Manan: lust & love (Part 5)


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Chapter 5

Nandini’s p.o.v

I am such a dumbass . I mean how can I’ve so stupid. Now what will I do . I don’t have any idea.

You must be thinking what happened, right. So let’s replay the shitty day of my life just for you.

So thing is I was really happy after my performance in cafeteria that I just passed my day without any hitch .

But to my horror or should I say stupidity I am in deep shit . Yes! You heard right. I Nandini Murthy is in deep shit.

Next day, I mean today when I arrived in college was just normal boys drooling over my car , cocky boys flirting with me but the most important part of my day is the great monster of hell Mr. Manik. Yes! Your hearing is good.

As soon as I entered the damn corridors people were staring at me and whispering . I was so confused so I asked one of the girl . After that my world turned upside down.

Because she told me about an auction happening in cafeteria . I went there and saw the object . My face lost its color because in front of me was sitting the devil himself holding my appas pen . I mean I know I hate him but still he was my dad and it was my last gift from him. It is very precious for me. You could say the lucky charm but to my horror my good luck is in the hands of my bad luck. I can really say that this hot s*xy monster is the cause of my trouble in space academy.

People were bidding on it and that monster was smirking at me.

I had enough of this shit so I went and asked him to stop this nonsense and give me the pen back.

But being the head a*sh*le he is he just smirked. And open his blo*dy mouth.

“Oh! So hero you are the savior. Hmm interesting. I totally nailed it . I thought you were the one who has guts.” He said smiling , fake smile

“Shut up your nonsense and give it back. I don’t have Time for your petty games.” I said angrily

He is playing with my patience.

“You know hero to get something, you have to give something. I hope you know this phrase, right.”

I knew it . This hot shit is not going to give up easily.His ego is bigger then his ass.

“What do you want? ” I ask

“To the point, I like it. By the way you smell awful. Just so you know” he said cocking his head.

I wish I could hit him but not every wish is true. So I agree to go With the flow.

“What should I do?”

“You have to perform 5 dares given to you by each one of us. Your time starts now.” He said arrogantly.

Well arrogance , my ass . I don’t give shit to him or his friends.

“Shut up ,jerk. You really are in kindergarten. Playing pranky pranky with the enemy. Do you know you sound crazy. I could complain about this to authority you know. Like ‘ ragging & bullying’ . So shut the f**k up and be a man. Give me the pen back.” I said clearly.

“You b*t*h !! How dare you speak to him like that. See Manik I told you she doesn’t have to be treated good . Baby, just show her what we can do to her. Just finish her . FINISH”. Said aliya my oh so loving sister.

Although she don’t know me but she has become a real b*t*h.

” shut up bimbo. Don’t interfere . Give it back” I said and pointed towards pen.

“OK then. You want me to man up. Your wish is my command.” He said seriously.

I just stare him dumbfounded. What is he thinking and because of his last line Aliya is also watching me with jealous eyes. I mean seriously just grow up a pair. Jealous really.

He just took my pen and threw it far away. I am shocked with his audacity. How could he do this?

I didn’t realize that my eyes teared up.
I went and search for every piece to make it back again but my blood was boiling. He has no right to do this.

“You jerk ,it was the last memory of my father. How can you be so insensitive. Who do you think you guys are??? just shit piece on the earth.” I said controlling my tears.

I could see softness in his eyes after my statement but it soon turned dark as if I just imagine it.

“Oh sorry. I didn’t realize it was so important to you. What you think I will say these sappy lines to you. Then you are mistaken girl. I don’t care like you said yesterday, remember. No.” He said

“Shut up bastard.” I just reached my limit and punched him in his face.

He will remember this. Playing with feelings. I just hate him. He is no hot face from now on he is ugly face, a monster.

People seem shocked to see this. But as usual mukti shouted at me . I had enough of their shit.

“Enough!! Don’t brag about fab 5 and shit . I am not scared . one more thing you guys are cowards still wearing diapers and behave like a mature adult not like a wild jungleee’s.”. I said and left them in the center.

I am so so mad right now that I can just kill someone. How dare he ???

Slimmy bastard. Egoistic jerk with pig headness. God I will be mad if I say or think about him more. He doesn’t deserve my time .

I am now sitting idly in the backside of the college to cool down my anger . I really don’t know what to do. The pen…..

It is ,now was the last gift from my parent. I know he was a good man but his deeds were bad. Love or not he should not have cheated on his first wife.

I have seen Aliya she is also being a b*t*h because of that pig head dude.
I wish I could hit him more with my hands or legs whatever..

Just to be calm again.

I didn’t notice two guys standing over here. Suddenly I am aware of my surrounding . They look kinda creepy a*sh*les . I didn’t realize that it is already evening. I should be home.

“Do you guys need something?” As I asked them. I wished that those words never left my mouth as they started approaching me.

“What you don’t remember you called me for our date?” Said first guy but is soon interrupted by the other guy

“No, she called me . So back off.” Said the other

I was getting really confused. Why are they even fighting when I didn’t called anyone.

“Chill guys! You are mistaken. I never called anyone.” I said and started to walk away but nothing in my life is simple as if without drama it will be too boring too handle.

They caught my hands and started to force themselves on me . Now I am really scared. What will I do now?

Who will help me?

I tried to stop them and convince them that they are not here because of me but they were not Even listening to me instead touching my body.

Oh god , please help me.There behavior clearly states that somebody planned this .

Oh no lease help me .

Save me ………

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