manan a love story of fire episode 3


Manik thinks some thing a fall sleep

Next morning 7:00 MALHOTRA MANSION

Nandini is helping nyonika to make break fast

Nandinis dress
Nyonika : nandini plz wake up shivin and shafaan
Nandini : how is shafaan ????
Nyonika : shafaan is alright nandini ….dont worry ….she misses u after al u r her elder sister ….go meet her …we didnt wake them last night as they have to go to collage …and dont tell them about manik they will be happy when they meet him in evening
Nandini nods and walk toward shafaan room and didnot find her …she checks the wash room .its empty
Nandini thinks where shr went .frist i wake up shivin then i will find shafaan
She opens door of shivin’s room and find shafaan ready and trying to wake up shivin


Shafaan angrily : shivin i am telling u get up or else
Shivin : shafaan ….plz let me sleep it is just 7
Shafaan : u have to get ready …and u know na how much u take time then we have to breakfast and then drive to college takes 30 mins
Shivin : ofcourse i take time to get ready .after all i have to maintain my image of being s*xy and hot boy of collage and about drive so miss genius we will be on time
Shafaan : shivin
Shivin gets up : see i woke up ….
As if he has done a big thing
Shafaan tones : thanks for getting up
Nandini : good morning
Shivin and shafaan look toward her then eachother and run toward her and her tight
Shivin : nandi d what a pleasant surprise
Shafaan : shivin get off di …go and take a bath then hug her u r stinging
Shivin leaves nandini : shut up i am not stinging …ok and went to take bath
Shafaan and nandini went toward dining table while talking
Shafaan : d u came after to 2 months
Nandini lies : shafaan i was busy baby
Shafaan : how many days u r here ..
N : i dont know
Shafaan :OoKk
Shivin comes and both leaves for collage
Nandini makes green tea for manik and take to his room and found him sound sleep. she puts cup on table and write some on mirror and leaves

Its About 9:30 when cabir came to manik’s room to wake him but fails as manik was not ready to wake …cabir turns to leave and notice something written on mirror he text something to some one and laugh loudly ,shakes manik
Cabir : manik look there is msg for u on mirror
Manik gets up with jerk and cabir reads msg
“Early to get early to rise makes a MAN healthy , wealthy and WISE ”
“U may miss alot of things by get up late”
Manik gets angry as he know who did this while cabir laugh wholeheartedly
Manik : cabir …shut up
Cabir : why r u shouting at me ….the one who wrote this is absolutely correct
By then every one comes to manik’s room on cabir’s msg and burst out laughing and after a round of maniks leg pulling every one leaves to have break fast manik looks for nandini but could not locate her manik thinks of an idea and ask nyonika
Manik : mom where is shivin , shafaan and nandini ??? I want them to meet my friends
Nyonika : shivin and shafaan went to college and nandini she must be around
Manik : mom we r going in garden ask nandini to have break fast with us there only
Manik knows very well that nandini will not refuse nyonika manik moves out with everyone and nyonika ask nandini to join them for breakfast but nandini looks in worried

Garden :

Everyone is waiting for nandini and most desperately manik is waiting for her
Suddenly manik hears sounds of anklets he turns immediately by seeing the person and smirks

Manik came after ten years .inthese years he never met shivin shafaan and nandini while nyonika and neil use to meet him when ever they go to uk for business tours

Manik : come dear and takea her to the table everyone thinks its nandini and greet her warmly but manik does not say any thing but his most famous smirk doesn’t leave his face .after break fast she excuse her self and about to go when manik stops
Manik : listen
She stops and turns
Manik walk toward her pick some thing from ground takes her hand and place her anklet on her palm
Manik : give this to her …..and one thing u can wear her dress and accessories ….but u can’t be her
Cabir : manik …what r u saying ???
Manik : cabir …she is not nandini she is her younger sister shafaan
Flash back
Nyonika leaves after asking her
Nandini calls shafaan and ask her to come fast …shafaan comes .nandini change her dress with her and sent her as nandini
Flash back ends
Everyone’s jaw dropped
Shafaan: how u know it me???
Manik : i know her very well ….and tell her her hide and seek challenge is accepted
Shafaan leaves
Nandini’s room
Shafaan comes
Nandini: what happend ???
Shafaan takes her hand and give her anket and says in same tone as manik said : give this to her …..and one thing u can wear her dress and accessories ….but u can’t be her
Nandini’s eyes wided with shock
Shafaan : d he is too hot …..handsome this body…omg and this sharp jaw line he is more handsome then shivin…. y r u doing this to him he is dying to see u
Shafaan : more over he said ur hide and seek challenge is accepted
And she leaves
While nandini looks on and realise even she havent seen him

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