Manan: lust & love Part 13

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Chapter 13

Manik was getting restless after the kiss. He can’t believe that how can a simple peck by an accident could rattle so many emotions in him. After that little and electrifying kiss he is lost in her thoughts.

No one and by no one he means not even Alya stirred those emotions in his body and to his heart. After the kiss he just felt a weird connection with that commoner.

Because he gas seen her eyes, the dark chocolate eyes, the same big brown eyes which were too innocent for their own good. The eyes similar to his kitten, the sparkle he felt for her was similar to that electrifying kiss he shared with Nandini.

What a coincidence. Both the girls have same names could she be his kitten.

No, no Manik what are you thinking she can’t be her. After all if she was really kitten then she would have confronted him the first day and beside she is Alya’s sister. So she can’t be my sweet kitten.

Nandini’s pic as a child.

But how can I feel that connection to her. Those eyes, those pretty eyes’.


Here Nandini is also nervous to face Manik after yesterday .

She told her worries to Dhruv who was really sweet after comforting he treated her with red velvet cake her one of the favorites. He told her that Manik wouldn’t Even think about it so she should not worry anymore . After that they chatted for a while in their favorite park behind Dhruv’s house.

It seems that she is late for the practice. That Bastard will now make snardy double meaning remarks at her and she have to play it cool.

She doesn’t know why she is doing all this shit but for now she would let destiny lead her life after all it is worth to take.a chance. You don’t have any regret in your life.

“Hi Navya”

“Hi Nandini, my bestiee. You are here I was waiting for you”

“Why , everything OK”

“No, you won’t believe it”

“What Navya” I ask suddenly nervous.

Now what happened to make her like this.

“You know what we have to practice With these rakshas . Oh god I can’t handle them. But Harshad ji is here he will take care of us”

I groaned hard. Yeah! Right he will look after us. What a great joke, right guys. I know you agree with me.

“Yeah, right. So Navya what are we practicing today.” I asked faking enthusiasm.

Like who cares what we are practicing . I just want to get out of this place soon.

“Hi Nandini. I see you are here” Harshad said with his all time present smirk.

“Yes , your grace. I am here.” I too replied with sarcasm.

“Well see guys the ever so cool meeting of Nh3” murmured Mukti

“Yeah right. I don’t know what even bhai sees in them . They are so blo*dy annoying people.”

“Mukti! Calm down not everyone in their group is mad they are more psychotic.” He rumbled with laughter.

“Yeah!! So true man. Love it” laughed Mukti.

I don’t even know why she is laughing
On the shit ass joke. These guys are just foolish and childish .

“Well guys if your banter has been stopped can you listen to my announcement.” Said Raghav sir.

Now what does he need.

“What announcement Raghav. Are you leaving the job” asked Manik haughtily.

While Mukti and Alya laughed wholeheartedly and cabir just snickered knowing full well that no expression will lead to severe reaction unlike chemistry where no reactions are neglected. Well I know you must be bored by my random explanation.
Let’s get back to our lovely show as Manik has opened up his mouth.

“Well, Manik you know don’t act like you are too smart here . As I am still here and pay some respect at least in front of me. By the way I called you here to tell you about the new twist in your practicing schedule.” He said

“What twist!” Asked Alya

“Yeah! Change in practicing schedule what are you talking about” asked Mukti.

“Sir please don’t create the suspense. Tell us know” said Navya

God these girls. If they will let him speak then only he will say the shit right. So stupid.

“Enough guys. Listen to me. You guys are paired up in two and your task will take place in the Jungle also known as forest. I hope you people know this place because junglees should know their place right guys. So pick those chits and select your partner.” He motioned towards the table where chits are lying.

Firstly Harshad picked those yellow paper and said Mukti. Wow! Two shitty animals together make a nice team .

Well the next sequences were like this

Dhruv- Alya

Cabir- Navya

Then the next thing that stole my breath away was when Manik announced his partner.

“Nandini” as he huskily whispered my name with his knowing eyes.

I don’t know why but I could see something was different about Manik in his eyes.

Something is new today.

With Manik.

Dhruv and Cabir new equations are taking their places in my life . I don’t know how will I hide my secret.


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