manan a love story of fire first look


A love story of handsome , rich angry young man who does not belive in love but fall in love with a girl who looks like everyother girl but she is not like any other girl in world she cries with blood tears ..she loves colors, flowers she is kind hearted ..but in her veins fire is running instead of blood

She is cold as ice and hot as lava at same time …messing with her leads to death indeed very much pain full death

Jis k chute he  ho jaaye fana

Yeh patange ka khata

Yeh aag ki kasoor

Aag or patange ki kahani

Mohabat ki jang Payar ka fitoor

Mamnoon ishq Millan ki tarap

Aag se jal jane se benayaz

Patanga ha ishq main magan

Kya aag cha kr bhi bacha paae gi

Api mohabat ki jaan ya phir

ho jaye ga patanga payar pr kurban

Paas ho kr bhi doori ka ehsass

Door ho kr bhi dil k kareeb

Rah maloom nahi manzil door nahi

Kya mohabat se inkaar kr

Jee paaye gi aag

Yeh badle niyati mohabat ke rasate

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  1. Nice , but short .. Update soon Dr..

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