Manan: lust & love Part 6


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Chapter 6

Nandini’s POV

There in front of me is standing Dhruv!

He is helping me from these guys. Thank god . Someone came. I was so scared.

He was fighting with these creeps but they were overpowering him.

But after that my eyes bug out of their sockets when I realized who stepped in between the fight when the first guy was hitting Dhruv.

Guess who…

My dearest devil from hell , prince of monsters no make it king , Manik Malhotra.

He is so fit and muscular that the goons ran away from us within his arrival.

But then a thought flashed in my mind.

Is he the reason that they were here in first place? I am really angry now. How can he do this?

He is playing with fire. Seems like Dhruv too agreed with my judgment as he punched manik accurately.

Because Manik is looking like a deer caught in headlight. He can’t believe that his best Budd punched him. Well, I don’t feel bad as he deserve it . If he wouldn’t have done this shit then I could have forgave him but now no.

“How could you Manik? ” Dhruv shouted

“Buddy… , you think I sent those goons. Do you really think that?” He said disbelieving his eyes.

” oh! There is nothing to think about. Everything is as clear as the day. ” I snapped

“Shut up ! I am not talking to you” he snarled

“Well too bad, I am. ” I stood confidently in front of him.

“You really think so low about me. Then fine, I sent them” he shouted but was stopped when Dhruv punched him again.

Manik looked as if he can’t believe what happened and after the disappointing look in his eyes that I saw I am certain there was he left.

I treated the wounds and thanked Dhruv for his help and standing up for me in front of his best friend.

But today has been really a clusterf**k . I don’t know what to think about Manik . His last statement is confusing the hell out of me. I mean why did he seemed confused if he sent the goons.

I know I know earlier I was suspicious of his involvement in the incident but now I can see the truth . Maybe he didn’t send those goons or he is a very good actor but I doubt it. The look in his eyes was really disheartening. It makes me sad. I don’t like those sad gloomy hurt eyes. I don’t know what connection I share with Him but all I know is I can’t see him like this.

I should go in depth of this matter. Well who is better than Mr Mehra.

I ask him to find out who sent those goons to me .

Next day in Space was really silent except the curious students who wanted to know the reason between the fight of fab5.

It seems it was something new and obviously I became there dissecting object in their scrutinizing gaze but Navya was the constant support in all these shit.

I was just passing my time in the backside of college. It is always empty from the other students. It can be my thinking spot as there is so peace and silence here that I can feel really good and think about other things.

But suddenly I see someone or should I say Manik coming here . His hand is injured. What happened to him?

I hid behind the nearest wall . He comes and sit on the stairs. I don’t know what is he doing. He is thinking something that I can tell by his posture.

God I am such a fool why am I standing here ? I should have gone rather than hiding here and watching his self pity. I don’t think he is that bad. I mean if he can care about his friend so much then surely he is not that bad person.

But when will he go I mean it almost half an hour he us sitting here doing nothing and I observing him. Doesn’t he has classes or what. Stupid boy no , no he is no boy he is a perfect man. A very fine species at that. Perfect Adonis, Greek god.

“Will you come out finally or are you waiting for an invitation. I mean are you trying to become a statue or what. Just come out.” He said rather gently but cockily. He is too cocky for his own good . How did he know I am hiding here. Crazy man.

I will stand here maybe he is just testing the shore and I will just go outside and make a fool of me

“Nandini come out I know you are there . Stop hiding” he said now irritated

I come out and stand beside him.

“Sit” he said

“Do I look like your servant who will follow your commands. Then you are clearly wrong” I said irritated. He orders around as if I am his dog.

“Hmm, not a bad idea. Actually I like it very much.” He said smirking.

“What’s with the normal behavior. Are you OK . ” I asked curiously.

“Shut up! ” he said mocking me

This is so strange. What has happened to change him. I mean earlier he was behaving like a bossy jerk but now he is as calm as a rabbit. Sweet little bunny.

“No, what is with the 360 change with you. You are behaving as a normal human. Earlier you were the bad boy.” I said curiosity laced in my words.

“Nothing changed. Its just… Nothing. What were you doing behind the wall.” He asked in deep thinking.

“Nothing. Same as you.” I answer. If he will not give me any explanation then why should I give him the satisfaction.

“You are hard to crack isn’t it.” He mused.

” same with you. ” I whispered.

Then we sat in the comfortable silence. It was nothing bad . We were not trying to kill each other everything was good. I can’t believe this I am sitting with the monster Manik in peaceful silence.

“Do you know the whereabouts of Dhruv?” He asked quietly

“No should I ? ” I am confused.

“I don’t know. He is your best friend you should know about him , right.” I said

“Seems that you are now his friend and thanks to that misunderstanding he is not talking with me.” He said

“You mean he is ignoring you?” I asked astonished.

“You can say so. ” he said.

I can’t really believe him and me talking civilly is too much to handle. I mean he is sharing his problems with me.

“You know he is your friend. Let him calm down then he will come around Just be patient. He needs to process the event in his head to clear the misconception about you. Yes I know it was not you who sent those shitty goons to me. Don’t stare at me like that I am not naive.” I said

“But earlier” he looked angry . Why now?

“Oh no, its not like that. Earlier I thought that it was you only behind this episode but when you were leaving I could see in your eyes that you were confused and maybe sad about Dhruv’s behavior. So I put two & two together and concluded it was not you. ” I explained

“Fine then. ” he said standing up.

“And one more thing commoner , don’t Say anything about this” he said pointing between him and me” about this, get it. I am same monster Manik”

He went away with that and I remain confused that what the f**k just happened here. I just had a chit – chat with the monster, devil reincarnated Manik.


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