Manan lovestory of werewolves (part -1)

Hey guys i have started another supernatural ff on manan guys if u want me to continue this ff then plz comments….

Fab5-manik,cabir,dhruv,alya and mukti r members of fab5 love each alot can do anything for their pack they want royal queen to protect their pack but they dont know who he/she is studies in space it is acamdemy only associated to werewolves they admire D5 becoz D5 is best in music

Manik malhotra- hot,s*xy, arrogant,handsome guy lead member of fab5 alpha of moon shine pack 18yrs mate still not found loves his frnds alot(werewolf) powerfull then other werewolves plays guitar and lead singer

Cabir dhawan-prankster beta of moon shine pack member of fab5 18yrs mate still not found
Mirror image of manik(werewolf)drummer

Dhruv vedent-gamma of moon shine pack member of fab5 found his mate alya18yrs(werewolf) plays guitar

Alya-mate of dhruv mamber of fab 5 hates nandini to core becoz she thinks nandini is simple and weak werewolf (werewolf)18yrs plays keyboard

Mukti malhotra-sister of manik loves his frnds and bhai alot nandini is her frnd mameber of fab5 (werewolf) mate still not found17yrs plys electric guitar

Dazzlers5 (D5)- nandini abhi piya abhay and navya nandini is their princess they cant even see a scratch on her all know their music but havent seen their faces but now they are going to join space best in music

Nandini murthy-princess of sunshine pack loves his brother nd frnds alot royal queen werewolf but nobody knows except her bhai she has the power to defeat 10-50 alphas at a time she can choose her mate daughter of moon goddess member of dazzlers518yrs play guitar and lead singer

Abhimanyu murthy- alpha of sunshine pack loves his princess alot mate still not found18yrs (werewolf) plays guitar

Navya naveli-loves all specially nandu call her doll prankster but her pranks donot hurt anyone 17yrs werewolf member of D5 plays electric guitar

Abhay-cousin of nandini loves her alot call her baby doll mate piya werewolf member of D5 drummer

Piya-mate of abhay call nandini jaan werewolf member of D5 plays keyboard loves abhay alot soul sister of nandini (her jaan)

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  1. awesome i luv vampires and werewolves eagerly waiting for the next one please jaldi update karo na

  2. Inu


  3. Superrrr awesome intro dear its amazinggg

  4. Interesting very interesting

  5. I love dis werewolves story..keep going

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