Manan: lust & love (Part 3)


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Chapter 3

Nandini ‘s p.o.v.

Today is my first day in space academy. It feels good to be in control again . My life will be Now in a proper sync.

I am walking around the corridor’s when someone closed my eyes with their hands from behind.

“Guess, who???” Said the voice.

I really don’t know who is there so .

“Try to think . guess! Guess!”. She said again.

I was getting pissed . So I removed her hand and turn around to see none other than Navya.

” hi , you remember me right. We met yesterday. On the terrace ,remember ” she said excitedly.

“Oh yeah, hi Navya! . What are you doing here.” I ask

“Oof ooh ! I got a scholarship, just like you.” She said .

Now I remember why? Actually yesterday because of all the drama the trustee ‘s decided to give the two girls scholarship who saved Shahid.

I was aware of this as they were just trying to control the fire which caught the attention of media. Their prestige is important so they decided to close the matter completely before it reach out of control.

Well good for me. I will blend in this scheme and no one will know about my identity.

Saxena’s don’t remember us anymore except the family lawyer, Mr Mehra and dadi ( paternal grandmother). She is crazy and hilarious but due to our custody to Amm’s , she could not visit us. But she loves us all the same.

“Yes, Navya . I am here too because of scholarship. So umm that make us same.”. I said smiling.

” so we are friend’s right. Same ! Same!” She said excitedly.

I just nod my approval but she continues her rant.

” I can’t make you my best friend because that spot is already taken. But you can be second best friend. I hope you don’t mind” she said while we are walking around . Then suddenly a guy came around .

“Sshh,sshh!!! Be quite, guys”. He said.

” why??” I asked curtly. Who the hell is he to say shit to me like that. He can just mind his own business rather than giving advice to people.

“See and listen carefully, Fab 5are practicing . So don’t shout or better don’t speak. If they are disturbed , you will regret it.”

God! One more fellow member who is damn scared of fab 5. What was happening around here huh!!!

But Navya being Navya chirped excitedly and took my hand and made our way towards the practice room.

I can here music and notes Coming from there. I think this is a bad idea.
We should not underestimate the warnings and if people are so scared of them. Surely, there is a story behind that.

As we entered the room , Navya started clapping loudly . Then everything stopped and only Navy’s excitement and clapping sounds were audible in the room. I really really have a bad feeling now.

“Oh god ! What a song. How wonderful. You guys were amazing it feels as if I am in heaven.”. She said

But I could see hell coming around.

She goes on the podium and take the guitar from the lead guitarist . I think so, he is the lead one. He is standing in the center . Oh my! His eyes …….

So dark and mysterious. For a moment it seems like I could see the depths of those dark black eyes. He is so handsome. Oh god! What am I thinking his eyes, handsome ,depth shit. I am not good with this shit . Leave it nandini.

Navya start playing a weird tone and soon she breaks the string of guitar.

The air around here is so thick that I can feel the tension radiating from them.

” sorry! I am so sorry! . please forgive me. I know you guys are mad at me . I am sorry” she said panicked.

“Na, na , don’t be. I am really impressed fresher. ” he said and walked away

Soon after his gang followed. The guy I saw on terrace was here too with them.

Me and Navya were discussing about the incident and she was getting super excited with their invite then again a girl interrupted us . What is today irritating Nandini Murthy day.

“Navya I am really sorry for you” she said apologetically.

“I am sorry for you bro!!”. Navya said happily.

” why are you saying sorry may I know?” I ask her.

But without answering she walks away.

“OK Navya bye . I will see you tomorrow. I need to attend my classes. See you.” I said and went towards my classes.

I am now sitting in the cafeteria after the classes and making notes for the upcoming project for Mr Mehra.
My phone is ringing. God !/where is it . I can’t find it in the he mess. Finally got it.


“Hi Nandini, I am Shahid’ said the person on the phone.

” oh yeah, hi Shahid. How are you doing now ?”I ask

” I am fine Nandini. But you need to look after Navya.” He said

Strange!! What about her? As if reading my mind he speak

“See , I will send you a video. Go and search her. Fab 5 has again made some sick video. It is viral now . Help Navya . I can’t come but you can go and help her. Please Nandini go fast” .
He said. I hang up .

I search her everywhere with the help of guards. But I can’t find her. Where is she?

I decide to go home and continue my search tomorrow.

I am sitting on my bed while a thought came to me.

I checked the video and see that Navya is sitting between rats. She is crying and pleading to help her. Oh god ! Where is she? What should I do? Should I go and check or wait for tomorrow.

I decided to go………

So guys this was the chapter.

Hope you liked it. But after two more chapters you will see the change in the storyline.

Be patient. I promise it will be worthwhile for you.

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