Manan: lust & love Part 11 & 12

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Chapter 11

“Careful. About what” asked mukti from the door.

I am shocked how much she heard from our conversation.

“Come on tell me. What is it cabir, care to explain .” she asked him .

I can feel my heart beating thousand miles per second. What Now?

“Nothing Mukti . She was just telling me about Navya. Nothing else.” He tried to explain her .

But I don’t think she excepted his answer as I can clearly see the suspicion in her eyes. But that is for Cabir to sought out Not me.

My work here is done . So he can handle the consequences. I wanted to leave them but their is a meeting for all the participants of musicana . So, I have to wait here.

But cabir signalled to my phone.

What now? What is his problem.

I check my phone and see a message from unknown number.

Meet me at Paul’s, after meeting.

Oh! So he wants to talk.


But how did he got my number.

Well we were Waiting for everyone to arrive soon as Mukti was glaring at me the whole Time.

Harshad came inside with two guitars in his hand. What is he doing now?

I mean this creature can turn your pretty perfect day to a bad day in just a minute.

Then Dhruv entered without anything and went directly near Harshad. Oh! Now I get it . He is carrying his Guitar.
What a sore loser.

“Harshad, give it back” Dhruv said

“No, go and call your buddy . He took my guitar, give it back are you a kid huh. I won’t give it back” he smirked

“Listen Harshad, give it back. ” he asked again but that jerk was not listening to him.

“Shut up Harshad . What are you doing? Give his guitar back.” Mukti shouted.

“You don’t need to interfere in between, stay out of it” he said dangerously.

“Well, you shut up Harshad. What are you doing ? Are you insane. What has he ever done to you? Leave him out.” I said Clearly irritated by his behavior.

“Nandini don’t you remember what they did to you and your pen. How can you take his side.”he said clearly enjoying the situation.

He knows I can’t defend him in front of Mukti and cabir. But he should know better than to underestimate me.

He is targeting the most innocent member of the group so it is not hard to stand up for him.

But i know what I will do? Talking never works on him.

I went near him and started to snatch the guitar from his clutches.

In our snatching game I didn’t notice that Manik has joined the argument too with some solid kicks on Harshad’s butt .

Well good for him . He will know not to create more trouble from now on.

But during their fight I didn’t notice that I am between their taikwando moves . I don’t know what happened but the next minute I am spiraling around the room with Manik under me or on top of me.

I don’t know what happened but suddenly my lips are on his.

Oh! f**k…

I just kissed my Best friend.

Shit. I am shocked. I don’t know how to react.

Well, I just bolted from there on my heels.

I don’t want t to face anyone after this. This is so embarrassing.

I just don’t know what to do anymore.


Here is the second update.

Chapter 12

I am now waiting for cabir at Paul’s. He is so damn late.I don’t know what I will do tomorrow as that jerk has informed me or you can say ordered my presence in the practice room.

But after that accident , I don’t know how I will face Manik.

In my musing I completely forgot that cabir came and is standing in front of me.

“So, where are you lost my friend” he asked amused.

“Well to answer your question if I remember correctly you asked me to meet here and you himself are late. I don’t have full day you know so speak up” I said irritated

“Well, I thought you would be in a good mood but you are so cranky” he said and pouted .

God, how can I hate this guy. He is too good for people around .

“Thanks Nandini. Yes, I know you will not tell my secret to anyone. After you stood up for Dhruv in front of Harshad. You got my brownie points. I know you are a good soul .I am sorry for my past behavior, really I apologize” he said solemnly

“Cabir no need to drag the past here. We all do mistakes . So if you don’t want anything else, I will take your leave.” I said heartily. I don’t have any grudge against him. So all is good.

“Well, you know after all this will it be too much if I ask that can we be friends, you know” he gesture his hands between us and has a sheepish look on his face.

“Well, its OK cabir. We can be friends but it needs to be a secret and secondly its never too much. ” I said

“Fine by me, friend. You are too good for me. By the way how was the kiss.” He winked.

I glared at him,” cabir!”

“What, I was just asking. If you don’t want to tell me that’s OK though” he asked so innocently that anyone would say that he is so genuine like honey is dripping from his Evey pore, seriously this guy is too much for sanity.

“Aag dono tharaf lagi hai.” He winked and left.

What does he mean by his words. Forget it Nandini! You need to reach home.

After freshening up and doing some homework. I am free how to spend my evening ,hmm. I should call Dhruv. Yes , this is the nicest option.

“Common Dhruv, pick up your Phone.”

“Hi!” He said in a whisper.

“Hi, so I am really bored. Want to hang out”

” yes, sure. You want to come at my place or I should come to yours”

“Well thats great. I will come at yours. ”

“You sure nobody will come up or have a clue about our meet.”

“Yeah! I am leaving them here so they won’t come at my place”

“Fine tortoy.” I hang up .

After dressing up.I leave for his place.
I am very excited to meet him after so many years we will hang out once more.

Unknown to Nandini there was a person who saw her leaving for Dhruv’s place and captured their moments waiting for the right time to strike the evidence of their secret to his greatest enemy to break him and his stupid friendship.

“Wait Manik you will get a really good surprise”.


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