Manan: lust & love (Part 1)


This story is a work of fiction. The main characters are taken from the show kaise yeah yariyaan.

Guys you have to be patient in the story as I will use the storyline of ky2 in the starting and after 7 chapters you will see the change in it. I am just using the same plot to set the base of story. Thank you for Reading .

The story is mine . So don’t copy it .
The story idea is mine. It is a mature story as you have guessed by now from the title. There will be mature content above17+ . So if you are not comfortable leave those chapters. I will post some really bold chapter to read those you have to follow me. If not then you can leave them. I don’t mind.

I am here to share my ideas and talent and would love some constructive feedback if you can give me.

Thank you for reading my rant but it was necessary for your information.

Here you go……….

Nandini’ s p.o.v.

Today , I am going to Mumbai. I need to take matters in my hand. I am Nandini Murthy daughter of Harshvardan Saxena. My mother Neelima Murthy was his second wife.

But after the accident I moved back with my Grandmother and changed my surname to my mothers maiden name as my relations with my step brother and sister was not good . But my father has given me his everything .

He was in love with my mother and that’s why he cheated on his first wife. My mom was unaware of his married status and being a naive doctor she trusted him with her everything and I was the end result of their affair .

He loved my mother truly that’s why he cheated on his first wife Anita. After all the obstacle he finally married her . But my step sister and brother always had a rift with me . Then came my sweet brother Rishabh.

He is the best gift my parents had given to me. After the accident, we both were there for each other . Rishabh was just seven month old and I was five. We were in the car crash and because of that Rishabh lost his voice.

Whatever , I need to fix the company and need to study hard. Initially I wanted to be a doctor just like my mom but after the declaration of will , my father left for me.

I am Changing my subject from biology to maths. I will take bio as am in or subject.

Me and Rishabh are in the back seat while chacha and chachi are in the front . He is driving the car.

Suddenly ,we are jerked up . Rishabh started shaking . Oh no! He is going to have a panic attack. Shit! I need to calm him down. I can’t see him like this it is damn difficult. I need to be strong.

I take out my appa’s pen and soft music starts to flow in the surrounding and I too him it in his ears to sooth him from this terrible memory.

I will find a good doctor as soon as I reach Mumbai. I know just because I am a teenager people think that I am irresponsible and immature. But circumstances made me an adult when I was just a five year old holding a crying Rishabh.

From then only I became his parent.
I cared for him and will do it every time.

As I calm him down . I notice that we are stranded on the road. I need to check.

What is happening? Why are we in the middle of a f**king road. I am really not a very patient person .

I come out of the car to see two flat tires . What the hell?

Why aren’t they doing something ? Today is really a bad day . First , going to Mumbai and now this shit ass tire.

” chacha , why are you standing here doing nothing? ” I ask him

“Actual…ly Nandu umm.. You know we … ” he said stuttering

“What ! Can’t you say properly. Our Nandu is smart . She will understand. Now speak”. Chachi said encouragingly. She is as usual her bubly self. She is really fun to have around.

But what happened? As if reading my mind chachi said ” oof oh! Nandini we don’t have tires to replace these flat ones . So we need to go and take a bus to reach Mumbai. ” she said fastly not giving me any chance to say.

She took Rishabh’s hand and started taking out our things from the car with the help of chacha.

“Sorry Nandini . I really forgot to put extra tires in the car . These roads are not quite good. But don’t worry we will get a bus. We are already on the highway. Soon a bus will come and we will take it” he said apologizing.

“I know chacha but what about Rishabh. He doesn’t react good in the company of strangers . Are you sure we need to take a bus I can call Mr. Mehta to send us another car.”. I suggested

” don’t worry Nandu . Rishabh will be fine.” He said sincerely

A bus stopped in front of us after waiting for two hours. It was beginning to dark and I can clearly see the sunset.

I am about to sit in the bus when I remembered the jar of fireflies. How can I forget them. They are an important part of my life.

My mom really loved them. She believed that whenever there is true love , they shine brightly.

I took them and just going to sit in the bus when something hit my back. I turned around my hand slipped which is holding the firefly jar but before it could hit the ground the guy caught it.

Thank god.

I was about to thank the guy but he just put the box in my hand and went to his road.

Suddenly, fireflies started glowing . Maybe somebody found their true love.


Hello lovelies here is the first chapter for you guys.

I know , I know my grammar was pathetic but it will be edited after the completion of story.

Hope you don’t mind.

Tell me your views.

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