Manan lovestory of werewolves (part -5)

Guys i am sorry but i had some personal issues so i couldnt update everyday…..

Nandu came down after getting ready for party manik was staring at her wid open mouth nandu came down and stand near manik
Manik-u look breathtakingly beautiful……?
Nandini(blushed due to his continuous gaze)-thnku
They share an eye contact but their trance is broken by cabiraaaa..
Cabir-hey nandini
Nandu-hlo…hlo guys

Abhi-princess u looking beautifull as always…
Nandu-thnku bhaiyu
Abhay-dolla u look osum
Nandu-thnx bhai
Pia and navya-nandu u looking hotttt
Nandu-u all are looking hottt…
After sometym All gelled up with each other very well all were hell tired after dancing drinking and playing
Nandu-guyssss am hell tired chlo guysss hmare room mein chlte hain
Nandu-haa D5 k room mein
Alya-lekin hum kaise??
Nandu-guys ab tum log hmare frnds ho i dont think k hum mein se kisi ko bhi bura lgega haina bhaiyu bhai navya and pia…
Cabir-nandu humne suna tha k D5 ki lead singer personal lyf mein interference psnd nhi krti lekin yr tu to bilkul alag h
Abhi-tum logo ne sahi suna h lekin agar yeh kisi ko ek baar apne frnds maan le to uske liye apni jaan bhi dene ko tyaar rehti h
Dhruv-guys hume to lgta tha k u guys have attitude prblm
Nandu-yaa offcourse u heard it ryt but for our frnds we can do anything kill or die……now lets leave to our room

All slept while talking with each other and next morning all wake up except nandini all tried to wake her up except abhi and abhay but she didnt
Abhi-guys leave her she will not wake up lyk this
Abhay-guys only me and abhi can wake her up
Abhi and abhay went near her and careass her face
Abhi-princess wake up
Nandini-bhaiyu where is bhai???
Abhi-abhay is not here
Nandini-but u know i wake up by watching both of ur faces
Abhi-but y princess
Nandini-becoz i love both of u more than my life now call bhai
Abhay-baby doll ur bhai is here
Nandini(opening her eyes seeing them and then hugged them)-good mrng bhaiyu good mrng bhai i love both of u
All were admiring their bond manik was lost in her all get freshened up and went to cllge

They went and sit in canteen all were shocked to see fab 5 with another band nandini was getting frustrated with the people glares on D5
Nandini(shouted)-wth what are u guys looking at?? is there any sort of dramA going on??
A boy is watching all this an evil smirk comes on his face he came forward and stood in front of her
Boy-hey beautifull what r u doing with these loosers(looking at fab5) they r good for nothing
Fab 5+D4 stand up from their seat
Nandini by showing them her hands stop them at their places
Boy-these are loosers they are attention seekers come with me i will show u heaven and…..
Next moment he was shocked at what just happened and his hand was on his mouth and blood was oozing out from his lips
Yesssss nandini punched him hard
Fab5 were shocked to see this side of nandini while D4 smirked
Abhi(whispers to Fab 5)-guys dont be shocked she cant hear a world against her frnds
Nandini(shouted at boy) -how dare u to speak a word against my frnds one more word against them and i will dig ur grave here only ??got it???
Boy-u punched me u know who am i?? I am harshad saxena alpha of darkmoon pack and u a normal werewolf hit me (he was about to hold nandini wrist but nandini again punched him hard)
Nandini-and u know who am i???am NM strongest warrior of the world and lead sing singer of D5 the most dangerous werewolf???stay away from my frnds or else u cant imagine what i can do…
Harshad leave from there and nandini was controlling her anger others just pounced on her and D5 and Fab5 have a large group hug together

Precap-Fab 5and D5 fun and nandini reject harshad in front of an idol of moon godess

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