much. I didn’t know that you were gone all phyco for me.” I smirked.

“Oh my little sister don’t worry about me. I can see you know how to aggravate people now. Your antics are being very popular in space. I mean three days and people are saying the hot girl Nandini who stood up against Fab5. But you stood up against Manik- your tiger. You are changed sister. Well I think that is a nice change.” He said

“Just shut up and mind your own business.” I said and tried to move past him but note the keyword tried. That stupid son of a b*t*h caught my hand . blo*dy shit always causing trouble for people.

“Come on sister. Now listen to me. I have a surprise for you tomorrow morning and yeah you Better accept that or else…” He said and left the sentence incomplete.

“Or else what huh!” I asked haughtily. I am not scared with his typical bullshit.

“You know Nandini Murthy or Saxena. Na na… The right word is kitten. How will someone react when they will know that you are here and they don’t even know this. The f**king friendship fools. One more thing is Alya. You know what I mean. She hates you right. So if you don’t won’t to disclose your petty secret than you know not to cross me sis.” He threatened.

This bastard will never behave properly.

I just pull my hands out of his hold and muttered profanities under my breathe.

“Fine” I leave him.


I am driving now to the paul ice cream parlour because when I was driving home I got a call from chachi asking me to bring ice cream for Rishabh. Well I am a sucker too so how can I leave this opportunity so I am on the way.

Paul’s parlor is pretty big place and most probably I don’t think that anyone that I know will be here. It is a very secretive parlor where they deal with costumers very privately. So I don’t need to worry about meeting anyone here.

In everyone’s eyes I should be the commoner Nandini WHO doesn’t belong here. For this reason only I have to park my car two blocks away as it is an Audi model and no middle class girl can afford it so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I just picked up my chocolate black forest ice cream with red velvet cake.
I am turning in o go out when a movement caught my eyes.

What are they doing here as I am their very good costumer they allow me to enter the private cabin which is just like a five star cafe style place for meeting.

As I go closer to their table I was shocked would be the understatement of the year. There in front of cabir is sitting Raghav sir . Their proximity seems cozy and if I say intimate will it be too much.

Nandini you are over thinking these signs. Maybe they are just casually meeting each other but why will a teacher and student meet in this private place like Paul’s .

I am standing in the corner which is thankfully under the shadows and I am hidden from their eyes.

Should I go back or wait here?

I think I should wait they will go and then I will leave or else it will be awkward.

So I decided to wait . Then again what just is happening in front of my virgin eyes. Yes yes you heard right .

I can’t believe my eyes.

Cabir and Raghav who were dancing few minutes ago are now k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Yes yes and it is not just a simple lip lock it is full make out session.

What is happening? I mean are they crazy doing shit in front of everyone.

Okay I know that there is no one here besides them but still anyone can come and watch it just like me.

Why are they behaving so reckless?

“I love you R ” cabir said

Earlier I was hyperventilating but now I am going to have seizure. God! This is serious.

“Love you too cabir” he said .

I mean what the f**k is all this.

I am shocked. Cabir is gay and has a relationship with a teacher.

Shit. This is crazy

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