manan a love story of fire episode 2


Both nyonika and nandini reach a very big mansion its MALHOTRA MANSION
Nandini : aunty r u sure ….i should come ……i am affraid u know very well na history repeat it selfs …i dont want to hurt him
Nyonika puts hand around her shoulders : look nandini …. we have to face the situation we cant run ….he is my son and u r like my daughter i cant lose any of u and trust me u can never hurt him and that happend in the past was just an accident …….i trust u ….everything will be alright
Nandini : but i dont trust myself …i am afraid …. i cant control my self
Nyonika : dear u have to control …come lets go inside
Nandini : u go i will come from back door
Nyonika : ok
Both leaves
Nandini went to her room in malhotra mansion from back door to change her dress

While nyonika enter from main door and saw few peoples were sitting in hall
Nyonika acts as she get surprise seeing them
Nyonika : omg when u came …..what  a pleasant surprise
A young man gets up from his seat ….sinfully hot and dashing : mom …..where were u i am waiting for u from past 1 1/2hour
Nyonika : i was out of town for meeting manik
Manik : mom …leave it ….meet my friends
Mom this is cabir pointing toward a boy
Cabir : hello aunty
Nyonika : hello
Manik : mom this is mukti pointing toward a girl wearing crop top and short jeans with her curl hairs and this is alya pointing toward a barbiedoll types girl and this us druv my buddy pointing toward a cute shy boy standing next to alya
Every one say hello to nyonika
Nyonika : who is she ??? Pointing toward a cute girl sitting next to manik
Manik : she is soha ….my girlfriend
Nandini was coming downstairs hear this and get angry, shock ,sad blood  tear roll down
Soha’s jaw drop every one gets shock  and nyonika :what ?????how ???when ??
Soha murmur : even i dont know
Manik : long time back

Nandini fist her hand and the roses on the table between coutches caught fire
Nyonika hits her head with hand while everyone gets shock
Manik : how it happened ???
Nyonika : forget it …..
Alya : seriously how it happened ????
Nyonika looks at neil and gesture him to say some thing
Neil laugh : it was magic
Mukti : wow …. but who did this ???
Neil stop laughing : who….who did this …who else nyonika did this
Nyonika : neil shut up ….u did this and saying i did this ???
Neil : i… (looks at everyone ).. o didnt
Nyonika and neil started qith their cute fight …every one was enjoying their fight while manik waa looking here and there
Nandini start climbing stairs
(she always wear skirt and crop top with a metal waist chain ,a pair of earings .wrist watch in left hand  and two rings in index and ring finger of right hand …. she wears a pendent which helps to keep her calm and a pair of anklets of gold ….she mostly keep her hairs stright and tie them in a tony tail )

While climbing her anklets produce sound manik heared her sound and followed her
Both walking in corridor
Nandini feel some thing and stops without turning her face : Mr Malhotra ….this way does not go to ur room
Manik get shock as he was  following her without any voice
Manik could utter just one word : nandini
Nandini : it is miss vedhera for u
Manik gets shock : nandini ….my nandini
Nandini sternly: its miss vedhera for u …get this stright in ur head
Manik : just turn for once i wanna see u after so many years
Nandini : u don’t have any right to see my face mr malhotra … u have any ???
Manik stood their numb and nandini walks away
Manik thinks what happenes to her …..i shifted from london to dehradun just for her after 10 blo*dy years …. i waited for her in these 10 long years and she is not talking to me not even showing her face as i have no right …
Manik comes out of this thoughts when cabir shake him
Cabir  : what r u doing here???and dragged him to his room where every bogy was waiting for him

Manik looks at cabir
Soha : manik will u mind to explain what u said in hall ???
Manik : i was angry on her so i said that… because i waited her in our meeting place but she did not came ….even i checked her room she was not there too
Cabir : manik how will she know we came without telling anyone ???
Manik : cabir ….she always came to know when i am aroud her or i am in trouble since our childhood ….even few minutes back i was following  and she stoped and said mr malhotra this is not the way to ur room ….. most importantly she said MR MALHOTRA…plus she said i have no right to see her face
Cabir start laughing manik give him dead glare
Cabir : tell me when u said soha is ur girlfriend she was there
Manik : probably
Cabir : have u ever heard KINARE PR AA KR DOOB GYE
Manik : elaborate
Soha : he means till now u rejected all girls after and u accepted very frist in front of her
Manik gets angry and kick all of them from his room
Manik : i will see her face at any cost after its my right to see her how she looks now
..she must grown up more prettier ….. hot and irresistible … gonna be fun to play hide and seek with u miss vedhera …lets see how u resist me ????


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