Manan: lust & love Part 10

Chapter 10.


Nandini was relieved after Harshad left from there.

Now she can go and warn cabir so that he would be careful next time.

Just when she was about to bolt from there a hand grabbed her and pulled her towards the source.

Oh god! Harshad caught me. It was just a ploy to catch me red handed and I was stupid enough to come out and offer myself in a silver platter. I am such a fool thought Nandini.

“Nandini why are you hiding in the lab” asked the ever so curious voice of her friend. Yup! My friend tortoy who else.

“Oh ! Its you tortoy . ” thank God he is the one who is here aiyapaa. I love you.

“Yeah! Its me WHO else. You were expecting someone.” He asked.

Oh how sweet my tortoy is back from that shy guy. He is freely talking . Thank god.

“No , no one. Actually I was a bit shocked you know.” I said convincing him.

And as the innocent creature he is he instantly agreed.

Well but I have to cut this meeting short as I have someone to catch.

“Well tortoy! Why don’t you come at my place today. You know we can talk freely.” I said. It’s so long that I sat with a friend and just spent quality time with them. I wish that tiger could be with us too just like old times but its too much to ask.

I have to be satisfied with Dhruv only.

“Okay , Kitty” Dhruv said. Although Manik called me kitten Dhruv always stuck with Kitty as it was the name given by him. They always fought over kitty and kitten. Stupid fools I so miss that.

“Bye Dhruv” I said as I waved him to catch my prey I mean little romeo cabir.

I am running on the corridors as if my life depends on it and seriously there is a life dependent on it no make that two.

But for the love of god I can’t find the video devil. Where the hell is he?

Vanished in thin air.

So I only have one option that is to ask some jerk as only a wolf will know the whereabouts of another wolf then a jerk will tell me about another jerk.

“Hey ! Dude can you tell me where is cabir.” I asked one guy who is busy playing god knows what in his phone.

“What! You just made me lose the game. ” he shrieked like a girl but when he saw that I am standing his posture changed immediately.

“Oh hi ! Babe do you need something” he asked cockily coming closer to me.

Behaving Like a man who was screaming like a girl a minute ago. Sorry buddy but fool someone else who gives a shit abiut your attitude.

“Well duh that’s why I am here. Where is cabir?” I asked annoyed with his behavior.

“He just went towards jamming room . Bye the way i can I have your number.” He smirked.

I mean boys will be jerks. Never understand.

“No shit face thanks by the way for asking” I smirked and turned around and started walking towards my destination but then jerk interrupted me again.

“Feisty ,huh! I like it. Think about it again babe.”

“Well duh! Don’t call me babe because I am not your babe as for your number query you know I have a hand that is quite well in punching shit faces. So mind your own business” I smirked and left from there.

After my marathon I finally found cabir in jam room. Alone thank heaven

“Cabir just a moment” I asked

“What Nandini. How can I help you Sweet ” he asked smiling

“Well first come in a corner or you will be needing help for the starter’s. If you don’t mind” I said sassily.

“Oh ! Naughty girl what do you have in mind. Corner I like it.” He said and smirked.

“Well , don’t behave like you really want to do something. So please” I pleaded.

He came around and asked me.


“Cabir, well how to tell you this?”. I said real nervously .

” well you called me for this, tell me sweet chick I don’t have the full day for you. You know my group will be here soon so you better speak fast.” He said assuring.

“Well cabir to the point the matter is you need to be careful about what you do and whom you meet .” I said giving him piece information.

Well the color just drained from his face.

The cool guy was replaced by devil’s spawn.

“What do you mean? ” he asked frantically.

“In simple words I know your secret” I said with so much anxiety building inside me.

“Wh-hat secret are you talking about?” He stammered.

His nervousness was the much needed proof . Now I am sure about his s*xuality.

“I saw you with Raghav sir near the lab” I said.

“So can’t a student meet with his professor for queries” he asked haughtily. As if his new found confidence will confuse me . well he is wrong anyway.

‘I saw everything ,everything. I know that you are gay. ” I said just a whisper .

He just stared me dumbfounded . He doesn’t have any cheeky replies for me.

I can clearly understand the pain of hiding your true identity. But this is not the time to dwell on it.

“Cabir, don’t worry I won’t tell a single soul about this. My mouth will be shut. I just wanted to warn you.” I said trying to convince him of my loyalty

“Warn me. Are you threatening me?” He asked harshly. Well he got his voice back. Good for him.

“No, after you left . I heard Harshad. He is doubting you. So you need to be careful” I said strongly.

“Careful. What are you talking about commoner” said a voice from the door and I turned the door to see…


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