Manan: lust & love (Part 2)


Hi lovelies!!

Here is part 2 for all the amazing fan of mananlicious.

I know I am crazy about them. But parth ( Manik) is really ……….

Fill up the blank people.

Nandini’s p.o.v.

When we reached Mumbai it is already midnight so there is no Time to visit Saxena industries.

I will go there tomorrow ,first I need admission in space academy .So I could monitor Harshad. He is just a disaster. He is just messing up our business reputation by doing indecent acts. If words got out, our company will have to face a huge loss.

He doesn’t know that I had put security on him and Aliya. They report each and every details to me regarding their life.

I call Mr Mehra.

“Send me the details of all the new projects we will be working on this year.” I said

“Sure, Miss Murthy. Tomorrow, you will have to go to Space Academy for signing the admission papers and need to attend the meeting with their board of directors as I had already informed them about your arrival. As you are one of their major share holder . ” he said

“Fine,I will be there at 9:00.” I hang up.

Now , I am in dire need of sleep after this hectic day.

Today, anew chapter is going to start of my life. I have to face my other family other than Rishabh and Amm’s.

What is happening here ?

I can see a massive crowd formed near the entrance and people are cheering and making videos .

As I reach in front of the crowd I can see the reason why?

A boy is standing on the terrace ,ready to jump. Really, is he suicidal or what. What is wrong with these people ?

Instead of stopping him , they are cheering and laughing. Moreover, where is security or the teachers. Why they are not there.

Oh no!!! It seems he is really going to jump. I need to stop him. I run fast , so that I can reach there on time.

Finally! God, that was really tiring. That stupid boy!

“What are you doing?” I shout at him.

“Listen, don’t come near me or else I will jump. My life is destroyed. Sorry, mom and dad. I will miss you.” He said sadly.

Is that guy crazy. Yup he definitely is.
Who says so bratty apology to their parents. If anyone would here this they will think he is apologizing for stealing chocolate.

God ,stupid boy.

“Oh no, please go on . I am not here to stop you.” I said seriously .

Knowing this stupid he will react and come down.


I am right . He came down bewildered by my answer earlier.

“What then why are you here? I thought you were here to stop me.”

“Yes! Yes!! I am here to save you” said another voice .

I turned around to see a very colorful person. Dressed in a salwar suit braided hair and a phone in hand . She was funny looking.

“Are you crazy. What are you doing? Tell me, first . You are just scared . Tell me the reason of you problem I will solve it.”. She said non stop without taking a breathe.

” bye the way I am Navya . Nice too meet you ” she said again.

She is quite amusing.

“No one can help me. My life, my reputation is finished. Everyone is laughing on my face. I am a walking joke for all these people. Fab5 destroyed me” he said on the verge of crying.

Fab5 , now that caught my attention. Aliya is the member of the Same band . What is the story behind this suicide attempt.

“What ? Stop being a coward. Have you thought about your family. How they will deal with the death of their son. They will blame themselves for not protecting you from the bullying .
Rather than fighting for yourself you are just being a coward”. I tell him

” You guys don’t know about fab 5. They are monsters. They bully people with their yellow slips for their amusement. “He said

” They took my naked pictures and videos .Now, it is viral. Everybody is laughing at me . I can’t take this. ” he said.

“No! No! Just see this comment . Girls are becoming your fans . See , there are so many likes on fb . You are hit , man. You know in Bihar people will kill each other for this amount of fandom.”. Navya said in her hyper tone.

After convincing that fool oops Shahid. Navya and him left the terrace. I was seriously considering my admission in space academy. If I dill be here , I will come face to face with the so called fab 5. Knowing my Temper, attitude and b*t*hy tone it will not be good for my relation with my sister and brother. This thought makes me sad as I know its not their fault. No one likes that your father left your mom and has a affair plus kids with other woman. I know it hurts. It hurts very much.

My mom has faced their hatred for 5 years before she died. I know damn well. I saw her crying on various occasion.

This clusterf**k was all because of my father Mr Harshvardhan Saxena. It is the reason I never use his surname. I don’t want anything related to him .

I didn’t realize that tears were falling from my eyes.

I see a boy holding handkerchief in my direction. I quickly clean my face.

“Not everyone here is bad. So don’t take rash decisions”

As I take his handkerchief , he walks away.

I am intrigued by him . Who is he? Is he the one I saw on the highway. He is having the same guitar , like him.

Focus Nandini, go and attend the meeting .


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