manan a love story of fire episode 4

Nandini realizes that even she havent seen manik .she changes her dress from shafaan and rush downward
Nyonika stops her
Ny:what happend ????
N;nothing….where is everyone ????
Ny : poolside …
N : ohh
Ny : i am going office …bye
Ny leaves and nandini went to her room and stand near the curtains .she hesitant to remove but move a little curtain but to her disappoint she can see only five faces
Three girls and two boys because manik is facing his back to her .she try hard to see his face but of no use suddenly he gets up and the whole gang start moving .manik feel something and turns …. nandini hide her self behind the curtain but to her unfortunate manik had seen her dress and he can easily guess that she was looking for him ..manik smiles widely on her this act and moves away
Manik : guys…..i got something important …i will just be back .till then stay here
Gang looks at him suspiciously
Cabir opens his mouth to say something but
Manik warned : cabir …shut up …dont u dare say any thing …else ur grave will be right here
Cabir makes a puppy face whlie all giggle at his condition and manik leaves
Nandini slide the curtain a little to check if they had left but she find them still there and manik missing suddenly something hit het mind just then someone enters her room , locks the door and stand behind her manik : where will u go now ??
Nandini : mr malhotra ….. how dare u to enter my room with out my permission
Manik : oh….come on ….. nandi
Nandini : its ms vedhera for u
Manik : oh…cut the crap ….u r nandi to me and will always be ….and about entering ur room is ….. what mine is urs and what urs is mine
N : forcefully
M : if some one who have right on u deny to own it then this is the only option left
N :neither i have  right on u nor u have on me
Manik was about to say some thing just then nandini’s phone rings
Nandini picks : hello
Other side some one tells her some thing which makes her tense she ends the call
Nandini : do u have to say any thing else…

On getting no response she turns to find none
Nandini : thank god ….he left
But to her horror someone hold her hand and pull her toward himself .nandini hit his chest her eyes widen with shock and she could just utter : manik
Manik give a winning smirk : see …i saw u and made u speak my name … miss nandini vedhera ….i won the challenge ….now tell me what is my reward
Nandini : what do u want ?????
Manik : as if u dont know …..waise i must say u turned into a beautiful hot lady in these ten years
Nandini : what do u want as a reward ….tell me ….as i am not those who keep dues
Manik : very simple …i want all rights on u … to love u … make u mine and to make u love me as i do
Nandini gets emotional but her eyes fell on the burning candle behind him ..she jerks him : this cant happen …never ever ….not even in thousand years …. u cant have this right …. u r asking more than the challenge is
Saying this she left her room leaving a shocked manik behind

Nandini walks in corridor in an angry mode followed by manik suddenly shivin enters fully sweat ,hairs were messed up with lose tie
Shivin : nandi ….where is shafaan ??? Did u saw her ????
Nandini : she is in her room
Shivin : she didnt told me …when she came ???
Just then shafaan came
Shivin without wasting time huged her
Giving a shock to shafaan , nandini and manik who was standing at the distance of them
Shafaan : what happened shivin ???
Shivin : u idiot …..left the college without telling and i was searching for u
Shafaan : but i asked nidhi to tell u that i am leaving as my mobile was left at home today
Shivin : and u thought that makeup kit will tell me any thing about u
(Nidhi is their classmate who have an eye on shivin .and shivin hate her to the core )
Shafaan hold her ears : sorry …i troubled u so sorry
Shivin : its ok birdie
Both have a friendly hug
Manik thinks : i wish i an nandi could be like this ….
Shafaan notice manik there
Shafaan : wont u ask why i came early ???
Shivin : then tell me
Shafaan point toward manik
Shivin shouts : bhai
Both hug each other and have a chit chat wit each other along with shafaan and nandini
Suddenly they hear a loud roar
Fab 4 and soha : manik
They look ar him angrily and manik remembered that he asked them to wait
Manik : guys …i
Cabir : shut up and hit manik with simile
And here bombardment starts on him
Manik was pleading to stop while shivaan and nandini look on shockingly
Manik : sorry guys
Alya flip her hairs in a style : forgiven
Druv : ja ja maaf kiya
Cabir hit a ball : maaf kiya ….ehsaan yaad rakhna
Soha : i will…. in one condition
Manik : what ???
Soha : i am going to night at my dad’s place so u will give us party tonight
Manik : done
Mukti : forgiven ..but introduce us to them na pointing toward nandini and shivaan
Manik : they r my friends cabir , mukti,soha , alya , druv respectively and this is my brother shivin ,and my little bunny shafaan
Shafaan : i use to thought that i am a human but i guess i am not a human any more …one call me birdie and other bunny everyone laughs at her comment
Alya : and she ???
Shivin keeps his arm around nandini’s shoulder : she is nandini …. and my nandi
Manik gets jealous because shivin said “my nandi”
Fab 4 : ohhh nandini
Look her from head to toe
Cabir comes toward nandini removes shivins hand hold nandini’s hand and take her with him followed by fab 4
Manik : cabir listen
Alya : sorry manik …we need to talk

What fab 4 want to talk nandini , what was that phone call

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