Manan: lust & love Part 7


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Chapter 7

Nandini’s POV

Well it was different talking with Manik. Now I can see a good human being behind his facade .

Navya was really helpful and I can clearly say that she can be my good friend. I just know it .

But what is wrong with Dhruv. Why is he avoiding Manik? I mean I know he thinks that he was behind the incident but still in friendship we stand by our friend’s side no matter what.

But I guess time will heal the misconception.

“Hello, Nandini where are you lost?” Navya asked shaking her hands in front of my eyes.

“Umm- what Navya? Do you need something?” I ask

“No, Nandini I was telling you about Harshad ji . You know he is the guy who was fighting with Fab5 in the morning when you were not present.
Can you believe that angel is the brother of she-devil Alya. How bad? God can be cruel sometimes” she said.

What? Fab5 and Harshad were involved in fighting. But why?

“Why? Navya” I ask curious to know the reason of their fight.

It seems here in space everyone is ready to fight in every shit and the whole incident will be telecasted on cabir’s YouTube channel. Seriously, these are bunch of losers WHO can just fight and show their cool nature.

“Aarey, you know he was saving me from Mukti . Then everything happened .” she said

I guess that’s why Manik was tense because Harshad might have said something to him regarding Dhruv. Harshad has the tendency to create rift in people’s mind. I don’t know what he gets from it but still it is enough for his amusement.

I just need to meet with Dhruv and sought the matter between them.Because of some petty issues they can’t break their friendship.

I search him but can’t find him anywhere. Now I have to go and use my stalkerish ways. I call Mr Mehra and ask him to send Dhruv’s number to me.

Okay please god let him pick up the call. Please ,please ,please…

Bingo he picked it that’s great.

“Dhruv just listen to me. Just meet me in the lawn . please Dhruv, I beg you.
You have to come.”



” what?”

“Dhruv just listen to me please. First let’s just sit down okay.” I pleaded with my eyes.

“You know Dhruv in friendship we have to accept each side of our friend whether it is good Or worst because we are friends. I know it doesn’t mean that we have to agree with their bad sides but we need to see the truth first then judge . I know hearing these things from me is confusing to you but I just want to make everything right . I don’t want strain in your friendship because of me.” I said softly

“This is not your fault. So don’t think about it.” He said

“No Dhruv somewhere down the way it is my fault. You were there to save me. Helping me from them. So do you really think Manik will step so low to take his revenge with me. Think Dhruv it was not Manik who sent those goons but someone else.” I said clearly so that he should not behave like a fool any more and reconcile with his buddy.

I remember him as the sweet innocent friend always hiding behind Manik when we were kids. I know I don’t remember much as I was just three years old but what can I say some memories are always in the back of your mind. Me , Dhruv and Manik were always with each other and although Dhruv was quite the shy type but still in our little bubble he always showed his real personality.

They both use to fight with each other just to be my playmate and mom would always come there to solve our fight.

I know it will be quite a shock to someone who will see us now as they don’t Even remember anything about me. As if I am just a passed away moment in a history of their lives.

But I can’t blame them. It was because of the circumstances that we were separated, the car crash changed our course of lives.

Maybe Dhruv needs a little reminder about kitten. I know by revealing this I will disclose my identity to him but he was always the smart and mature one in our friendship. Manik was hot headed and he was cool as ice and I was Like a medium between fire &ice.

“How can you be so sure Nandini. He excepted his deeds in front of us. Then how can you…” He stopped mid sentence as if he was already confused.

Well it is good for me, my work will be easier to prove him that Manik is innocent.

“Because kitten knows that tiger can never harm her or anyone beside tortoy needs to see outside his shell to understand that tiger never attacks from behind. He is always in front of the problem to save his jungle family. So dearest tortoise or should I say tortoy please open your eyes and see the things clearly before you regret being the sore loser. He can never do this.” I said compassionately because I know Dhruv will understand my meaning without any problem .

I can see in his eyes that now he understand what I was saying because no words were required in our little bubble and no words will be needed after now too. He suddenly engulf me into his arms and I clearly saw the sheer happiness in his eyes as well his face that he is happy to see me here. I know my decision to tell him the truth was right. If I had told Manik he would have gone ballistic and probably be angry with me. He was always like this a really stubborn kid. I didn’t realize that he is my tiger until this morning.

After we talked and he left this morning I remembered one little incident when he accidentally broke a toy car which belonged to Dhruv and he came running to me to confess about the major problem. It was so silly that breaking toys were our deep problems then and now we have to face the world and its difficulty.

I instantly knew when he warned me not to tell anyone about our little chit chat it he is my tiger.

I clutched Dhruv’s arm tightly to show my feelings after so many years. We were a little group that always stood together but now I don’t have any space in between them.

Because earlier we were the family but now fab 5 is their family. I will be just a part of their last which I think that tiger has forgotten. I don’t expect anything else from him. He is fiercely loyal and take every single thing to his heart so leaving them must have left deep scars in his mind. I am sure about that.

But with Dhruv I know he can never be angry at me as deep down I know I was his crush plus best friend. I was the Link that connected them.

“Why didn’t you told me Earlier kitten, why?” He asked

“We should leave the past tortoy I don’t think it should come again. Now we are grown and Alya and Harshad are not kids anymore that they will see nothing. They will hate me and Alya is with you guys now. You have new friends to look after. It is not important if I tell you guys my secret.
Our past is always a part of our life but leaving it behind we can try to create new memories again right. ” I say to him so that he can see that if truth will come out it will just dishearten people and mostly cause pain to them. I don’t want it for them. I will accept all the pain and problems it is the least I can do after I promised my dad.

“What you think what we created were bitter memories for you that you don’t want us anymore.” He says tightening his hold and I look in his eyes as he clearly misunderstood my words.

Oh tortoy ! Always the slow one.

“No, I don’t mean that. I meant to say about Alya, Harshad and me and rishabh. It will create more bad memories . please understand tortoy. No one needs to know about my true identity . Promise me you wont tell anyone about me not even tiger. Promise. And yes , go and solve you misunderstanding with him he I’d very sad. Go ” I said

“But…” He argued

” promise tortoy!!” I said

“Fine”. He smiled.


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