Manan: lust & love (Part 4)


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Chapter 4

Nandini’s p.o.v.

“Listen I need to go inside. My friend is there . I need to check her. ” I pleaded but the guard just a shitty rascal behaving like he knows everything. Stupid fool!

“Madam, I know which friend is inside. You just want to meet with your boyfriend. I can’t open the door for you . Please go away.” He said sternly.

“How stupid, listen” I said but he just went inside.

Oh no !!! Now what how will I go inside. I search the sides of college. There I can see a small wall . I can jump through that. What ! I am not that short.

After so many trials I managed to jump inside the wall . But my bad luck ,it always follow me. My foot stuck in the wires oh god please help me or else I’ll break my bones today.

I am about to fall but then someone caught me. I turned around to see the handkerchief guy. He is good. I can see in his eyes. Without explaining him anything , he just gave me the direction to go inside .

“Navya ! Navya !are you here? Can you here me? Navya” I shouted

But I got no reply. God ! Where is she ?

Hope she is fine.

Then I see a green dustbin in the middle of the lawn .I can see navya’s handbag near the seat.

f**k! She is inside that shit!!

She must be scared.

I confirmed my suspicion by asking her if she is inside . yup! She is inside.

They are f**king monsters. I will see them tomorrow.

I open the bin and take her out. She looks tired and most probably scared.

“Navya are you okay. Do I take you to hospital?”

“No , no Nandini . I am fine. Don’t worry. They are really bad . Now you are my first best friend. They all are monsters. They fooled me. ” she said crying.

“Its okay , Navya” I console her.

She take out a white f**king rat from her hand and show me.

“You know what Nandini. He is Babbu . He was the one who encouraged me to keep fighting in the dark . His white skin was shining like a tube light.” She said still crying

I really wanted her to be quite so I search my bag for some tissue paper so that she could quit her wailing.

Damn! Where is this paper . can’t find a thing when it is needed.

I just take out all the mess from my bag to take the tissue paper. I throw all the articles on the bench .

Gosh! Finally found it.

I give her and after some time she seems normal to me at least she is not crying now.

I collect my items from the bench and put it back in my bag.

I drop her to her hostel. This is the second day in Mumbai and again I am too tired to Stand. I just wanna sleep.

(Nandini’s car)


I am waiting for Navya in the cafeteria. Chachi has packed chole for me but I can’t eat that much. So, I am hoping that Navya could eat that .

Here Navya comes.

“Hi Navya ! How are you today ?” I asked her.

She smiled at me and sat on the chair. I ask her to eat chole and she happily agreed. We started light conversation.

But how can I expect to have an undramatic day. It is too much too ask. Sometimes I wish to be a sweet white bunny who lives happily. So innocent and naive from the world but no I am Nandini Murthy, trouble queen.

“Hey, madhubala jee ” said the leader.

He is wearing a red jacket and white cut off jeans. He is so good looking. Oh no ! Nandini what are you thinking. Eww ! He is ugly not worth of your time.

“I am sorry for my behavior yesterday . I will not disturb you again. Please I don’t want to talk to you ” Navya pleaded.

But I don’t think he heard her. As he continued his shitty behavior.

“Come on madhubala jee tell me who helped you yesterday.”. He suggested

” Manik why are you behaving nicely . Let me ask her .”. Shouted a girl.

Oh so the Adonis has a beautiful name but what a shitty attitude. Too bad !!!!

“Come on madhubala . Tell us!!! We have a open position in our band. Give me the name of the person who saved you and you will be left alone. Fab 5 won’t do anything .”

Navya get up and goes towards them and apologize repeatedly but those jerks are not even listening to her.

The stupidity doesn’t end here . They start to corner her and saying shit to her so that she can confess.

How could I think this monster as beautiful. He is pure evil and heartless . I just really hate him. He is bullying the weak people who can’t even defend themselves , just for his fun. I am mean how can you be so sick?

“What the hell?” I shouted.

“Can’t you see that she doesn’t want to talk to you guys. Stop bothering her. I will not tolerate it anymore.” I said all in one breath.

“Hmmm…….” He just smirked I don’t know what is going on in his mind.
He has a devils mind.

“Can’t you listen. Leave. Her. Alone” I said each word carefully. So that he can understand that I am serious.

“Look guys, madhubala here have a savior. A hero.” He said like he was thinking something.

“So you really want to help her huh!”. He asked devilishly.

I just nodded. But he is not satisfied with that, I think . He walks towards the isle and pick some eggs and throw them on Navya and then at me.

Is he insane?

Yup , probably he is. But he has chosen wrong person for his sick games. I am not some little meek that he is going to walk over. I will show him shit he has never seen.

I had enough of his silly tantrums Now I will play. I just started sobbing and said sorry while approaching him slowly. He was just starring and didn’t know what to do. All in all my good luck. I will show him humiliation . Next time he will think twice to cross me over.

I reached near him and unknown to him I picked some eggs. Yup! You hear right I said eggs. Game on!!!

I threw it on mukti and then to some jock I think cabir. Aliya is my sister so I can spare her and that dhruv guy too but monster is my last target . I picked two eggs and smashed on his head and then on his pretty face. Meanwhile people were gaping at us. So ready to see the scene unfold.

Now I am even so talking can start .

“Now listen here carefully. Very. Careful.” I said dangerously.

He was shocked to see my 360° change. But he needs his own medicine. Bratty boy still playing shits as if he is in kindergarten .

“I am not some weak shit. You see , I don’t like over arrogant people who are still in their diapers.” I said clearly.

“So never under estimate me. I am not going to kiss your ass . And don’t cross me again.” I said

“How dare you? Manik won’t you do something. ” Mukti came and I think she wanted to Punch me but monster stopped him . How cute ? Mother hen mode of monster. But brat needs a lesson to.

” shut up! Brat , don’t interfere in between. You won’t like the outcome. ” I said and walked out.

Relishing my victory .


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